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Album: Sybreed - Antares

Artist: Sybreed
Album: Antares
Label: Listenable Records
Year: 2007

01. Emma-0
02. Ego Bypass Generator
03. Revive My Wounds
04. Isolate
05. Dynamic
06. Neurodrive
07. Ex-Inferis
08. Permafrost
09. Orbital
10. Twelve Megatons Gravity
11. Ethernity

The Past - Formed in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland by guitar player Drop and singer Benjamin, Sybreed was created as an apocalypse driven sound machine, reflecting a mutual taste for extreme metal and industrial music with conceptual content focused on social misery, everyday alienation and more generally, the decay of modern way of life. Later, bass player Burn and drummer Alex joined them, completing the band’s line-up for almost three years. During the first year of existence, they begun to work on material for their first album Slave Design and then performed around the US to unleash it's electronic violence on stage, that build up a solid base of fans among the US audience. Coming back to Europe, they concentrated on stage performance for almost two years, doing more than sixty shows until beginning of 2006. At that stage, their drummer decided to resign, forcing the band to take the few months break.

Meanwhile, Drop will begin to work on what will become the Slave Design's successor, which started obviously to go far further from what they have done previously, re-introducing Black and Death metal influences, and thus injecting a new dimension of brutality in their music. At the same time, they will develop further the melodic side also, increasing clean vocals quality and quantity, with still this electronic touch making Sybreed’s sound easily recognizable among others.
Then, wishing to start recording their new effort, they asked Soilwork's drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who kindly accepted, to record Sybreed’s new album, bringing with him his technical powerful drums style. Later, Kevin joined the band, bringing back the full force in Sybreed’s line-up: he was selected for his impressive capacity of emulating most of Dirk's parts, adding in the process his sadistic groove and explosive speed skills, opening interesting perspectives for the future of the band's evolution.

The Present - Sybreed is back, finalizing their second LP called Antares, which will symbolize what the band's music has become: an aggressive and monumental shape of sound, a fast yet melodic extreme metal filled with futuristic ambiances, relentless, blasting parts shifting to epic choruses, tortured screams melting with desperate yet crystal clear voices, all that converging to make you feel like the last man on earth, lost on the edge of the world, witness of the end of civilization. Antares is the pulsing noise celebrating the fall from grace, the loss of hope and innocence, and our own human nature confronted to Eternity.

The Future - Sybreed has just signed a new record deal with Listenable Records, home of bands like Gojira, Scarve, Immolation, Hacride and Kruger to name a few. The second sonic attack of the band, Antares, will be released world wide during October 2007

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Album: Dirge - Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas

Artist: Dirge
Album: Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
Label: Production Blight Records / Equilibre Music
Year: 2007


01. Meridians
02. End, Infinite
03. Epicentre
04. Lotus Continent
05. Nulle Part
Disc 2
01. Wings of Lead Over Dormant Seas
Download Part1 / Part2

Dirge was born in Paris in 1994. The original core was formed by Marc T. (guitar, programming) and by Laurent P. (voice, programming). In the industrial-metal genre of bands like Godflesh or Pitschifter, the music generated by the duet presents harsh guitar riffs, robotic rhythmes, aggressive frequenced samples and pitched voices. Three demo-tapes will be released during this first era : “Infected Brain Machine” (1994), “Mind Time Control” (1995) and “Dead Network Access” (1996).

After the leaving of Laurent P., bass player David K. and guitarist Franck T. join the band. This first change in the line-up coincides with a noisier and less electronic curve ; around the torn-downed voice of Marc T., the music goes darker, tortured, dissonant. The first album “Down, Last Level” is released in 1998.

1999, Alain B. (drums) and Christophe [Zomb] D. (machines, percussions and voice) strengthen the band. Re-humanized with the renunciation of the drum machine, the music becomes much more heavy and stifling, guitars becoming the center of gravity of the second album “Blight and Vision Below a Faded Sun” (released in 2000 on the own band's label, Blight Records).

Replacing Franck T. and David K., Christian M. (bass) then Stephane L. (guitar) join Dirge in 2001. Three years later, the third record “And Shall the Sky Descend” is released and introduces a more hypnotic aspect of the band's music. If heavy guitars stay in the center of the four long pieces that build “ASTSD”, the extremely slow-downed tempos, creeping samples, minimal parts, violin, didjeridoo and female vocals present the result of four years of musical evolution.

From 2004 to 2006, the band gives several concerts (with Unsane, Nasum, Cult Of Luna or Kill The Thrill) then goes back to studio in Switzerland in november 2006 to record its fourth album “Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas” for its new label, Equilibre Music.

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Album: Overmars - Born Again

Artist: Overmars
Album: Born Again
Label: Appease Me
Year: 2007

01.Born Again

*Thanx to Mr.Bungle for the link

Overmars has written a new album/EP consisting from a 40 minutes length track called "Born Again". The first reaction is...."A 40 minute track? It's gonna be boring....". This has nothing to do with the reality.
The instrumentation is perfect: All the background detailing and texture, the builds and crashes.Marion's section at the front end of the track is amazing. It's a great, trance inducing section of music. Heavy vocals that come after the long section Marion does are complete neanderthal! The vocal layers that follow the slow, pounding rhythm are feral, too. The ambient touches around 18 mins with the heart-beat like pulse is nice, the way the bass creeps in is awesome. The guitar interplay with the electronics during the long, methodical building process is spot on. The next vocal section is utterly downtrodden - perfect for the music which has sort of a Neurosis/souls at zero being dismantled feel. Around 26 mins there's the return of the neanderthal vocals! The music has a real elastic quality here with the slow drum count, the jangly guitars and the flopping bass string tone. Nothing but high praise on this song!!!

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Album: Angel Eyes - ...And For A Roof, A Sky Full Of Stars (EP)

Artist: Angel Eyes
Album: ...And For A Roof, A Sky Full Of Stars (EP)
Label: Underground Communique Records
Year: 2007


Angel Eyes is four people who come together to make the kind of music they like to hear. The band formed in spring of 2003 when the hardcore band that some of them were playing in dissolved leaving them with nothing to do with their free time. Having been in several bands together which all went south quicker than they would have liked, they wanted to try and create something a bit more enduring. After diagrams of how they could pull off a heavy band with no bass player were drawn up, angel eyes wrote several songs, recorded a six song demo and played some less than memorable (i.e. totally shitty) shows. Better times were ahead, however.

Around the time the band began writing new songs to eventually comprise a full-length album their friend Nader, who had formerly played in a Chicago-area metal band called Ember, approached them about playing keyboards and running samples in the band. Believing that this could round out the sound a great deal (i.e. Brendan and Todd could now find spots to tune in the middle of 10 minute long songs). Brendan, Ryan and Todd welcomed Nader aboard in early 2004 and began writing a full length. After a long year of writing and recording, the record came out on underground communique records on October 14th of 2005. -

Website: Myspace, Official
Buy it at Underground Communique Records.
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Album: Rosetta - Wake/Lift

Artist: Rosetta
Album: Wake/Lift
Label: Translation Loss Records
Year: 2007

01. Red In Tooth And Claw
02. Lift (Part 1)
03. Lift (Part 2)
04. Lift (Part 3)
05. Wake
06. (Temet Nosce)
07. Monument

Rosetta is an American art metal band incorporating elements of post-hardcore, drone music, and ambient music creating a sprawling, atmospheric sound similar to Neurosis and Isis.

Rosetta's members all were acquaintances in high school, and had played in various bands until they decided to play together at the last minute at a gig on June 22nd, 2003, at which they improvised the entire show. Following this, they proceeded to write more songs, play more shows, and eventually record a four-song demo album, which picked up interest from Translation Loss Records.

Their debut album, The Galilean Satellites, featured two separate hour-long discs (one of more metal-oriented music, and one of ambience) that synchronize together. Although originally intended to be one disc of metal tracks sandwiched by ambient ones, the band had enough material to cover two discs.

The band's second release, Project Mercury, a split with Balboa

The band's name does not come from the Rosetta Stone, but was chosen rather for its femininity and beauty. It is also, coincidentally, the name of a satellite used to study comets and an orbit type.

Rosetta @ myspace
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Album: Devil Sold His Soul - Darkness Prevails (EP)

Artist: Devil Sold His Soul
Album: Darkness Prevails (EP)
Label: Eyesofsound / Black Willow
Year: 2005

01. Darkness Prevails
02. Some Friend
03. Clouds
04. LIYL
05. Like It’s Your Last
Download (link updated)

Comprising ex members of the awesome Mahumodo, Devil Sold His Soul is the phoenix rising from the ashes, and it's a name you'll be hearing a lot this year. An epic mixture of ferocious power, bone crunching heaviness and soaring melodies, "Darkness Prevails" delivers a truly astounding musical smack in the chops!

Devil Sold His Soul is the sound of a group of amazing musicians, freed from past constraints to create something truly special; it's the sound of brilliant potential fully realized. The Mahumodo power and feeling remain, but now broader ideas, a wider spectrum, more experimentation, have been introduced. This band takes as starting points the cerebral structures of Tool, the fearsome musical musculature of Will Haven and the sweeping emotion of Deftones. The band is also easily comparable in scope, sound and progressive power to epic, wide screen visionaries such as Isis and Cult of Luna.

If you like it, buy it HERE.

Links: Official Site / MySpace
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Album: Atheist Prayer - Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon

Artist: Atheist Prayer
Album: Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon
Label: Swarm Of Nails Records
Year: 2007

01.Nous Demandons Pardon Pour Descartes
02.La Passion Est Une Arme
03.La Belle Inutile
04.On Construit Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon
Download (new link)

*Credits to Arnaud from ATPR for the link and filling my request.

Atheist Prayer is a band from Rennes, France. They mix aggressive post-hardcore parts, like the heavy guitar walls of Isis, Callisto or Cult of Luna, with post-rock parts like the sound textures of Pelican, Ef or Explosions in The Sky.
So Atheist Prayer is a post-metal band, with screamo kind of vocals, like the French bands Daïtro or Mihai Edrisch.
They Released their first EP in February 07' on Swarm Of Nails Records.
They were planning to release a split with Rosetta in September, but it was cacneclled due to Atheist Prayer's split up!

Atheist Prayer@myspace

If you like it, buy it here. (Only 5 from 100 copies left)

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