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Album: Celeste - Animale(s)

Band: Celeste
Album: Animale(s)
Label: Denovali
Year: 2013

01. Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard
02. Au pied d'une bicoque peu séduisante
03. Sans crainte de s'avouer un jour naufragée
04. (X)
05. Tes âmes soeurs immaculées
06. Dans ta salive, sur sa peau
07. D'errances en inimitiés
08. Cette silhouette paumée et délabrée qui sanglote et meurt
09. Empreinte d'érotisme
10. (Y)
11. Serrés comme son coeur lacéré
12. Outro
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Expressionistic, sophisticated, evolved, overflowing, pitch-black. Just a few words, a desperate attempt to properly approach ANIMALE(S), the fifth full-length record of the French combo CELESTE from Lyon. While their former albums PESSIMISTE(S) (2006), NIHILISTE(S) (2008), MISANTHROPE(S) (2009) and MORTE(S) NEE(S) (2010) have all been finished in a few months, it took them all the last three years to craft this concept album. Unsurprisingly, the result of this long process is an opus which is so loaded and dense that it can bearly withstand its inner pressure. 

The concept behind ANIMALE(S) is the bleak story of a boy and a girl, a kind of love story with a tragic ending. A story about how tough youth can be if parents discard their responsibilities. For once in metal-oriented music, a closer look at artwork and lyrics gives a new dimension to a record and is indispensible for a comprehensive and complete experience of this album. 

Musically, ANIMALE(S) sees CELESTE developing their metal and hardcore oriented sound in different directions. Their music was always characterised by the interaction of monumental melodies, dark riffs, violent drums and expressive lyrics, but on the new album all these ingrediences are more expressed. The last three years' time has carved out the contrasts in Celeste's music like a stream carves out a rugged canyon. The melodies are more melodic, but also more sparse. Many parts are much darker and more noisy than the past albums. The lyrics are as savage as they can be without being vulgar. At the same time, ANIMALE(S) features exceptional collaborations with artists such as the experimental musician Ben Chatwin from TALVHORROS -- also on Denovali Records - and the composers and sound designers Sabrina Duval and Jean Charles Bastion. 

CELESTE truly managed to finish this album at the right moment, before the amount of concept, composition and artistic skill would have been too much for a single album. Exactly for this reason, ANIMALE(S) is a unique piece of art, a coherent album which does not allow for anything to be added without destroying it. Simply put, it is just perfect.

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Video: CULT OF LUNA live at Hellfest 2013

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Album: Year of No Light - Tocsin

Band: Year of No Light
Album: Tocsin
Label: Debemur Morti
Year: 2013

01. Tocsin
02. Géhenne
03. Désolation
04. Stella Rectrix
05. Alamüt

On this outstanding new offering, YEAR OF NO LIGHT , the undisputed leader of Instrumental Post-Metal, continues to explore the boundless possibilities of its unique transcendental expression of sound. 

This third full length album, and third masterpiece, is a doom expedition that moves from slow, tribal pounding and shimmering ambience through an echo chamber of melodic guitar notes and into a vast, black pit of fuzz-bombed despair streaked with feedback and touched by the pale beckoning hand of death. 

Extremely heavy, divinely stellar, and epic. "Tocsin" is an unforgettable journey beyond the laws of Post-Metal, Doom Metal, hypnotic musical forms and any other influence marked with the seal of pure mysticism... 

A wholly metaphysical experience.

Album set to be released on 29 Nov.

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Album: Mamiffer & Circle - Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)

Band: Mamiffer & Circle
Album: Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)
Label: Sige Records/Ektro
Year: 2013

01. Kaksonen 1
02. Parting of Bodies
03. Vaso Luna
04. Tumulus
05. Vessel Full of Worms
06. Kaksonen 2 (Artemesia)
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For Enharmonic Intervals, two groups of musical plunderers-- pan-everything Finnish weirdos Circle and stateside long-tone tracers Mamiffer-- convened in a 19th-century church in western Finland, writing and recording new music anchored around the building’s massive organ over the course of a day. Though they wash into the tidal drones you might expect from Mamiffer and cycle through primal beats familiar to fans of Circle, the album as a whole moves with the devilish delight of two groups leaving preconceptions outside of their ad hoc studio.

Official Site(Circle)
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Video: The Ocean - ‘China’ Chapter From “Collective Oblivion” DVD Set (30minutes)

The Ocean are streaming a full 30 minute chapter from their coming 3-DVD set “Collective Oblivion” online. This particular chapter captures the bands touring in China. Metal Blade will have the set in stores on November 12th.
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Album: Systems - Ghost Medicine

Band: Systems
Album: Ghost Medicine
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011

01. I. Procession
02. II. Healing Tides
03. III. Witch Ritual
04. IV. Burial
0V. Ghost Medicine (tetradymia canescens)
06. VI. Datura Hallowing
07. VII. Visionary
08. VIII. Unveiled by the Fall

Systems is a band from Carrboro, North Carolina that plays primarily hardcore-, and metal-, and post-rock-influenced music. One of the premises for the band’s songwriting is the description of certain scenes. For example, the band has played music representative of the winter solstice and season, spring equinox, and desert. Each of these scenes is composed of smaller, isolated scenes.

At the core of Systems' brilliance, at least on the Carrboro band's debut, is the band's ability to navigate the uneven line between thrash and post-rock. Here, these two disparate styles cooperate within a churning, nuanced soundscape, where thrash elements take on a cinematic, lonesome beauty. Post-rock has rarely sounded so rightfully oppressive.
As such, Ghost Medicine is one complex document, an anxiety-inducing and supremely dark album about the inevitability and totality of death. In these 41 minutes, brief periods of soaring triumph only make the general state of cathartic terror that much heavier. It all starts gently enough, with an ambient invocation familiar to fans of Mono or Explosions in the Sky. The band subverts the slow-blooming form by replacing familiar, euphoric post-rock tones with nervy, diminished chords. "Now our ship will sink," Cameron Zarrabzadeh rasps in a shriek that approximates black metal. Subsequently, the record gets obsessively heavy and mean.
For Ian Creath and Drew Wallace/ continued dosing/ of one sacred root," Zarrabzadeh screams as the music hits its turbulent crescendo during "Datura Hallowing." "Until I'm through/ coughing up and learning/ from their ghosts." Both Ghost Medicine and Datura Hallowing are names for southwestern plants: the former is used in native medicine to help deal with loss, while the latter is a dangerous natural hallucinogen. Through this lens, the opening chant of "datura/ datura" takes on new menace and meaning, as if the fatal drug itself is calling its new victim.
Is this post-thrash? Systems draw from all over the heavy spectrum to create a sound that has the space and atmosphere of a Neurot band but an immediacy that indicates a background in hardcore. Ghost Medicine, the juggernaut full-length to be released this summer, pits harsh black metal roars against haunted baritone countermelodies, all atop a tempest of doom and death metal that threatens to drop the floor out with its bassy heft.
Systems carry this dark catharsis to the end. Closer "Unveiled by the Fall" approaches epic release and perhaps redemptive resolution. A Red Sparowes-style progression marches toward an implied conclusion, but it's repeatedly interrupted by guttural screams and bass-heavy, math-metal churn. Midway through one of these parts, the song and album simply stop. For a record about death and grief, it's a fitting, devastating end.

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Album: Scientist - Scientist

Band: Scientist
Album: Scientist
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013

01. Au (79/196.97)
02. Ti (22/47.867)
03. O (15.999)
04. Kr (36/83.80)
05. Pb (82/207.2)
06. h2o (18.152)
07. Co2 (1.1/44)
08. Os (76/190.23)

Scientist is an experimental noise metal act from Chicago, Illinois formed in 2011. Scientist exists from the "ashes" of such groups as Profound Lore artist YAKUZA, (still active), FIREISBORN and RAISED ON ZENITH featuring Eric Plonka (guitar/vox), Justin Cape (drums) and Patrick Auclair (bass). With a wide range of influences, Scientist's goal to compose music that challenge them artistically while remaining accessible to their audience has been an interesting journey.
You will find some unconventional "metal" instrumentation on Scientist's first effort like, saxaphones, piano and lap steel guitars and they make it work. 
Starting originally as a two piece band by Plonka and Cape (and having actual results) and having played many, many shows for over a year, they then decided to add Auclaire for that missing "something". 

Refreshed and looking forward, and having just recorded with Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea, Nachtmystium, Corrections House) featuring guest appearances by Stavros Giannopoulos from Atlas Moth, Bruce Lamont from Yakuza, Jeff Lyman from Dead Sheriff and Sanford Parker.

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Album: Russian Circles - Memorial

Band: Russian Circles
Album: Memorial
Label: Sargent House
Year: 2013

01. Memoriam
02. Deficit
03. 1777
04. Cheyenne
05. Burial
06. Ethel
07. Lebaron
08. Memorial
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Perhaps the most immediately apparent characteristic of the fifth RUSSIAN CIRCLES album, Memorial is its wide range of emotion. Vacillating from somber-yet-soaring melodies on one track to pummeling metal heft on the next, Memorial sounds like an album with split personalities. Where one song showcases guitarist Mike Sullivan, drummer Dave Turncrantz and bassist/keyboardist Brian Cook’s mastery of lush melancholic melody, the next exhibits their most abrasive underground metal leaning sound, with washed-out 16th-note riffs and crushing rhythms. The band’s penchant for endless hooks remains a constant, but Memorial embodies their most dramatic ranges in tone. In search of such a streamlined sound, the trio focused on each individual song having its own emotional and musical characteristics. As such, Memorial almost feels like stages of grief. That notion might be aided by the album’s clever structuring, in which it ends in the same place as it starts, and special guest vocalist Chelsea Wolfe lending her hauntingly somber vocals to the album closing title track.

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Album: This Will Destroy You - Live In Reykjavik, Iceland

Band: This Will Destroy You
Album: Live In Reykjavik, Iceland
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Year: 2013

01. A Three Legged Workhorse
02. There are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease
03. Black Dunes
04. Burial on the Presidio Banks
05. Glass Realms
06. Communal Blood
07. Quiet
08. They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light
09. Little Smoke
10. The Mighty Rio Grande
11. Threads

11 gorgeous live versions of the band’s material spanning across Young Mountain, S/T, and Tunnel Blanket. All songs were performed and recorded at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Issued as a triple LP, double CD, and digital, you can now hear 
THIS WILL DESTROY YOU in a far more textured and visceral live environment.

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Album: Lehnen - I See Your Shadow

Band: Lehnen
Album: I See Your Shadow
Label: Cloud Contact Records
Year: 2013

01. Death Angel 
02. Eighty Years 
03. Acceptance 
04. Thomas 
05. I See Your Shadow 
06. Breathing Machines 
07. Draw What You Know 
08. Figures 
09. Take Me Home 
10. Deadhymn

Two Americans, two Austrians that make loud, beautiful music.
Loudness next to tranquility: Opposites find their way together here, and through the many expanded classic rock line-up elements, find their way into the big picture. Conservative electronics and synthesizers play as important of a roll as accordion or glockenspiel, not to mention the often multi-layered vocals. 
“Diverse” is a word that frequents the subconscious while listening to Lehnen; something that is due, no doubt , to the eclectic listening tendencies of the four band members: from Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore, to a variety of electronic music, all the way to classic Indie-Rock and Folk, which in the end adds up to a sum that is worth more than each of the individual parts.

Official Site
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Video: Kyte - You & I

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Album: Gnosis - So Above So Below

Band: Gnosis
Album: So Above So Below
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Forever A Stranger
02. Cosmic Release
03. Remembrance Of Things Past
04. Ketamine
05. What Have We Become
06. Drifting Into The Deep
07. The Far Side Of The World
08. A Distant Light

So Above So Below is a musical outflow that is unbroken and yet is made of infinite patterns. A sound that’s so comforting and yet each time you listen, its a different experience. Where the smallest of matter is engaged into rhythmic motion. A sound where words lose meaning and thought becomes one. Where sound can have so much emotion. Where a single instrument becomes a symphony. Where a sound can drown you. Where the sound can capture an entire moment and yet may fade into nothing. Something that is living, but which also embraces end of existence. Of countless things in a single moment. Of every moment in a single thing.

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Video: Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All

Sleep Party People - the bedroom project of Brian Batz - is like one of those fairy tale gems that keep radiating magical colours when it’s dark, that actually grow bigger and brighter when nighttime falls. It’s something special and important and utterly beautiful. With the aid of an old drum machine, a piano and a guitar, a unique dreamlike universe arises. With traces of My Bloody Valentine shoegaze, Cocteau Twins mystique and Flaming Lips idiosyncracy the result is hard to define. But who cares? THE ALBUM Sleep Party People’s eponymous debut album was received in home country Denmark with great accThelaim and called “one of the strangest and most beautiful released in a long, long time”, “a hazy, dreamy and wondrous debut album” by two of the largest newspapers in the country. The album is a collection of songs including both piano lullabies, instrumental songs and what seems like pop hits from a strange, better dimension. It has a depth and a grandeur that harkens back to the big dark albums of circa 20 years ago by The Cure, My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive while remaining extremely modern. LIVE Taking a bedroom project live is always tricky, so Brian Batz has gone all out: With an orchestra of 5 friends - all clad in bunny masks - the adventurous sound is enlarged and expanded live. The band is at times gentle and at times ferocious, and has - like the album - received 5 star reviews in Denmark. The five bunnies were also handpicked by The Antlers to follow them on their Scandinavian tour in march.
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EP: There. - Session 4.

Band: There.
Album: Session 4. EP
Label: Black Planet Records
Year: 2013

01. A Little Girl
02. Anastasia
03. Where The Magic Happens
04. She's Dying Young
05. Overdose.
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There. is a cosmic, instrumental, 5-member band from Niš, Serbia. Giving the fact that there are no lyrics in their music, each listener is free to experience the songs individually and reach spiritual ascension whist doing so. The band's first release "Session 4" is a passionate, Lovecraftian adventure of a little girl who is fighting one of the biggest problems of the modern age. It is up to the listeners to use this music in order to create imagery of the events through which the little girl, Anastasia, went through.

This is their debut EP.

Buy: Send an email to
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EP: Synopsis - Timeless

Band: Synopsis
Album: Timeless EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Red Stars
02. We Have Still The Sun
03. Naive
04. Drops Of Fire

Some things can't be explained… To understand Synopsys you must listen to their music, feel the pictures, capture the quiet and sustain heaviness. Those atmospheres build themselves on a paradox, shadow & light, the infinitely big & the infinitely small, things to say that we cannot say, the balance & the fall.These unavoidable meetings are translated into as captivating as lightning sounds.

"Timeless" is Synopsys's first EP. The 4 songs of Timeless are an exploration around a "timeless" situation and instants, such certain things naturally reborn while they end... 

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Single: This Will Destroy You - Their Celebrations

Band: This Will Destory You
Album: Their Celebrations (Single)
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Year: 2013

01. Their Celebrations
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(All proceeds from the sale of this track will benefit Nadia Hajjar in the wake of her loss)

On August 25, 2013, the world lost a good soul in the human form of Christopher Friedrich, who passed away unexpectedly that afternoon. In the years he was with us, many had the privilege of meeting and knowing him personally, while even more got to know him via his wonderful music in the band Caspian. Ever since encountering Chris and his mates early on in both band's lives, the true bonds of friendship, love, and respect between Caspian and This Will Destroy You have run strong throughout the years, now even stronger after having lost such an important member of the extended family.

Sadly and tragically, Chris also leaves behind his widow Nadia Hajjar, whom he had just married four months before his passing. We can not fathom what Nadia must be enduring to go from such pure elation and happiness to completely having the world fall out from under her feet in such a sudden and unforgiving chain of events.

To assist in a time of such devastation, the families of Christopher Friedrich and Nadia Hajjar have established The Christopher Friedrich Memorial Fund. Anyone reading this can contribute directly here:

To help in our own way, This Will Destroy You and Magic Bullet Records are currently offering the non-album song "Their Celebrations" to the public in exchange for donations to the fund. All proceeds from the sale of this track will benefit Nadia Hajjar in the wake of her loss.

Thank you for considering. Thank you for listening.

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Video: The Body - An Altar or A Grave

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EP: Aesthesys - Ascendere

Band: Aesthesys
Album: Ascendere EP
Label: dunk!records
Year: 2013

01. Moving Forward
02. Arise From Dreams Of Thee
03. Anemoi
04. La Torre Del Silenzio
05. Sailing To Constantinople

Aesthesys is an instrumental outfit based in Moscow, Russia.It was founded as a one-man project back in 2007 by Nik Koniwzski, and has eventually evolved into an ensemble performing post-rock music with ambient and neoclassical influences, by becoming a quartet in the end of 2011, and then by widening into a sextet in early 2013.

Official Site
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Video: Dotzauer - Organic Silver

Dotzauer was founded in late 2011 by bassist Sebastiano Pozzobon and guitarist Matteo Gasparin, and later joined by drummer Nick Rigato. The project met with positive reception in early live shows, encouraging members to find new musicians and to further develop a personal style where heavy and telluric structures stand as natural counterparts of hypnotic and embracing passages. In 2012 the band signed on Red Sound Records and the first full-length album Deep is going to be released in september 2013. Deep is a concept album about drowning, where submerged atmospheres and dilated soundscapes are combined with aggressive and groovish riffs that recall the doom – sludge influences of the band.

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EP: Escadre - Ambitum

Band: Escadre
Album: Ambitum
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Septentres
02. Merides
03. Orients
04. Occidens

Escadre is a post-metal band from Russia. No further info is available. If anyone has something about this band, please share it.
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Video: 65daysofstatic - Prisms (Official Video)

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Album: Exxasens - Sattelites

Band: Exxasens
Album: Sattelites
Label: Aloud Music Ltd
Year: 2013

01. The Launching
02. Rocket To The Sky
03. Mass Of Pluto
04. Satellites
05. Sputnik
06. Arida
07. Last Song Over The Horizon
08. The Falling

Not having a defined music style is certainly the main appeal of Exxasens proposal. The Exxasens' universe is full of sound landscapes which take the listener to a rich world of beautiful and powerful melodies. This could be the homeland of post-rock bands such as Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, a place full of nice melodies with strong guitar atmospheres. Exxasens style tries to go beyond by introducing progressive metal and nu-metal influences.

Exxasens was born in April 2007 in Barcelona as a solo project by Jordi Ruiz, guitarist of Playmotive and Kyba bands. Back then, Jordi began to compose and produce songs at his place only using a computer and his guitar, with the sole purpose of passing the time.

Then, he decided to create a small home studio to enhance the potential for creation and improve the quality of his compositions. As a result he uploaded a song monthly on his myspace ( ). Within a few months, he received over 10,000 visits and very good reviews. Spatial exploration by humans is his main inspiration source for this work.

One year after its inception and after composing 12 songs, the new independent label "Counsoling Sounds" decided to go for Exxasens. On May 10th 2008 an initial release of 100 copies was published under the name Polaris. This first album has 10 instrumental songs that connect the listener with an inner world of melodies and sound effects. Themes like "Spiders on the moon" which narrates Apollo XI’s journey to the moon, "Polaris" which describes the immensity of the universe or "Gamma Channel" which recreates one of the passages of Orson Wells' War of the Worlds, define what Exxasens tries to convey through his music.

Next 27th August 2009 Consouling Sounds will launch 1000 copies of Exxasens second album named “Beyond the Universe”. This album will be composed by 11 new songs. As his first album there are a lot of sounds landscapes and as Polaris it is based on the immensity of the universe. Themes like “Sky In Red” which describes the trip of Yuri Gagarin to the outer space and his return to the earth as an URSS hero. “Copernicus” which tries to transport the listener to the crater Copernicus on the moon and 9 songs more, two including lyrics will set the new Exxasens album.

His last published work gets good reviews from webzines on the internet as The Silent Ballet (  or Metal Observer ( or specialized magazines as Visions in Germany or Mondo Sonoro in Spain.

After publication of their two albums,  Exxasens  published its third album called ELEVEN MILES,  on September 11th 2011, throught Barcelona’s label Aloud Music Ltd. This album has 9 songs with a revamped, more robust sound and with the Exxasens characteristic stamp.

On the October 2013 their newest album was released from Aloud music Ltd.

Official Site
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Video: Monkey3 - Birth Of Venus

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EP: Selenites & For You. Earth - Split

Band: Selenites & For You. Earth
Album: Split EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Selenites - Untitled
02. For You. Earth - 1917

Selenites is a band from Toulouse in south France.

For You. Earth is a band from N.Novgorod, Russia. They play some kind of chaotic hardcore chaotic since 2006.
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Videos: Forthcoming Releases

Upcdownc - Black Sea

Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother

The Ocean - Collective Oblivion DVD

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Video: Exxasens - Rocket To The Sky

From their forthcoming album, Satellites.
Preorder Vinyl | CD
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EP: Sea Of Disorder - Sea Of Disorder

Band: Sea Of Disorder
Album: Sea Of Disorder EP
Label: Le Crepuscule Du Soir
Year: 2012

01. Chapter I ~ Frozen Tide
02. Wor~Ship
03. Chapter II ~ And From The Deep Gloom Came The Stillness Before The Storm To Crush Upon The Sea And To Awake The Secluded Conqueror
04. Chapter III ~ Reinvigoration / Thalassophobia

Sea Of Disorder is a band from Salzburg / Austria. Their main influences come from post-rock and doom, and they wanted to create melodic, atmospheric but also rough and sometimes brutal sounding mixture of their own style. Sea Of Disorder consists by only two persons, who played all the instruments themselves, did some drum recordings in Salzburg first, and then recorded the guitars, bass and keyboards in their own little 'studio' ( also known as: at home ).

Loïc Rossetti who sang on the last two 'The Ocean' Albums 'Heliocentric' and 'Anthropocentric' appears on tracks 3 & 4 with some vocals and Christian Huber from Salzburg, who is mainly known as 'WACH, Sounds Of Earth, Tod Durch Arbeit' with his own ambient / noise project and released three albums on various labels, made the intro track for songs 1 & 2.
The EP is about 'something' awakening deep below the Sea as a metaphor for the beast that slumbers in every human being and is being suppressed by the daily circumstances that are going on in everyday's life that block the real emotions and feelings people would and should have...

Robert Czeko ~ Guitars, Bass, FX, Artwork
Christian Hubmann ~ Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keys
Guest Musicians:
Loïc Rossetti ( The Ocean ) ~ Vocals
Chris Huber ( Wach, Sounds of Earth, Tod durch Arbeit ) ~ FX

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Video: The Ocean - Bathyalpelagic III: Disequillibrated (excerpt from the Pelagial DVD)

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Album: jakeL - The Black Sea

Band: jakeL
Album: The Black Sea
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Miccia
02. Black Wolves
03. Le Port-Au-Persil
04. You Are Not Alone Said. The Universe
05. Aegan Sea
06. The Dead Of Winter
07. Our Trees Aren't Going Anywhere
08. The Black Sea
09. The Wanderer

jakeL is Jade F. from Montreal, Canada and it's a one man instrumental project.

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Band: Microtonner

Band: Microtonner
Album: The Power Of Ignorance
Label: Self Released
Year: 2003

01. Frequency
02. George II
03. Not Only One
04. Dr. Fred
05. Salam
06. Red
07. Les Petits
08. Terraformer

Band: Microtonner
Album: Sub Zero
Label: Laridae
Year: 2006

01. Aerial
02. 2005
03. Winter
04. Fall
05. Limitation
06. M. Vibe
07. No Development
08. Industrial Boy
09. Sub Zero
10. Third Song

Band: Microtonner
Album: Observer
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Pathfinder
02. Leaden
03. 10:00 AM
04. Horizons
05. Nullnihil
06. Missing
07. Observer
08. September
09. Vertical

Band: Microtonner
Album: Navigation
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Departure
02. Seawards
03. Exploration
04. Dark Surface
05. Nowhere
06. Floating
07. Lighten
08. Back Again
09. Gone
Stream / Buy

Austrian duo from Vöcklabruck, Microtonner, produces mainly instrumental sound somewhere between rock, industrial and electronic - heavy guitar riffs meet broken beats and atmospheric speech samples, combined with harmonic melody-pads. 

They produce music since 1997 and they evolved since then thrugh industrial to post-rock / psychedelic music.

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Video: Touché Amoré - Harbor

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EP: Made By Grey - I Have Written A Wicked Book​, And Feel Spotless As The Lamb

Band: Made By Grey
Album: I Have Written A Wicked Book​, And Feel Spotless As The Lamb EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Sunrays Will Make You See The Clouds
02. Nothing Burns Twice
03. S.I.A.(Skype Is Akward)
04. Little Secrets
Stream / Buy

Made By Grey is a DIY post-rock project of Antonis Hatzimichalis from Athens Greece, accomplished with any available equipment and the help of friends,helpful individuals and the minimum budget.

Official Site
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News: What The Blood Revealed

It's with a heavy heart that I can let you all know that What the Blood Revealed have decided to split.

We started way back in 2004 and have met some amazing bands and friends along the way, both in the UK and abroad, and we are truly grateful for the experiences we've had. There are way to many people that have helped us to thank- you know who you are and we love you all. There are also way too many people to thank who came to our shows- you know who you are and we love you all too. Our long suffering loved ones deserve our unending gratitude for the disturbances, late nights and being our most loyal fans. You're all getting a 4-way Blood kiss, seriously.

Hopefully we made some pretty neat music along the way, and have made friendships that will last forever- which is way more important. The guys in the band and the guys who were in the band will be Blood brothers forever, that much I know.

Connecting with like minded people is such a wonderful side effect of making and playing music, kinda beautiful really. And in our lives that are really just the sum parts of their experiences, there have been many, many days to savour. We'll miss this all too much so expect new bands/projects from the Blood's embers next year.

We'll do a farewell gig before the end of 2013, and we're planning to do a short run vinyl release as well to draw a line under the band. Y'never know, we may reform due to huge public demand in a few years

Start that band, play that riff, play it FUCKIN loud, and most of all, MEAN IT! The world can be yours.

Peace, beef and riffs


Also check