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Album: Coffin Dancer - Pax Romana (EP-Reissue)

Band: Coffin Dancer
Album: Pax Romana (Reissue)
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2007


01. Revolt Of The Proletariat
02. Another March To Calvary
03. Auto Da Fe
04. The Roman Peace

Coffin Dancer in it's short life has somehow survived multiple lineup changes and other adversities commonly plaguing bands of it's ilk. Since it's inception the band seems to trip on a stone just as its catching the next foothold on the climb up to establish itself as a tangible musical unit. However its through this adversity that it has found the will, or just sheer stubborness to overcome such shortfalls. They seek to be an always progressing and never stagnant band.

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Event: AmenRa, Universe217 & B.O.S. Athens,07/03/09

For our readers from Greece check this out.

Brotherhood Of Sleep

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Album: Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I

Band: Irepress
Album: Sol Eye Sea I
Label: Translation Loss Records
Year: 2009

01. Diaspora
02. Rhintu
03. Barrageo
04. Daniel Sen
05. Cyette Phiur
06. Fletchie
07. Adeluge
08. Billy
09. Entanglement
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A six-piece rock band from Sharon, Massachusetts, U.S.A. They began as a very heavy sludge metal band fronted by two alternating vocalists, Jarrett and Shomik, who switched between growling, singing, and screaming. They released a full-length, H.A.V.O.C., and an untitled 3-song demo much later.

After losing both vocalists due to college and other differences, Irepress has progressed towards a far different sound. As an instrumental band, their sound could be described as a sludge and post-rock -influenced brand of progressive rock. In 2005, they released an 8-song LP, Samus Octology. Jarrett has since rejoined the band. Their current line-up is Jarrett, Bret, Shan, Sheel, and Dino.

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Album: s.o.m.a. - OM (EP)

Band: s.o.m.a.
Album: OM (EP)
Label: Sinewave netlabel
Year: 2009


01. 4891
02. baile das mаscaras
03. mantra
04. lembranЗa
05. cВu escarlate

Founded in February 2008 by André "Anti" Luiz - Bass, Lucas Lippaus Matthew - Guitar and Elvis W. Cantelli - Drums, the post-rock band s.o.m.a. began its history in a customary joke between friends, which eventually became something much more serious. Creating own compositions, all on the basis of improvisation, the band combines influences of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and many other bands of that style. The Band has already played some shows in their town, and received many compliments, especially from members from fellow brazilian band Gray Strawberries. The first album (OM) was recorded in January 2009 in São Paulo, and contains 5 tracks.

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Album: Heirs - Demo

Band: Heirs
Album: Demo
Label: Self-released
Year: 2007


01. Mockery
02. Cabal
03. The White Swell
04. Russia
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The name Heirs originates from an ideal of "hunting and gathering" musical ideas, and formulating these ideas into an improved version. To write music, without paying some sort of tribute to the artists you are influenced by, seems to feel like a dishonest practice. The name stands as a metaphor, to be the Heirs of a musical history and to expand on this, becoming a part of this history.

Heirs began as a solo project by Damian Coward in late 2006, founded by a importunity to create a personal sound and direction. Four tracks were recorded and mixed by Coward himself, and received praise from peers due to its dark, brooding nature and lengthy bouts of density. Heirs expanded it's lineup during 2008 and currently consists of Brent Stegeman and Ian Jackson on guitars, Laura Bradfield on bass and Coward on drums.

Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his Swans legacy, the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of Godflesh, and continuing Stegeman's incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers Whitehorse, Heirs debut album strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting. A lurching drugged-out specter - holding solace in one hand, and vengeance in the other.

The four tracks in this demo will be part oh the band's debut album "Alchera" which will be released 18 May 2009 on Denovali Records (Europe/US - CD/LP) and Exotic Corpse Records (Australia - CD)

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Album: City Of Ships - Live Free Or Don’t EP

Band: City Of Ships
Album: Live Free Or Don't EP
Label: Forcefield Records
Year: 2008

02.Hold Tight
03.Evidence-Based Medicine
04.Too Late To Pray
05.Time Flies

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Hailing from an area of Florida renowned for its two-man bar bands, all of whom are as you read this rehashing embarrassing renditions of "Brown Eyed Girl" and stale Jimmy Buffet covers, City of Ships comes across as nothing less than a magnificent anomaly.

Beginning in late 2005 as two brothers collaborating with their best friend, the trio quickly recognized that in order to create something truly unique, the only rule worth following was to throw convention out the window. With this in mind, they began feverishly writing and rehearsing the songs that would eventually be recorded as their debut "Live Free or Don't" EP, a five-song release that shows remarkable maturity and an unbridled passion for experimentation.

Embracing mostly linear song structures and raising a middle finger to those eager to pigeonhole new groups with genre classification, the release is a snapshot of a band expertly walking a tightrope between savage riffs and delicately beautiful passages. The tracks on EP are so meticulously crafted and fluid in their movements that, despite receiving such confusing comparisons as Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Tool and Planes Mistaken for Stars, it's obvious that City of Ships are paving their own way to Valhalla.

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Album: Buried Inside - Spoils Of Failure

Band: Buried Inside
Album: Spoils Of Failure
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2009

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Buried Inside, formed in 1997, is a band from Ottawa, Canada. They are influenced by early metalcore and screamo bands such as Acme, One Eyed God Prophecy, and Union of Uranus.

Their sound includes distorted vocals, creatively-timed drumming, heavy use of octave double stops which creates a very melodic effect and occasional sampling of gloomy film dialogue or instruments like the cello. Their lyrics mostly deal with themes of time and how it regulates and enslaves people. In 2005, They signed to Relapse Records and put out their "concept" album, Chronoclast.

In March 2009 they will release a new album titled Spoils of Failure.

Official Site
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Album: Caverns - Kittens (EP)

Band: Caverns
Album: Kittens (EP)
Label: FARC
Year: 2008

01. Monday
02. Spreading Like a Virus
03. Brodown: High Noon
04. Dance You Son of a Bitch
05. Stop Being Paranoid
06. Remasculator
07. Pillow Talk

My first impression of Caverns was a very positive one, and they’ve never dropped the ball live since. Caverns boldly produce instrumental hard rock music, with the only vocals for miles being a lone adrenalized shout. Calling into play bits of melodic hardcore and metal, yet retaining a technical outlook that strays in and out of math and prog, this is Dilinger Escape Plan dabbling with the catchier elements of pop and less abrasive, equally aggressive metal sans obnoxious cookie-monster vocals.

On this EP, they manage to hone their style into an engaging release they can be proud of.

The static drone of intro track “Monday” ratchets a palpable tension that floods like a breaking dam into the near-cacophony of “Spreading like a virus,” a tornado of shredding guitar accompanied by a strong melodic piano line. As the track progresses, the piano gets swept into the churning guitars and becomes a mirror rather than a contrasting voice, the intertwined runs careening and toppling into more dissonant and minor progressions.

The hilariously titled “Brodown: High Noon” follows, yanking the rug out from under the tempo, treading at a more relaxed pace and really letting the lush piano work sink in. But never far from the fore, the loping guitar and drums keep the piano from lingering too long on any one passage. One of my favorite tracks, its weight becomes massive as it trudges along, bearing down with a bittersweet, melancholic intensity that is at once crushing and cathartic.

“Dance you son of a bitch” has a distinct, asymmetrical feel unlike that of any other on the EP, never settling into a comfortable groove for longer than 30 seconds, a stuttering warzone of piercing prog passages mixed with grinding metal riffs. “Stop being paranoid” tosses another curve ball, a muted track playing with shifting times and looping riffs.

“Remasculator” takes everything to 11, a ferocious shred-and-chug fest with surprising clarity, even providing a thematic medley of previous melodic lines.

The finale ballad, “Pillow talk,” can be seen as a tongue-in-cheek, humorous coda to cap off the sturm und drang of the previous 6 tracks on the EP, or a heart-felt, deeply confessional cooldown for the exhausted listener. But knowing the guys from Caverns, I’d bet on the former.

The guitar lines laid down by Kevin Hilliard simultaneously provide technical pyrotechnics, propulsive sense of tempo and a hefty amount of lyrical depth; ultimately, there are few problems Hilliard can’t solve by hailing a sheet of notes through your speakers. Patrick Taylor’s piano work is a joy to listen to. Keeping things weighty, with a lingering touch on each note, he forgoes the twinkling technical virtuosity that has taken hold of many talented ivory players, instead employing a more lyrical, meticulous approach and a much more toneful style that is critical in setting the mood and atmospherics for each track. Drums are solid, with Ross Hurt providing a tight, driving rhythmic foundation to the dueling piano and guitar lines.

Caverns have succeeded in refining and distilling a snapshot of their style and sound into a fantastic EP, full of vitality and spitting fire. A formula does tend to emerge, as with most hard rock bands: a variety of different tapestries interweaving soft and pensive with loud and aggressive. But Caverns blur things just enough so that things never truly become tiresome and formulaic.

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Album: From Monument To Masses - On Little Known Frequencies

Band: From Monument To Masses
Album: On Little Known Frequencies
Label: Golden Antenna Records\Dim Mak Records
Year: 2009

01. Checksum
02. (Millions Of) Individual Factories
03. Beyond God & Elvis
04. A Sixth Trumpet
05. An Ounce Of Prevention
06. The First Five
07. Let Them Know It's Christmastime
08. Hammer & Nails
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From Monument To Masses are set to release their new full-length, On Little Known Frequencies through Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. On their new album, the politically charged rockers find inspiration in everything from glitchy electronic beats to the bristling energy of hardcore punk to hip hop break beats. They weave these eclectic influences into a danceable brand of post-rock that takes the genre and charges with it into the future.

Bi-coastal trio From Monument to Masses are political but never preachy, direct but never literal. Their mostly instrumental new album conjures up images that are vivid but open to interpretation. Francis Choung (drums/programming), Matthew Solberg (guitar), and Sergio Robledo-Maderazo (bass/synthesizer) fit together like the brushstrokes of an abstract expressionist painter.

“On Little Known Frequencies” finds the band weaving an eclectic array of genres into their post-rock core. Inspired by everything from hip hop beats to classical string arrangements to the explosive energy of early hardcore, FMTM twist these styles to match their aesthetic instead of throwing out overt references. The album is also laiden with spooky snippets of sampled dialogue, another example of the band’s decision to stray away from simply saying what they feel.

Opening track “checksum” kicks things off with hypnotic, sci-fi keys circling over locked-in guitar and drums while the first of the album’s many eerie samples plays. The tension steadily builds before the whole band does an about-face and settles into a comfortable groove. Robledo-Maderazo launches into an ominous bassline that bounces steadily with Choung’s nimble, rhythmically complex kit work. Solberg unleashes his unpredictable, shapeshifting guitar licks. The group continues to charge forward at full blast before arriving at a sweeping, cinemtatic finale with twinkling piano and haunting male-female vocals. The song plays like an epic journey with an abstract narrative and is only one of eighth such adventures on the album.

The band’s biggest asset might be that they are collectivly blessed with astounding musical chops as well as the desire to use them in a tasteful manner. While so much instrumental music comes off as a means to showcase musicianship, FMTM are able to drop jaws through emotion.

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Album: ...And Stars Collide - ...And Stars Collide

Band: ...And Stars Collide
Album: ...And Stars Collide
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.Every Step Takes Me Further From Home (Part II)
02.See The Opening Morn
03.Your Winter And Night Spent In Disguise
04.We Are None Of Us Long Of This World
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...And Stars Collide are a band from Nottingham that fit most closely into the genre labeled post-rock, playing guitar-driven instrumental music with a strong emphasis on dynamics. note that while "post-rock is 99% tedium", ...And Stars Collide prove "there's still plenty to be done with that 1%".

Having recently self-financed their debut record in the form of a half-hour EP, the band are now seeking opportunities to promote the release through live performances, compilation appearances and press coverage. Though the band may draw inspiration from the delicate tones and textures of artists like Explosions In The Sky, a wide range of influences converges to create a sound wholly their own. Never afraid to throw in a power chord to add to the impact of a crescendo, "Your Winter and Night Spent in Disguise" sends a subtle nod to the post-metal world of Isis, while "Every Step Takes Me Further From Home (Part II)" draws on the energy of 65daysofstatic.

Following successful local shows with the likes of Ocean Bottom Nightmare and All The Empires Of The World, ...And Stars Collide are keen to bring their stirring live sound to a wider audience.

Official Site
Buy from the band or CDBaby
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Album: Cinekod - People Change Things Change, You Re Never Gonna Be The Same For Me

Band: Cinekod
Album: People Change Things Change, You Re Never Gonna Be The Same For Me
Label: Guillotine sound
Year: 2008

01. Thoughts
02. Victims
03. Why Not
04. Levitate
05. Rebirth
06. Almost Dead
07. Cry
08. There Is Love Tomorrow
09. Too Many Words In A Wrong Time
Download (pw:

Cinekod were formed on 2006 as musical quartet by Emil (guitars), Chris (bass), Peter (drums) and john (vocals).

Under this form they recorded their first demo and after a while they separated due to disagreements.

Chris and Emil kept on playing and writing music. While searching for drummer, in autumn of 2007, they met Seraphim and as a musical trio, without vocals anymore, they recorded new demo and at the same time they started their live performances.

In February of 2008 they started recording their first official music work and they continued their appearances in different places in Athens, shaping their style that belongs to the wider field of post rock and psychedelia.

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Album: Mammoth - Mammoth EP

Band: Mammoth
Album: Mammoth EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009


03.Black Tide
05.Two Weeks
Download (pw:

Following in the footsteps of world renowned post-metal/post-rock acts such as Isis, Jakob and Cult of Luna, Mammoth’s debut EP presents five tracks, all epic in scope and clocking in at just over 34 minutes. The debut release is a pledge to the band’s ability to fluently shift from atmospheric haunting passages into crushing rhythmic sections, while sparse yet soaring vocals deliver insights into, and reflections of, our pale existence.

Mammoth first formed in late 2006 with the current line-up coming together in October 2008. The EP is a culmination of two years hard work and dedication. Further writing is already underway with the goal of releasing a full length album in 2010. Future material will build on the ideas present in the EP and evolve the sound of Mammoth further in all aspects.

A crushing debut EP for the New Zealanders, Mammoth, with beautiful riffs and vocals. We are impatient for the full length album and crossing our fingers for a European tour.

We would like to thank the band for their interest to post their album on our blog. Good luck guys and keep it up!

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Album: Teeth Of The Sea - Orphaned By The Ocean

Band: Teeth Of The Sea
Album: Orphaned By The Ocean
Label: Rocket Recordings
Year: 2009

01. Only Fools On Horse
02. Latin Inches
03. Coraniaid
04. Swear Blind The Alsatians Melting
05. Dreadnought
06. Knees Like Knives
07. Sentimental Journey
Download (pw:

In a time before Teeth of the Sea, there was JAWS. A mythical beast that existed chiefly in its members’ imaginations, it was to be the ultimate incandescent and unsavoury aural burnout; a bracing, no-rules tarpit of abjection and intrigue. Then they actually had a band practice, and found that instead it sounded like an inept, drumloop-driven racket.

Only mildly disheartened, the band lay dormant until a decidedly blurry, in-the-red evening at a show in one of the murkier quarters of the metropolis, when its entourage were excited enough in their addled state to forge a master plan once again: Their mission: to stand atop the scrapheap of modern avant-rock like some wayward, drunken colossus. Armed with freedom of intent, irreverence and sheer hedonistic spirit, they would banish the legions of laptop-tapping timewasters and po-faced noisemongers that habitually blighted their evenings out, forever. Then they actually had some band practices, and were pleasantly surprised to find that what emerged from the new lineup was a turbulent, fiery and atmospheric instrumental brew that encompassed searing cosmic psychedelia, melodramatic giallo soundscapes, mariachi melancholia and kraut-tinged droning occultism.

This band hence metamorphosised into Teeth of the Sea. Two years and more have now passed since that fateful night, and though their sound has blossomed into the expansive, evocative and electrifying elixir you’ll hear on their Rocket Recordings debut Orphaned by the Ocean, their modus operandi remains exactly the same: To forge onward irrespective of genre, fashion and occasionally common sense. To have no agenda save what thrills them at any given moment. And to place reckless oblivion as the ideal destination for their quest. Orphaned by the Ocean, a far-reaching travelogue boasting an embarrassment of riches in texture, atmosphere and bloody-minded amplified overload, is nonetheless merely the first stop along the way.


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