Friday, February 27, 2009

Album: Coffin Dancer - Pax Romana (EP-Reissue)

Band: Coffin Dancer
Album: Pax Romana (Reissue)
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2007


01. Revolt Of The Proletariat
02. Another March To Calvary
03. Auto Da Fe
04. The Roman Peace

Coffin Dancer in it's short life has somehow survived multiple lineup changes and other adversities commonly plaguing bands of it's ilk. Since it's inception the band seems to trip on a stone just as its catching the next foothold on the climb up to establish itself as a tangible musical unit. However its through this adversity that it has found the will, or just sheer stubborness to overcome such shortfalls. They seek to be an always progressing and never stagnant band.


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