Friday, February 20, 2009

Album: Heirs - Demo

Band: Heirs
Album: Demo
Label: Self-released
Year: 2007


01. Mockery
02. Cabal
03. The White Swell
04. Russia
Download (pw:

The name Heirs originates from an ideal of "hunting and gathering" musical ideas, and formulating these ideas into an improved version. To write music, without paying some sort of tribute to the artists you are influenced by, seems to feel like a dishonest practice. The name stands as a metaphor, to be the Heirs of a musical history and to expand on this, becoming a part of this history.

Heirs began as a solo project by Damian Coward in late 2006, founded by a importunity to create a personal sound and direction. Four tracks were recorded and mixed by Coward himself, and received praise from peers due to its dark, brooding nature and lengthy bouts of density. Heirs expanded it's lineup during 2008 and currently consists of Brent Stegeman and Ian Jackson on guitars, Laura Bradfield on bass and Coward on drums.

Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his Swans legacy, the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of Godflesh, and continuing Stegeman's incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers Whitehorse, Heirs debut album strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting. A lurching drugged-out specter - holding solace in one hand, and vengeance in the other.

The four tracks in this demo will be part oh the band's debut album "Alchera" which will be released 18 May 2009 on Denovali Records (Europe/US - CD/LP) and Exotic Corpse Records (Australia - CD)


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