Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Album: Riding Panico - Self Titled

Artist: Riding Panico
Album: Self Titled
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01.I See Nineteen
03.Halibute Persona

Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction.' The intricate arbitrariness of the city has brought together the lives of six persons who have committed themselves to defeat static and inertia through music. Riding Panico builds electric landscapes suffused with tragedy and laughter. Their universe is one of high musical density where melancholic textures, dissonant gestures and layers of guitar loops work together to blur the lines of their own identity. Their sound invites you to ride through this lush atmosphere of stillness and motion. The storm is you.


8 Engineers:

nuno from portugal said...

ohhh i see you go and check riding panico...theyre great

PORTUGAL have some awesome bands coming out if you need some more just ask

ps: i was the guy who wrote on the chatbox the name of the band

Saf o))) said...

Cool thanx for the tip ;)

DZGN™ said...

HAHAHAH! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! I know some guys from the band.. they are on studio now.. it will be great i can tell you that ;)

DZGN™ said...

By the way this only contains 3 tracks.. and not 4 as mentioned.

Carlos Eduardo said...
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P1n7o said...

The thing is they have two demo CDs the first released in 2006 had 3 songs (i see nineteen, formula, street walkers... slightly different versions of the 1st two songs ) is the one with the cover you have here.
The second, named "ep" has these 4 songs... the cover is wrong though, you can see the real one at their myspace..
Anyway... good to see these guys here, they really deserve it...

Destroyer said...

They've got their first album coming up. It's due march and I can tell you it's fucking amazing. It was mixed by Chris Common of These Arms Are Snakes and mastered in the States as well.

nuno))) from pt said...

p1n7o vais ao roadburn nao vais?

Also check