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Album: Silversun Pickups - Swoon

Band: Silversun Pickups
Album: Swoon
Label: Dangerbird Records
Year: 2009

01.There's No Secrets This Year
02.The Royal We
03.Growing Old Is Getting Old
04.It's Nice To Know You Work Alone
05.Panic Switch
07.Sort Of
09.Catch and Release
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Silversun Pickups are an American alternative/shoegazing band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2005. The band consists of Brian Aubert (vocals, guitar), Nikki Monninger (vocals, bass), Joe Lester (keyboards) and Christopher Guanlao (drums). The band members are friends who had played together previously or in mutual friends’ bands. The band is signed to Dangerbird Records. They released their debut EP “Pikul” in July of 2005 and their full length album “Carnavas” was released on July 26, 2006. The band managed two Top 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2007: “Lazy Eye” (#5) and “Well Thought Out Twinkles” (#9).

Silversun Pickups have been compared to The Smashing Pumpkins (possibly due in part to Brian Aubert’s vocal style) and 90’s shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Ride and Slowdive. Silversun Pickups claim they have been heavily influenced by Modest Mouse and The Velvet Underground as well as other lesser known acts.

Their first break came when a friend mailed a boombox demo to CMJ and they were accepted. They got their start in many of the most important L.A. clubs and began to draw a strong following upon the release of the Pikul EP. This culminated in frequent touring, including a co-headlining stint with Viva Voce.

Official Site
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Album: Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light

Band: Long Distance Calling
Album: Avoid The Light
Label: Superball Music
Year: 2009

02.Black Paper Planes
04.I Know You, Stanley Milgram
05.The Nearing Grave (feat. Jonas Renkse from Katatonia)
06.Sundown Highway
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Although we'd almost given up hope, there seems to be a parallel universe away from anaemic supermarket muzak, restless radio formats and short-lived trends after all. There still is music which allows its listeners enough space for unlimited enjoyment, unfolds all its glory on top of lavish arrangements and takes the liberty of celebrating sounds and harmonic sequences in the elaborateness they deserve. This music is available here and now, thanks to Long Distance Calling, a five-piece from Germany's Münster region. Their second album, Avoid The Light, will be out on 24 April 2009 on Superball Music and promises everything you find yourself looking for without avail in most contemporary bands: an immediate coexistence of depth and exaltation, melancholia and joie de vivre, great gestures and small peculiarities. And somehow there's so much more to discover in Long Distance Calling's music: Avoid The Light opens a big gate which you step through to find a great diversity of moods and atmospheres. The basics consist of instrumental guitar rock with an ambient flavour, an oscillation of psychedelic and progressive rock elements. At the same time, Avoid The Light is an album which requires few words to communicate a lot. Should we call it post rock? Or perhaps new art rock? The label is irrelevant, it's the content that matters.

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Band: Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp, an instrumental, avant-prog metal, one-man project hailing from the Columbus, Ohio and as he states:
"It costs me absolutely nothing to create the music. Zero dollars. I record all the guitars and bass straight into my laptop and program the drums using this one sequencing program, then I mix and master everything myself. The only thing that costs money are guitar strings, but I have a full-time job
so it’s no big deal. If you paid money for this you're a sucker. Headphones or very loud speakers are required, drugs are optional."

Band: Cloudkicker
Album: The Discovery
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.Genesis Device
04.Everything's Mirrors
07.The Discovery

Band: Cloudkicker
Album: The Map Is Not The Territory EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01.Hold On
02.Tip Your Van Driver
04.The Map Is Not The Territory
05.Ever Thus To Deadbeats

Cloudkicker's Myspace

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Album: En Plein Air - L'alba Irradia L'inutile Parola (EP)

Band: En Plein Air
Album: L'alba Irradia L'inutile Parola (EP)
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2009

01. L'alba
02. Irradia
03. L'inutile
04. Parola
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Violin and cello brings you to the ocean of nostalgia and melancholia, lovely guitar melodies are the dolphins swimming with you; but it doesn’t mean that you may face chaotic storms with guitars and drums gone crazy. It is En Plein Air from Rome, Italy we are talking about. Their music can find a place in the genre of post-rock but when you listen to them, you realize how their classical and jazz influences affect their music. Their live performances both in their country and abroad are said to be pleasing. A magazine calls watching them live “smells like the wood of the ancient instruments projected into the future”. One more interesting detail: They are the first group in Europe to play live for virtual pub of the game 2nd Life.

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Album: Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - A Picture Of A Picture

Band: Aidan Baker & thisquietramy
Album: A Picture Of A Picture
Label: Killer Pimp Music
Year: 2009

01.Imagistic Continuity
02.Loss Of Perspective
03.Negative Space
04.Horizon Line
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Their first studio collaboration was the Orange EP which came out as a limited edition of 200 orange CDRs on thisquietarmy's own imprint. The tracks were recorded separately from their home, sent back and forth via postmail for months, and finally mixed and edited by Eric Quach. The release was quickly sold out, much to the dismay of the largely reputed Aquarius Records store who kept asking for more after having sold a large part of the run in a very short matter of time.

For their first full-length album, Baker & Quach have decided to do things differently by setting a simple rule beforehand: the record was to be played and recorded live together, adding a very minimal amount of overdubs if not any. The recording session took place in the fall of 2007, in Quach's own home studio TQA-HQ in Montreal. Because of their very busy schedule, it took about a year before the two artists decided to get together to work on these tracks again. This time, Baker finalized the mixes in his home studio, resulting again in four long movements, clocking at around an hour's length. Instead of the overall terror-ambient feel of their first collaboration, the first two tracks actually find both guitarists exploring the brighter side of their spectrum, evoking the hope and the beauty represented in Christy Romanick's photographs that were again used for the artwork, in conjunction with Quach's sketches.

Preorder  "A Picture Of A Picture" from thisquietarmy records or Killer Pimp Music

Aidan Baker

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Album: If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky

Band: If These Trees Could Talk
Album: Above The Earth, Below The Sky
Label: N/A
Year: 2009


01.From Roots To Needles
02.What's In The Ground Belongs To You
03.Terra Incognita
04.Above The Earth
05.Below The Sky
06.The Sun Is In The North
07.Thirty-Six Silos
08.The Flames Of Herostratus
09.Rebuilding The Temple Of Artemis
10.Deus Ex Machina

If These Trees Could Talk return with their long awaited full length album “Above the Earth, Below the Sky.” Recorded during the summer of 2008 under the watchful eye of Tim Gerak (6P7), the album is a dark emotional journey that picks up where the debut E.P. left off.

With the roots of the album firmly planted within the industrial boomtown of Akron, Ohio, the Trees have made every effort to evoke the desperation and triumph felt by a city in despair and rebirth. Utilizing a dynamic range of auditory explorations fluctuating from delicate to deafening the Trees have once again provided their listeners a primed and ready canvas upon which they may paint their own visions of chaos and serenity. The types of images only seen when our eyes are closed or when the true nature of a world operating under insanity and irrationality is exposed.

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Album: Hand Of Fatima - Obake

Band: Hand Of Fatima
Album: Obake
Label: Odio Sonoro / Nooirax Producciones
Year: 2009

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Hand of Fatima was formed in the summer of 2007 in Cadiz, Spain. They play instrumental music in the line of Red Sparowes, Neurosis, and Mogwai. They have a new record called “Obake” It was recorded in 2008 by Pacoloco and John Agnello (Witch, Fu Manchu…) in ODDS studios in Pto. Sta. Maria. They are on a label called Odio Sonoro and Nooirax Producciones. The mastering was done by Alan Douches. They play instrumental music in the line of Red Sparowes, Neurosis, and Mogwai.

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