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Streaming: White Cube - Labyrinth EP

Band: White Cube
Album: Labyrinth EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Corridor I.
02. Escape I.
03. Corridor II.
04. Escape II.
05. Corridor III.
06. Escape III.
07. Labyrinth
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White Cube is a secret side project from the creators of musicformessier and Eensdenkend.

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Video: Wiegedood - Ontzieling

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Streaming: Last Builders Of Empire - Άͅδης | Hades EP

Band: Last Builders Of Empire
Album: Άδης | Hades EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

'Ερεβος (Erebus)
01. Descent of Perithous “Πειρίθου κατάβασις”
02. The Ruler was the Ocean.
Χάρων (Kharon)
03. Clinostat.
Τάρταρος (Tartarus)
04. State of Grace.
05. Further Below Than Heaven Above.
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Last Builders Of Empire is an instrumental rock band consisting of four like-minded musicians, drummer Rich Reed, guitarist Dan Mandino, guitarist Jesse Danger, and bassist Chris Duston. Interested in experimenting with song structures, and sonic textures, each track is the result of an organic and collaborative effort. 

Their first album, Without Remorse, grapples with the selfishness of war that leaves nothing but loss and devastation in its wake. The concept carries throughout the album, inspiring the song titles, artwork, and aggressive sound. The five tracks ebb and flow--ranging from sparse to lush, from explosive to serene, from wounded to euphoric. 

The band’s second album, Post-War, was written as a continuation of the previous album, but moves toward the conclusion of war and continues to journey into the life (or death) thereafter. Inspired in part by a battlefield letter authored by a US Civil War soldier on his deathbed, and by Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, Post-War is a struggle with loss on a personal and conceptual level. The album is arranged into three movements that follow the different stages of the afterlife. With recurring melodies, and themes that grow and change throughout, the album has a cinematic quality to it and has its own story to tell. 

With their new EP Hades, the quartet stretches past the limitations of their instruments to incorporate orchestral arrangements and synth soundscapes. Hades is an exploration in three parts of the mythological ancient Greek underworld; Erebus, Kharon, and Tartarus. The songs attempt to capture a journey through this world, while leaving plenty of room for individual interpretation. Hades also serves as a continuation to the purgatory theme of their previous album, Post-War.


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Streaming: Where The Good Way Lies - Nineteen Fourteen

Band: Where The Good Way Lies
Album: Nineteen Fourteen
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Dusk Gives Way
02. Shadows March
03. A Faint Small Spark
04. Hope Unfolds
05. Restless Slumber
06. Dawn's First Light
07. Reveal the Path
08. Guide Our Feet
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Where The Good Way Lies is the musical project of Fort Collins, CO resident, Vince Rogers and is a unique blend of ambient soundscapes, melodic post-rock, and cinematic composition.

Though dusk gives way to tides of night
And shadows march on fading light
A faint small spark brings forth a glow
To remind the faithful that hope unfolds
And as we settle into restless slumber
Dawn's first light reaches down to comfort
To reveal the path and grace the sky
And Guide Our Feet to Where the Good Way Lies

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EP: Tellus Effluentia - Physical, Emotional, Temporal

Band: Tellus Effluentia
Album: Physical, Emotional, Temporal EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. Impassable
02. Intangible
03. Irretrievable

Tellus: earth/land/mother.
Effluentia: outpouring/escaping/passing away.

Tellus Effluentia is a post-hardcore / metal, sludge band from Norwich, UK.
For fans of Amenra.

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Video: Féroces - Sometimes (Jamais On Ne Nous Dit Ces Choses-là) (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

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Compilation: Various Artists - Hemispheres: Volume I

Band: Various Artists
Album: Hemispheres: Volume I (Side A)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2017

01. Old Solar - Summer Solstice
02. RLYR - Slipstream Summer
03. Au Revoir - Reverie
04. Eupana - The Night The Stars Fell
05. The Great Cold - EOS
06. Malämmar - I
07. Of the Vine - I'm Morrissey, I'm Dead.
08. Spurv - Passacaglia (Fugler Med Ord I Nebbet)
09. Sleeping Bear - Emerged
10. Mountain - Mondo Kane
11. Glories - Bravo Sierra
12. Ranges - Kingdom
13. Caspian - Sad Heart Of Mine
14. Appalaches - Milsai
15. Dayluta Means Kindness - Young Savagery And General Debauchery
16. Shy, Low - Anomic
17. Sad Turtle - Feats Of Strength
18. Atsuko Chiba - Damonsta Titillates

Band: Various Artists
Album: Hemispheres: Volume I (Side B)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2017

01. Build And Release - St Helen pt. 2
02. Meniscus - Overhang
03. Antorchas - Stalingrado Fosa Comun
04. Hélices - BrvdxTripp
05. Kjjjjjjjjj - Grrrrrrrrr
06. Kerretta - Ossein Trail
07. Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun - BERTAHAN *Angelic Version (Jeruji Cover)
08. Mesozoic - The Turtle
09. El Lenguaje Como Obstáculo - Adonis Minos
10. Hashshashin - Levitation
11. Fourteen Nights At Sea - No Capital
12. Sora Shima - And Behold A Pale Horse
13. We Set Sail - Forgotten Shores
14. Kalouv - Da Bravura, Inocência
15. Into Orbit - Unearthing
16. Hello Porkins - Melon Felon
17. blienvesne - Definitivamente Ellos No Son Los Dueños Del Viento
18. Bear The Mammoth - Molly

"We are happy to announce the release of our second compilation entitled "Hemispheres: Volume I". This compilation is comprised of two sides, Side A features 18 bands from the the Northern Hemisphere and Side B features 18 bands from the Southern Hemisphere. Mainly focused on the instrumental genre, this compilation explores the different interpretations of post-rock, post-metal, post-math and a few other genres in between. A big thank you to David Zeidler of Arctic Drones for curating the majority of this project and to Xavi Forné of Error! Design for putting the excellent artwork together." - A Thousand Arms

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Album: Flyingdeadman - 56 Seasons

Band: Flyingdeadman
Album: 56 Seasons
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Abrasive Skins
02. Kathlyn
03. 56 Seasons Between Our Lives
04. A Strange Feeling Last Night
05. Rewind Till We Can Restart Again
06. Your Line

Flyingdeadman is a post-rock band from France.

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Streaming: Anagnorisis - Peripeteia

Band: Anagnorisis
Album: Peripeteia
Label: Vendetta Records
Year: 2016

01. Transparent −
02. Disgust & Remorse, Pt I
03. Disgust & Remorse, Pt II
04. 5306 Morningside
05. Night Skies Over Nothingness
06. Peripeteia
07. Metamorphosis
08. Transparent +
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Based on a Greek phrase for “discovery,” Anagnorisis was founded in 2003 in Louisville, KY. The band has since then released three full-length records and two EPs.The group’s intense live show and impious beliefs have created an aggressive yet intelligent ethos for Anagnorisis, positioning them at the forefront of American black metal.

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Streaming: Dayluta Means Kindsness - When You're Young You're Invincible

Band: Dayluta Means Kindness
Album: When You're Young You're Invincible
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Intro
02. Warzawa
03. When You're Young You're Invincible
04. Segue
05. Fort Lebanon
06. Young Savagery And General Debauchery
07. Outro
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Dayluta Means Kindness is an instrumental post-rock band from Texas. Following Texas' rich heritage with the genre, they encompass beautiful and subtle melodies and waves of amplified guitar that reach large walls of sound. Having no vocalist provides their listeners the opportunity to create their own narratives to what the songs mean to them and is seen as an advantage to the band. The band formed from very modest aspirations to a collective unit that has dedicated itself to perform lively and energetic shows. The band has shared the stage with mostly touring packages since its inception; having shared a stage with their contemporaries in Caddywhompus, Aviator, Rescuer, Boyfrndz, and Future Death. The band released their demo 'The Ground is Lava' and the music video for the demo's namesake, also entitled 'The Ground is Lava' on December 9th 2014.

January 2015 also lead to the addition of a third guitarist making the band a powerhouse of audible ambient and rock textures. The group, now feeling complete, released a full length album in January 2017.

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Video: Le Seul Elément - U V E R

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Streaming: Glasgow Coma Scale - Enter Oblivion

Band: Glasgow Coma Scale
Album: Enter Oblivion
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2016

01. Sonda
02. Southern Crosses
03. Northern Wastes
04. Venice Calling
05. Ghost Not Found
06. Silent Bird
07. Birthland
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Glasgow Coma Scale was formed in February 2011 by Piotr and Marek Kowalski. The two brothers and trained classical musicians lived their lives between Krakow/Poland, where they were born and Barcelona/Spain, finally settling in Frankfurt /Germany. However, they never got the chance to play together in the same band. Along with the drummer Helmes Bode, the idea has now come full circle. If the Kowalskis are the “head” and “heart” of the group, then Bode delivers pumping blood and a dense connective tissue.

Glasgow Coma Scale is named after a neurological method that helps to assess the status of the central nervous system and classify the patient’s state of disorder. For those who want to know if the coma therapy really works, go and listen to their new record. If you are into psychedelic rock, the new album will expand your universe since it takes the music of the first EP“Apophenia” to an even further level. “Enter Oblivion” released via Fluttery Records in December 2016.

It took quite a long time to put all the pieces together and finally record this album. It contains of new and old songs equally.For instance, the last song on the record, called Birthland is the first song ever written, while the opener Sonda is the band’s latest creation.

Why Enter Oblivion? Have you ever heard of people having their best ideas, just before they fall asleep? This is how lots of ideas on this record were born. Mostly, it was the question of catching the idea by singing it into for example a voice recorder or a mobile before entering the oblivion. So, in case of Glasgow Coma Scale, this very moment is crucial if it comes to generating ideas. You catch it and transfer it later into your songs, or you did not manage to stay awake and lose it. It is that simple.

The song Southern Crosses was written in a rehearsal room in in the German capital Berlin while the band was touring. The special thing about the rehearsal room was its location – that was in the midst of an old cemetery. Surrounded by crosses on the one hand side and being close to a railway station called “Südkreuz” (South Cross) on the other hand, finding the song title was an easy decision.

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