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Album: The Hope Avenue - Braille (EP)

Band: The Hope Avenue
Album: Braille EP
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008


01. Domino's
02. Caugth in a Dreamer's Reality
03. Jasmine
04. Life on Casette
05. March

The Hope Avenue were an experimental three piece band from Cornwall. They stopped making music in 2008. The band consisted of Craig Broad, who is meanwhile playing with Anon, They Move (bass), Dave Watson (guitars) and Jonny Hipgrave (programming)

They had two releases, “Braille” [2008] and “Journey’s End” [demo, 2007]. For the fans of 65daysofstatic....
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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone and your families!!!!!
....and some good presents :)
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Album: Vanessa Van Basten - Psygnosis (EP)

Band: Vamessa Van Basten
Album: Psygnosis (EP)
Label: ConSouling Sounds
Year: 2009

01.Tutto Avanti All'indietro
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Two years after the critically acclaimed "La Stanza di Swedenborg: Vanessa Van Basten returns with two brand new epic tracks collected on this beautiful EP, which was written by all band members.

This Italian heavy post-rock ensemble don't constrict themselves to the laws of The Great Postrock Bible. In stead they blend in psychedelica, ambient influences, metal and shoegaze to result in a unique musical experience.
Dreamlike and cinematographic sounds collide with heavy and dark sonic assaults: the music is incredibly crafted and reveals more of its intrinsic beauty every time it is played.

Vanessa Van Basten has kept their lo-fi attitude as the tracks were recorded in the rehearsal room and at home with the aid of a technician and feature a human drummer (no more drum computer this time) that has toured with the band in the past.

The EP comes in an oversized folded cover with a sixteen page booklet inserted and is strictly limited to 500 copies.



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Album: Moving Mountains - Foreword (EP)

Band: Moving Mountains
Album: Foreword (EP)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

02.With One's Heart In One's Mouth
04.Lights & Shapes

Moving Mountains is a New York-based indie rock band. Combining emotional vocals with elements of post-rock, the band has often been compared to such acts as The Appleseed Cast and Thrice.

The band was formed in Westchester, New York in 2005 by Gregory Dunn (guitar/vocals) and Nicholas Pizzolato (drums). A self-titled demo EP was leaked to the public in early 2006 and their debut album "Pneuma" was released independently in early 2007. Later that year, Frank Graniero (guitar/vocals) and Mitchell Lee (bass) completed the band’s line-up. In 2008, "Pneuma" was reissued by Deep Elm.

After much delay, a new Moving Mountains EP entitled "Foreword" is planned for release in Fall 2008.

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Album: Beware Of Safety - Dogs

Band: Beware Of Safety
Album: Dogs
Label: The Mylene Sheath
Year: 2008

01. Nu Metal
02. The Supposed Common
03. Step or Stone
04. Hexa
05. Circa
06. Dogs
07. Yards and Yards
08. Light of Day
09. The Laughter Died
10. Raingarden

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Beware Of Safety is an instrumental rock quartet from Los Angeles, California. The group released its new album, “Dogs” in November 2008.

Those who enjoy their instrumental rock to emphasize the "rock" should take note of Beware of Safety. This quartet out of Los Angeles concocts an explosive creation that leaves no prisoners. And while the music is loud, noisey, and aggressive, the band really shines in the post-trauma aftermath, showcasing a more sophisticated side that really speaks towards the band's natural talent and understanding of its art.
- The Silent Ballet

Official Site
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Video: Isis - Not In Rivers But In Drops

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