Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Album: Beware Of Safety - Dogs

Band: Beware Of Safety
Album: Dogs
Label: The Mylene Sheath
Year: 2008

01. Nu Metal
02. The Supposed Common
03. Step or Stone
04. Hexa
05. Circa
06. Dogs
07. Yards and Yards
08. Light of Day
09. The Laughter Died
10. Raingarden

Download (pw: http://post-engineering.blogspot.com/)

Beware Of Safety is an instrumental rock quartet from Los Angeles, California. The group released its new album, “Dogs” in November 2008.

Those who enjoy their instrumental rock to emphasize the "rock" should take note of Beware of Safety. This quartet out of Los Angeles concocts an explosive creation that leaves no prisoners. And while the music is loud, noisey, and aggressive, the band really shines in the post-trauma aftermath, showcasing a more sophisticated side that really speaks towards the band's natural talent and understanding of its art.
- The Silent Ballet

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