Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Album: Misuse - April

Band: Misuse
Album: April
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Marsupial Part I
02. Marsupial Part II
03. 8 Part I
04. 8 Part II
05. Dear Hunter Part I
06. Dear Hunter Part II
07. Bela Part I
08. Bela Part II
09. Techtris Part I
10. Techtris Part II

Athens-based Misuse were formed in 2001. Soon after, they record their first demo and start performing live in various venues around Greece.

In 2007, after a few line-up changes, the band produces its first (self-titled) studio album. The debut is mainly rooted to guitar driven rock forms, alongside piano/keys and strings arrangements. It gets released in March 2008 by Puzzlemusik Records and Spinalonga Records.

In the following months the band performs live around Greece, along many big names of the worldwide post-rock scene such as Mogwai, who personally keep choosing the band for opening their shows in Greece, Silver Mount Zion, Crippled Black Phoenix, Piano Magic and others.

In their shows they have often collaborated with visual artists such as Hope, some tracks have been choreographed and others have been featured in shows and documentaries in Greek Television.

Mid 2011 finds the band in the studio producing their second album ("April"). The acquirement and addition of new equipment, mostly modern electronic devices (such as iOS applications, samplers and sequencers), leads the band to new ways of composing, experimenting with new textures and styles, thus, to a new sound approach.

Despite the depressing and uncertain atmosphere in Greece, Misuse always harbor the will to remain creative, influenced but not damaged, ready to communicate their work anywhere possible, through live shows and releases.

Misuse are:
Dimitris Patsaros - guitar, programming
Costas Stergiou - keys, piano, programming
Stavros Maragkos - bass
Leuteris Volanis - guitar
Nikos Dimitrakakos (nid) - drums, programming

2 Engineers:

Balidor said...

Τα τσίμπησα κι εγώ προχθές μετά το liveακι...

Μπράβο στην μπάντα !!!

Nordsee said...

Nai i alitheia einai oti mou aresan perissotero apo oti tha perimena! :) Poly kaloi! An kai se mas paixane ligotero :/

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