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Band: J.Allen

I know this blog, is mostly about post-rock and instrumental music, but I got this promo CD from a greek band called J.Allen, and I thought I had to do a review about it.

J.Allen is a post-grunge/progressive band with beautiful riffs and successions in melodies in their tracks. Their sound is colorfull and powerfull as they mix heavyness with melody. They are coming form Leivadia, Greece and nowadays all 3 members are living in Athens due to their studies.

The band consists from:
*Anestis Dumas : bass, backing vocals
*Akis Papavasileiou : guitar, vocals
*Marios Skaltsas : drums

After a long time of boredom they finally recorded a 10 track album. They recorded the vocals in Echotron Studio (Athens) and all other instruments in their home . The production is really awesome, if you think about the circumstances.

The band has perfomed live in Athens and Thessaloniki (e.g.Rodeo, Athens - Mylos, Thessaloniki) many times and they have builted quite a popular name amongst greek bands.

Their influences are: Tool, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Isis, R.A.T.M., Nirvana, Muse and other.

*J.Allen - tHE cHAIR oF sIGMUND fREUD (promo)

A nice old-school grunge intro, which builts into a monster, until the outro which is a drifty melody (one of my favorite part) and leaves the audience with a nice feedback. The vocals are powerful enough and crashes you down from time to time.

2.We Can Act
A nice builted song which has a heavy sound, but at the same time creates emotions and easy sounds.

A nice quite song, with heavy chorus. The lyrics describe the weakness of a man into infatuation.

4.Marry Me
An ironic track about romanticism with fast riffs, for those who have acquired everything from their lifes.

(Songs writen by: A.Dumas & A.Papavasileiou Produced by: J.Allen)

Hearing this demo, we believe that this band have many possibilities.
Bands like J.Allen could have more opportunities outside Greece, but we hope that some greek label would sign them and prove us wrong.

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