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Album: Since (Time) - Entropiate

Band: Since (Time)
Album: Entropiate
Venerate Industries
Year: 2008

01. Introverse
02. Two Questions and three Complaints
03. 3am_1000 thoughts_min
04. Please Light, Clarify Yourself for Me
05. Through That Dark Cloud Came Our Redemption
06. Horizon's Exode

Band Members:
Stefanos A. : Guitar
Agis M. : Guitar
Nikos X. : Bass
Konstantinos K. : Drums

Since (Time) are a greek post rock / instrumental band. They started in Athens in 2003 and have since recorded a demo in 2005 and played in several gigs including supporting acts at the latest Red Sparowes & Intronaut gigs. Their debut album has been released - mixed and produced by Stam (Mencea , 210studios) - , by Venerate Industries.

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Album: Followed By Ghosts - Dear Monsters, Be Patient

Band: Followed By Ghosts
Album: Dear Monsters, Be Patient
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.5:52 AM
02.Dear Monsters,
04.Showdown At High Noon
05.Discussion Among Men
06.All Is Lost
07.Be Patient.

Daniel Payne - Guitars
David Maixner - Drums
Kyle Miller - Guitar
Jordan Bancroft-Smithe - Bass

Originally uploaded from the band it self, as they wanted some feedback for their new album and as it would be leaked either way, the second album of Followed By Ghosts is an astonishing sample of post-rock.
Followed By Ghosts is an instrumental band from the heartland. Drawing influences from post-rock gods Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Explosions In The Sky, they have created their own melodic brand of instrumental guitar rock.
"Dear Monsters, Be Patient" is probably one of the best releases for 2008 and is highly recommended for all post-rock fans.
If you like it, please support the band by buying this album or by going to their gigs.

Buy: Not available yet, but it will be released in late June and will be available through CDBaby.
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Album: Swallow The Ocean - Swallow The Ocean

Band: Swallow The Ocean
Album: Swallow The Ocean
Label: Forgotten Empire Records
Year: 2008

01. Sirens Mourning
02. Amphibian
03. Dancing Upon A Sunken Vessel
04. Latitude
05. Archive
06. Hands Folded, Eyes To The Sky
07. Sink Or Swim
08. It's Safe To Sleep Now

From the ashes of many former bands (The Rescue, Ivo Shandor, Through the Discord, When Dreams Die, and Killsport), Swallow The Ocean has formed with the mission to write and play the music that they love. From a calm dark melody to an exploding sonic groove.
Wall-of-sound style post-hardcore — the kind of stuff that would make you want to sit back and drift away if there wasn’t a 200-pound dude in your face screaming at you. Heavily influenced by the modal textures and ocean themes of groups like Isis, Cult Of Luna etc…This EP is stands out from beginning to end!

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Album: Torch The Bridge - Collection of Thoughts

Band: Torch The Bridge
Album: Collection of Thoughts
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Before
02. Swept Away, Born Again
03. Collection Of Thoughts
04. This Is Love
05. Sleep
06. Leslie And The Machine
07. Benevolence
08. After


Torch the Bridge is a one-man instrumental project, capturing from many different progressive and post-rock elements. The project was created by Chris Matthews, a twenty year old guitarist from Memphis, TN. After collecting a few pieces of equipment, he began to record the guitar and bass tracks for a lengthy instrumental song entitled “Masquerade”. Originally split into two parts, this song attracted many people to the music, and left them wanting to hear more.

Throughout the year of 2006, Chris redefined his sound and continued to explore recording techniques until he found a muddy distorted sound that satisfied him. After multiple songs were put together, he decided he would create an album for his project. Vigorously recording the new seven tracks within the following months, he finally released his first album, “Emerald Dreams”, on the internet. Torch the Bridge was gaining popularity through websites like Myspace, allowing users to download all of the songs for free.
In March, 2007, he released a new EP entitled “Affliction” which is just a collection of instrumentals.
As of May 18th,2008, released Collection Of Thoughts, his third long awaited album. Torch the Bridge was messing around with different tones for about a year and finally made the eight songs that make the album worht listening to.
Feel free to comment or message Torch the Bridge to let him know what you think about his music.

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Album: Between The Screams - Embryo EP

Band: Between The Screams
Album: Embryo EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

05.Time (The Undoing)

Drawing on a wide range of influences, from post-rock to progressive metal to electronica, Between The Screams have seamlessly blend ambient, sprawling electronics with atmospheric experimental metal.

Like Mahumodo battling Deftones with the crème of the British progressive metal scene refereeing, Southend’s Between the Screams have spent the last year honing a sound as cinematic and expansive as it is heavy. Shows supporting the likes of Devil sold his soul, Latitudes, Humanfly, Astrohenge and Atlantis have seen the band gain favourable reviews in press such as Rocksound and airtime on the Radio1 Rock show. A Rocksound/KBY show at Camden’s Barfly in December 07 set the band up perfectly for the year ahead, gaining them a 9/10 live review and KBY Band of the month. In early 08 the debut ‘Embryo’ was completed with ‘Mark Williams’ (DSHS, *shels, Mahumodo, Sikth) at Criterion/Battery Studios in London, following on from this BTS will record their debut album in September this year with Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul manning the desk.

It is hoped the cerebral, off kilter structures, combined with ambient electronic passages, crunching heaviness and soaring melodies will make a welcome, and needed impact on a music scene engulfed by underwhelming, underperforming emo or hardcore bands eager for fame.

*Thanx to Terry from Between The Screams for sending me this demo and the band for supporting this blog.

Official Site
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Album: Enemies - Alpha Waves EP

Band: Enemies
Album: Alpha Waves EP
Label: Popular Records
Year: 2008

01.Two Lads
02.A Blind Cocktail
03.Deas X 3
04.For One Night Only
05.Out Of The C

Enemies started a few years back as a solo project by guitarist Eoin Whitfield called "New Man Eoin". In the summer of 2007 he got three other musicians; Lewis Jackson, Oisín McMahon Trench and Mark O'Brien. They became "Enemies" and play relaxing, hypnotic (yet large at parts) music together. They released their debut EP ''Alpha Waves'' in March of this year on Popular Records.

Buy or from Catch The Soap
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Album: Ocoai - Breatherman

Band: Ocoai
Album: Breatherman
Label: Missing Words Records
Year: 2008

01.O Bowen
04.Pour Rever
07.Liberer Le Piano

Formed in the summer of 2006, Ocoai have quickly garnered the praise of their peers as well as a devoted following of fans.
Guitarist (and engineer/producer ) Travis Kammeyer and drummer, Tim Smith met in the small but immensely talented music scene of Johnson City, TN. Upon discovering similar interests, the two formed their first band together, 24 Hour Front Desk in early 2005. After 24HFD dissolved, Kammeyer and Smith wanted to try something different. Kammeyer who had shared guitar and vocal duties in 24HFD, wanted to shift focus from vocals all together. Thus Ocoai was born with one mission: to be the loudest and heaviest band around.
Without a vocalist or for that matter a lyricist, the table was wide open for musical development. To complete the line up, guitarist Joe Armstrong and bassist Bo Dugger were brought on board. The varying musical influences of the individuals serve as a catalyst for developing songs that have a sort of push-and-pull effect on the audience. Ambient guitars swell into crunching riffs while sparse back beat rhythms develop into a tsunami-like driving force, until every accent is pounded into your brain.
After a year and half of playing shows and recording more than an albums worth of songs that were passed amongst friends, shared on social networking sites or self-packaged and sold at shows, Ocoai decided it was time to deliver a proper record. Recording in the winter and spring of 2008, Ocoai would assemble the seven songs that make up their first full-length record, Breatherman (comprising over 50 minutes worth of music).
When seeing Ocoai live, one thing is clear; their mission to be the loudest and heaviest remains but has since expanded to include a desire to deliver a start to finish musical journey thru emotions that are as varied as the band members themselves.

Official Site
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Album: Equus - Eutheria

Band: Equus
Album: Euthoria
Label: Get A Life! Records
Year: 2008

01.Hyracotherium (31:14)
02.Orronn Tugenensis (21:15)
03.Epona (15:20)
Download (thanx to youyouzi1983 for the original link)
Equus, the brand new band related to Get A Life! Records, is a Geneva all stars fourtet featuring members of Brakhage, Chapter, Impure Wilhelmina, Iskander, Seaplane Harbor, Shora, Swoan and Vargas. They deliver a passionate and personal blend of instrumental prog-post-rock, crossing the historical borders between 60’s minimalism,70’s prog rock and the reserved tension you might find in modern hardcore. Their first album has been recorded and mixed with TVO in Geneva and mastered by Bob Weston in Chicago.

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Album: The Fog In The Shell - A Secret North

Band: The Fog In The Shell
Album: A Secret North
Label: Dufresne Records
Year: 2004

01.The River
02.Livings' Dreams Are Deads' Lives
03.A Man Escaped
05.Toward The Crimson Eye
06.I Can Be The Chaos, They Can Be The Structure
(Note: the files are on *.mpc format. If you don't have the plugin download it here.)
(In *.mp3 format converted from *.mpc, for those who can't open the *.mpc files)

Band members: Graziano Barone, Luca Fontaneto, Marco Guizzi, Nicola Zenone, Adriano Fontaneto

The Fog In The Shell mix different elements such post-metal, post-rock, math and noise, like Isis, Neurosis and Clann Zu, dark atmosphere like My Dying Bride, but in several parts also feels the melancholic by Nick Cave and Black Heart Procession.

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Album: My Own Private Alaska - MOPA

Band: My Own Private Alaska
Album: MOPA
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01.Die For Me (If I Say Please)
02.Page Of A Dictionary
03.Ego Zero
04.Kill Me Twice
05.I Am An Island
06.First Steps

T:Piano Y:Drums M:Yelling

A trio that cannot be pigeonholed.
Three sitting musicians.
A pianist. And notes that take you far, far away from all these sacrificed landscapes.
A drummer, striking the beat as if today was the last day to live.
And a singer, condemned to scream without respite his acute romanticism, his sly violence and his desperate nihilism...
Three musicians sitting on a bomb.
If there was an unhappy medium between Danny Elfman, Helmet, Chopin and Will Haven, it would surely be on an iceberg, somewhere in Alaska.

Official Site

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