Thursday, May 29, 2008

Album: Torch The Bridge - Collection of Thoughts

Band: Torch The Bridge
Album: Collection of Thoughts
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Before
02. Swept Away, Born Again
03. Collection Of Thoughts
04. This Is Love
05. Sleep
06. Leslie And The Machine
07. Benevolence
08. After


Torch the Bridge is a one-man instrumental project, capturing from many different progressive and post-rock elements. The project was created by Chris Matthews, a twenty year old guitarist from Memphis, TN. After collecting a few pieces of equipment, he began to record the guitar and bass tracks for a lengthy instrumental song entitled “Masquerade”. Originally split into two parts, this song attracted many people to the music, and left them wanting to hear more.

Throughout the year of 2006, Chris redefined his sound and continued to explore recording techniques until he found a muddy distorted sound that satisfied him. After multiple songs were put together, he decided he would create an album for his project. Vigorously recording the new seven tracks within the following months, he finally released his first album, “Emerald Dreams”, on the internet. Torch the Bridge was gaining popularity through websites like Myspace, allowing users to download all of the songs for free.
In March, 2007, he released a new EP entitled “Affliction” which is just a collection of instrumentals.
As of May 18th,2008, released Collection Of Thoughts, his third long awaited album. Torch the Bridge was messing around with different tones for about a year and finally made the eight songs that make the album worht listening to.
Feel free to comment or message Torch the Bridge to let him know what you think about his music.


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