Thursday, March 30, 2017

Compilation: post-engineered vol.3 (the winter edition)

Band: Various Artists
Album: post-engineered vol.3 (the winter edition)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. BOG - Mére (feat. Josh Wing of Sól) (previously unreleased)
02. Cranial - Towers
03. Suffocate For Fuck Sake - Stina
04. Throane - Un Instant Dans Une Torche
05. Gloson - Cringe
06. Creshna - For All I Know
07. Yanos - II. Denial
08. Allochiria - Counting Fives
09. Sunpocrisy - Eternitarian
10. Anagnorisis - Peripeteia
11. The Osedax - Son Of The Sea
12. Phantom Winter - Black Space
13. Black Table - Helm
14. Echoes Of The Moon - St. Anthony's Fire
15. Latitudes - Body Within A Body
16. The Fifth Alliance - Your Abyss
17. Sól - Transference
18. Postvorta - Set Them On Fire
19. Tellus Effluentia - Irretrievable
20. They Grieve - The Name Of The Void
21. Anomalie - Vision VII: One With The Soil (feat. Heike Langhans of Draconian)
22. Show Me A Dinosaur - Wojna
23. Raum Kingdom - Grace
24. Thurm - Modern Slavery Exists
25. Hvøsch - Tetiva (Chapter I)
Download from Bandcamp | Google Drive: mp3 / flac | Mega: mp3 / flac

Artwork by our long time blog partner Kapiller Ferenc.
You can see more of his work here:
Official Site

25 tracks and 1 more to be added next week, with a running time of 4 hours of pure black and post-metal! The compilation went a bit heavy this time!
I want to thank all the bands who participated in this and their labels for giving permission to use the tracks and their patience! Enjoy and share!  

If you need a code to add this to your bandcamp collection just ask :)

10 Engineers:

InfinityPotato said...

Free download limit has ended :(

Glitch Veil said...

Sounds really really cool, can I ask for a code?

post-engineering said...

@Michal you can always download it for free from the other links (google drive & and you can also ask for a code :)

Gary Davidson said...
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Russell Emerson Hall said...

Can you post links to the bands. Three songs in and I need to find more from some of these bands. For example, searching "bog band greece metal" turns up nothing of use.

Russell Emerson Hall said...

Oh nevermind, they're from Austria. LOL
Carry on.

post-engineering said...

@Gary: please send me an email or a direct message on the fb page or twitter so I can send you a code :)

@Russell: If you need any info on any of the bands I would be glad to help.

Anonymous said...

What email address do we contact to get a download code?

Russell Emerson Hall said...

Pretty enamored with BOG. Will be checking out more of their stuff. Thanks for this awesome comp. I've been sharing with a bunch of friends.

post-engineering said...

You can send an email to:

Also check