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Album: Amenra - Afterlife

Band: Amenra
Album: Afterlife
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009

01. The Dying Of Light
02. Wear My Crown
03. To Go On.: And Live With. Out.
04. :.No Og Ot .Htiw Evil Dna .Tuo
05. Nworc Ym Raew
06. Thgil Fo Gniyd Eht

Afterlife is an EP, in which, Amenra, are experimenting with acoustic guitars, clean voices and ambient sounds.

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Album: Képzelt Város - Mit Nekem

Band: Képzelt Város
Album: Mit Nekem
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009


01. Sol
02. D2
03. Papírhajó
04. Zuhanó
05. Sergei6
06. White Noise
07. Hercules

Képzelt Város is a hungarian alternative, experimental, indie, post-rock band, which formed in Budapest in 2005 by four architects. Current members: Gyöngyi Barta, Gergely Oláh, Márton Miskolczi, Szabolcs Kóródi, Máté Győrffy, Dávid Galbicsek. Mit Nekem is the band's first full release. Last year Képzelt Város had released an ep called Csend Utca.

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Compilation: Neurosounds Vol.II: Clouds From The Earth

Neurosounds Vol.II: Cloudss From The Earth is the second online compilation about the italian post scene made by

01. The Orange Man Theory “On The Dartboard” (3:36)
02. Incoming Cerebral Overdrive “Magic” (6:32)
03. Bleed Someone Dry “Subject” (3:59)
04. Beyond The Storm “Dark Sun Dawn” (4:39)
05. Inferno “The Year Of The Dingo” (3:07)
06. Slaiver “Lover Tell Me It’s Over” (4:34)
07. Vibratacore “Behind This Rapture” (4:38)
08. Cubre “Half Man” (4:07)
09. Psychofagist “Nouvelle De Spasticitè & èpilepsie” (3:15)
10.Tears|Before “Thousand Dog Days” (3:32)
11. Hungry Like Rakovitz “Why?” (1:00)
12. Slowdown “People’s Widespread Grief” (2:27)
13. Bleeding Eyes “33 Papers Left” (2:41)
14. Stalker “Pollyanna” (7:16)
15. Last Minute To Jaffna “Chapter X” (12:07)
16. Amia Venera Landscape “Nicholas” (8:45)
17. A Cold Dead Body “Loss” (3:03)

01. Three Steps To The Ocean “Remember Lynne Cox” (8:57)
02. One Starving Day “An Evil Light” (7:10)
03. Marnero “Trebisonda” (6:59)
04. Lucertulas “Roulette” (1:50)
05. Putiferio “Aristocatastrophism” (2:08)
06. Lleroy “Debbie Suicide” (3:02)
07. Donkey Breeder “Five Quarter Collapse” (5:16)
08. L’Alba di Morrigan “Snowstorm” (4:28)
09. Zippo “Ask Yourself A Question” (5:31)
10. At The Soundawn “Slight Variations” (4:46)
11. Mondrian Oak “Monolith” (5:29)
12. Dyskinesia “Dalla Nascita” (7:10)
13. Up There: The Clouds “The Last Glimpse Of Hope In My Eyes" (6:00)
14. A New Silent Corporation “Wotgg” (9:50)

Full artwork for the compilation here.

Once again thanx to Edvard from Neurosounds.
Special thanks to all the bands involved in this project and to all the relative record labels for giving their permission.

Check Neurosounds Vol.1: Stones From The Sky here.
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Album: Satory - The Japanese Beast EP

Band: Satory
Album: The Japanese Beast EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. The Heliums Edge
02. Dorsal Fin
03. The Japanese Beast
04. 786 (Part 1)
Download multiupload | bandcamp

Satory is a Japanese term for "enlightenment." The word literally means "understanding." Satory translates as a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and enlightenment can be simultaneously considered "the first step" or embarkation toward nirvana. Satory is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience. Satory is as well an intuitive experience and has been described as being similar to awakening one day with an additional pair of arms, and only later learning how to use them.
Satory is used to refer to a "deep" or lasting realization of the nature of existence. Satory does not actually happen to an individual, rather it is a realization out of all concepts including the individual.

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Album: Mountains Among Us - True North

Band: Mountains Among Us
Album: True North
Label: A Clearer Sky
Year: 2009

01. Weight Of One
02. Polaris
03. Magnetic North
04. Dissonance
05. Maker
06. Celestial North (Reach)
07. True North (Event Horizon)

Mountains Among Us (formerly From Oceans To Autumn) was formed in 2006. Featuring current and ex-members of Bled For Days, Equanimity and Beneath Shattered Skies. Previously releasing a full length "Calmed By The Tide" in 2007 and a split w/ Fire On The Horizon in mid 2008, Mountains Among Us will release their new full length do out in mid 2009 on A Clearer Sky Recrdings.

The long awaited 3rd release from sludge metal giants Mountains Among Us. Atmospheric, sludge metal at it's best! 8 tracks of celestial, atmospheric, majestic heaviness.

On "True North" Mountains Among Us showcases their unique ability to blend celestial atmospheres with doom laden sludge metal. 8 brand new songs in an album that peaks at almost 70 minutes! Heavy layered guitars over a washed out seabed of distorted guitar tones alongside pounding drums and thick bass.

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Album: Jodis - Secret House

Band: Jodis
Album: Secret House
Label: Hydrahead
Year: 2009

01. Ascent
02. Continents
03. Secret House
04. Follow The Dogs
05. Little Beast
06. Waning
07. Slivers

Jodis, an entirely new outfit involving James Plotkin, Aaron Turner and Tim Wyskida, is a modern exploration of restrained sonic minimalism and tonal/textural density.
What might you expect from a band made up of two parts Khanate, and one part Isis / Grey Machine / House Of Low Culture? Probably nothing as pretty and haunting as this. That's right, we said pretty. We were definitely expecting some crushing slo-mo heaviness, figured if that much of Khanate was involved it would have to be screechy and torturous.
And while Jodis is doomy, it's also moody, and atmospheric, slow and spare, spacious and strangely lovely. Occasionally the guitars rev up and get way louder, and it sounds like the band might explode into some sort of bellowing dirge, but instead, they sprawl into an ominous creep, the guitars shimmery, the notes spaced way out, as much about the decay and overtones as the initial note or the overall melody. The vocals are weary and washed out, reverbed and down in the mix. If anything this reminds us of some classic slowcore, maybe Codeine or Seam, albeit a little more abstract, a little less indie rock, but the same sort of moody drift, the same kind of minimal melody, emotional and dark and haunting and dreamlike.
Surprisingly, the drums are super restrained, in fact, the first few tracks sound almost drumless, minus a few cymbal shimmers, some flares and accents here and there. On "Secret House" the drums are active, flurries of fills all over the kit, but not for bombast, again for texture, almost like playing chords on the drums, there are some harsh vox on "Secret House", and they almost sound out of place, disrupting the strange slow tranquility. But once we move on to the next track, we're back to that gauzy melodic drift, the drums again super skeletal, the guitar drifting in the ether, the vocals choral, almost monk-like, super meditative and ethereal.
And the rest of the record plays out in a similar fashion, long drawn out slow burning epics writ small, the three exploring the space around the notes, finishing off with the gorgeous 9 minute "Slivers", the guitar unfurling a fuzzy blurry drone, the drums more active, a bit tribal, but still muted, and the vocals a falsetto off in the distance, the track, heaving and pulsing and shimmering, before slipping into a more abstract drone and then blinking out.
Some seriously gorgeous stuff, a surprise new favorite for sure, getting lots of play late at night, lights turned low, consciousness at rest, on the cusp of some other plane...

Official Site
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Album: Adolf Plays The Jazz - Dirty Waters

Band: Adolf Plays The Jazz
Album: Dirty Water
Label: InTakt
Year: 2009

01. Dirty Water
02. Ad Funk
03. False Trail
04. Matter Of Fact
05. Mos[cow]
06. Black Flags
07. Lush
08. Ungdomshuset
09. No Return
10. Trap
11. Drive

Adolf Plays the Jazz is a Greek post rock band formed in Athens in the year of 2002. They started creating music for soundtracks of films their friends made. All their music can be downloaded for free from their homepage. Their musics aim is to combine the art rock of the 70's (head music) with todays post rock feeling (heart music) through a punk//do it yourself//lo-fi - attitude.

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Video: Goddamn Electric Bill - Ten Thousand Years

Goddamn Electric Bill - Ten Thousand Years from Goddamn Electric Bill on Vimeo.

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Album: Álfheimr - These Songs We Sing Will Fade To Silence

Band: Álfheimr
Album: These Songs We Sing Will Fade To Silence
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Wasted Time, Part One- The Moon Says 'I Love You'
02. Each Day We Pass is Borrowed Time
03. It Shouldn't Have Mattered
04. The Remnants of Our Shattered Lives Collide Like Glass on Glass
05. Hypnos & Thanatos (Breathing In, Breathing Out)
06. The Slow Approach to Midnight
07. Asleep and Falling There; Dead and Dying
08. Wasted Time, Part Two- You Will Look Back On Every Second You Have Wasted. You Will Never Be Prepared to Face This

"I'm Madison from Álfheimr, and this is where I put my music.

The name of this project is explained simply enough. I wanted a name that came from mythology; if I had made a power metal band it would have been called Valhalla, because that's totally badass. But it's not metal, it's softer and calmer. Heaven was kind of lame, I think, and so it's Álfheimr.

At the expense of sounding like a loser, I wanted to do something a little different from normal post-rock. I wanted a different sound, and different themes; I've made explicitly sure to not mention the ocean or snow in any of my song titles thus far.

And now the first album is done. It's called "These Songs We Sing Shall Fade to Silence", and I'm quite happy with it. I just hope you all like it too :) Details about the next album coming soon..." -myspace

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Album: Carambolage - CRBLG EP

Band: Carambolage
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. C'est La Vie // Loving Hell
02. 6x9mm Sind Schneller Als Du

Carambolage is a new band from Germany& Belgium - Aachen, Siegen, Kettenis, Liège. Started in February 2008. Carambolage consits of ex-members of Nago-Tiger In The Woods-Engine-Straight From The Shoulder-Lavalanche-Wallace-Jernigan. They do some kind of melodic doom. At march 2009 they did a recording session in Oldenburg at "die Tonmeisterei".

Official Site
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Album: Glaciers - And The Sea Won The Battle

Band: Glaciers
Album: And The Sea Won The Battle
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Southern Passage
02. Blood For The King
03. Give My Regards To Hope And Prosperity
04. Latitudes
05. Twelve Miles Of Fiction
06. Providence

And The Sea Won The Battle, Glaciers 6 song debut LP, born out of several 1am Wednesday night sessions across a cold foggy bay, this record represents nearly two years of writing and creativity. This record has been released on 29/09/09.

Official Site
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Album: Monkey3 - Undercover

Band: Monkey3
Album: Undercover
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Numb
02. Watching You (feat. John Garcia)
03. One of These Days
04. Kashmir (feat. Tony Jelencovich)
05. Burn
06. Once Upon a Time In the West

Monkey3 release a rare and unique jewel for their fans; "Undercover" is a mini album loaded with covers from Archive, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

3 tracks are instrumentals and, for the first time, Monkey3 goes...vocal ! The band shares two songs with two awesome singers: the Legend himself, John Garcia (Kyuss, Hermano) and Tony Jelencovich (Transport League, M.A.N.) !

Official Site
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Video: Isis - 20 Minutes/ 40 Years

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