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Album: Lights Out Asia - Eyes Like Brontide

Band: Lights Out Asia
Album: Eyes Like Brontide
Label: n5MD Records
Year: 2008

01. A Day Towards Other Days
02. Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl
03. X-33
04. Psiu! Puxa!
05. The Wrong Message Could End You
06. MIR
07. If I Die, I Wish You A Horrible Death
08. Six Points Of Fire

Lights Out Asia formed in February 2003 when Chris Schafer and Mike Ystad (both members of Aurore Rien) decided to pursue a new, more experimental and electronic direction in their music. The duo had written and constructed more than a dozen songs by summertime, and thus was born 'Garmonia', Lights Out Asia's debut full-length.

With the addition of longtime friend and space-rock veteran Mike Rush on guitar, Lights Out Asia continues to develop and hone its sound both in the studio and in live settings, infusing the sensibilities of indie rock, moody electronics and dream pop into cinematic spaces.

Once a band has developed a sound that is undeniably theirs it can be difficult to push beyond those confines and expand the sound into new territory. Lights Out Asia set out to do just that and have succeeded in writing a record that was as much a sign of the times as it was an expansion of their aural bubble that has been their watermark.

They have been called ethereal, post-shoegaze and sleep-rock, but on their third full length "Eyes Like Brontide" the band slides into a darker more ominous and less lucid dream than on previous efforts. The release is a stylistic shift from the sweet lullabies of their debut "Garmonia" (Sun Sea Sky) and the electronic drum driven post-shoegaze of 2007's "Tanks and Recognizers" (n5MD).

The song dynamics on the album deserve special attention. For the first time in Lights Out Asia's history they have gone for broke with some of the most epic drum machine driven post-rock this side of the Pacific along with solemn disconnected passages of dream nourished sonics. The occasional floating vocal and dusty winding guitar they are known for are still present, but "Eyes Like Brontide" brings a whole new dimension to the Lights Out Asia ethos. Most importantly, the band has expanded upon its sound without throwing away the original blueprint or alienating it's fanbase.
"Eyes Like Brontide" is recommended for fans of Hammock, Bitcrush, Robin Guthrie and Manual.

Official Site
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Album: Tesa - Heartbeatsfromthesky

Band: Tesa
Album: Heartbeatsfromthesky
Labels: OSK records,
Impure Muzik, Presiite,
Desertion rec
Year: 2008


Tesa is a sludge / progressive / experimental three-piece from Riga, Latvia since 2005 formed by ex members of bands like In.Stora, Kriegopfer, Les Corte.

Current lineup:
Dāvis Burmeisters - guitar
Kārlis Tone - bass guitar/ vocal
Jānis Burmeisters - drums/ vocal

2006 || EP “Tagad”
2007 || EP “Nekad”
2008 || EP “Heartbeats From The Sky”

Official Site
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Album: In.Ovo - Across Ancient Seas

Band: In.Ovo
Album: Across Ancient Seas
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.Crow's Nest
02.Upon The Black Tusk
03.City Of Ghosts
04.Rivers Of Ash
06.The Tempest

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, In.Ovo play a unique blend of music that remains both heavy and progressive, drawing heavily on 70's prog, sludge, and psyche, twisting these influences into a musical blend that drips with inspiration. The debut album, "Across Ancient Seas" shows the band exploring its musical aspirations and taking the listener on a unique and rather visual journey. Dual vocals, electronics, and other instruments add another level of dimension to this listen and once again help set this band apart from possible contemporaries.

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Band: Downliners Sekt

Downliners Sekt are an experimental electronic noise group who believes in giving away their music for free (and not just temporarily, like Radiohead). Their reason: WE BORED AS FUCK WITH THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! The group has a unique view on both music and life itself. Their dark distorted electronic beats are sometimes layered with dialogues that reflect society and evoke strong images. Downliners Sekt are true artist trying to break away from the shackles of the capitalist world that we live in today.

The band has released two albums ("Statement of Purpose" in 2005 and "The Saltire Wave" in 2008) and a mixtape of unrelease tracks, B-sides and Demo's, along side with some tracks from other people of the crew("Still Engine" in 2007).

Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: The Saltire Wave
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Scope Creep
02. Jewel Cases
03. Panic! Sonic Monk
04. Kaidan
05. Volga
06. Shulgin
07. School Daze
08. Mobilia Perpetua
09. Blackstock Mews
10. Shulgin (Part II)
11. Point Omega
12. 1106 Etoile
13. Solstices

"The Saltire Wave" is a study in the marriage of electro-noise with breakbeat like elements but still with a post-rock core. On paper, it might sound like every other band out there but this band is really special as they bring an edge to the table that is undeniable. "The Saltire Wave" can be seen as an era-defining, questioning, discussing album in music history. It stands out as one of the better experimental albums of the 2000's. Downliners Sekt is a band with clear opinions and they know what they want. A lot of people share their views on the music industry but unfortunately I don't think too many share their musical views. There are too many narrow-minded fools who wouldn't understand.

Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: Statement Of Purpose
Label: Self Released
Year: 2005

01. Benz
02. Disable
03. Weather Underground
04. La Nueva Escuela
05. IRAD
06. Manvantara
07. Rewrite Your Memory
08. The Pledg
09. Disable (Part 2)


Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: Still Engine
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007


01. Invisible Violence
02. Naumsphere
03. Ohrwurm
04. Fuck The French Touch (Malota Remix)
05. L.R.A.D. (Version)
06. TH 1
07. El Fuzzo: 56k
08. Alice
09. Asvel
10. Vanished
11. Rising Sire
12. 33% (Mouvement3 Rmx)
13. Indusonore
14. Rhythmishes
15. You(Wishing Everything Away)
16. JZA: Feedback

Official Site

The band has put their albums for free and you can support them by giving a donation in their site.
"The spread of the internet network gave people instant access to an incredible source of material. As we make significant use of it, we wish to contribute to the collateral damage."
- Downliners Sekt

*Thanx to Mogwai from SirensSound for this recommendation.
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Album: The Making Of Spring - The Making Of Spring EP

Band: The Making Of Spring
Album: The Making Of Spring
Label: Radar Recordings
Year: 2003

02.Can Of Rain
03.One Day

Written & perfrmed by: Jon Hassell (guitar, voice)
Produced by: Will Benoit

An experiment became an endeavor.

The Making Of Spring began as a recording experiment between Jon Hassell and Will Benoit. Taking songs and pieces of songs that Jon had been compiling, the two decided to expand on the traditional ideas of the singer-songwriter and create a complete aural experience, relying on spontaneity and forward motion, and avoiding over-thinking at all costs.

The result was "The Making Of Spring EP", a four song, 20 minute venture into minimalist soundscape and stripped-down songwriting - recorded, mixed and mastered in under two days in a bedroom during a particularly barren February.

Two years and many drinks later, the two have begun brainstorming the follow up; a full length version of that first endeavor, expanding the idea and pushing the boundary. enlisting the aid of a whole new cast of characters, including members of Constants recording is slated for this winter... as the skies grow darker.

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Album: Transitional - Nothing Real Nothing Absent

Band: Transitional
Album: Nothing Real Nothing Absent
Label: Conspiracy Records/Soultheft Records
Year: 2008

01. nowhere shining
02. fractured
03. this paradise pt 1
04. this paradise pt 2
05. lustless
06. abandonment

Transitional is the new project of musician producer Kevin Laska ( Novatron ) and long time Justin K Broadrick and Kevin Martin collaborator Dave Cochrane (Jesu, Grey Machine, …)

The debut 'Nothing real Nothing Absent' offers a rich variety in their approach to sound combining crushing atmospheres through a mixture of electronic ambience, mangling bass lines and distorted epic layers of textured guitar.
Injected with driving rhythms and effected vocal phrasing Laska and Cochrane build discordant worlds on an immense scale which pull you down to another level of fear and ethereal bliss before kicking off with some more soul dismantling sonic dysfunction.
This is a band which can deliver both sonic tranquility and extremely heavy slabs of dense music and just about everything in between; Heavy electronic machinery, juggernaut bass lines and hypnotic guitars go from passive relaxation to an unstoppable machine within a single surge.

Kevin Laska's woven creations of bleak electronic/organic mesmerizing mayhem and bliss has found a new level. Now joined by legendary bassist Dave Cochrane who played with the likes of Kevin Martin in God, Ice and The Bug and Justin Broadrick in Jesu and Head of David.
Born September 2006 Laska's found himself in another quality up with Cochrane, following his last collaboration with a.o. Russel Smith and Anthony Difranco (Ramleh, ex Skullflower) as Novatron. Transitional a solid, textured and dynamic sonic journey through a world that is both self deprecating and enlightening, but either way leaves you wanting more.

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Album: Seven Nautical Miles - Every Ocean Reversed

Band: Seven Nautical Miles
Album: Every Ocean Reversed
Label: Sound Devastation
Year: 2008

02.Hide Away The Sun
05.Our Eyes
06.Take Me Away

Simon Wärja - Guitar
Robert Holmström - Bass
Johan Nordlund - Drums
Mikael Holmberg - Guitar
Henrik Nyström - Guitar
Mathias Öystilä - Vocals & Electronics

When the interest for the thrash-metal band 'Machinery of Suffering' ended, Johan and Simon walked away from the old team and got together to make something different, something filled with emotions greater than the past pig-kicking could evoke.

They teamed up with Robert and later on Mikael joined as well. Robert was a fried that shared the same taste and visions, and Mikael felt like a natural step, since he and Johan had been partners in crime for a long time.

Seven Nautical Miles started to write songs and recruited the vocalist Dag to complete the symbiosis. Some songs were recorded but a few gigs later Dag moved south, and the search for a new vocalist started.

Pretty soon a lad named Mathias showed his interest, and as he was known from the great Luleå act 'Re Vera' he was tryed out and also got the job as the vocals fitted perfectly. About eight months later the band started thinking about recruiting a last member for a third guitar.

Henrik who have played with Mathias in Re Vera was interested, Seven Nautical Miles thought he seemed like a perfect fit - and there we are today. Some shows have been played, the debut album have been recorded, The future is yet to be seen...

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Album: The Evpatoria Report - Maar

Band: The Evpatoria Report
Album: Maar
Label: Get A Life! Records
Year: 2008

01.Eighteen Robins Road
02.Dar Now

The Evpatoria Report was born in January 2002 in Switzerland and the band consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, a violin and a keyboard.

The band offers an instrumental rock combining serenity, power and intensity. In order to enrich some of its compositions, The Evpatoria Report are willing to collaborate with other musicians, as it was the case with Reverse Engineering, the Orchestra of Ribaupierre or the Union Choral society of Vevey.

The band’s activity can be summarized through the release of its first EP (2003), followed by its first album "Golevka" (2005) as well as through life performances, in particular with Mono (2004), Calexico (2004) and Red Sparowes (2006). The Evpatoria Report have recorded a new album called "Maar" (due to release on Sep.5th,2008) and maintains a keen interest for all sort of project, notably that of a soundtrack.

A lot of people thought that after a masterpiece like "Golevka", The Evpatoria Report couldn't release an album like that.The band proved them all wrong though, by releasing an excellent and solid album, with 4 tracks with 11+ minutes play time each. Personally I think that it's even better than the first one.

Official Site
Preorder (out Sep.5, 2008)
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Album: Neko - Ghost Tracks

Band: Neko
Album: Ghost Tacks
Label: Self-released
Year: 2004


Neko took their time before emerging as the instrumental trio the band has become. Mainly influenced by rock bands, Neko mix rock energy with post-rock contrasts, play with loops to create progressive ambiances, all the while knowing how to adopt a more direct approach when needed. “Explicit Lyrics,” the band’s demo, was made available in early 2003, the year that saw the band first hit the stage in Northern France where the band are from. In 2004 they released "Ghost Tracks" and after that they composed a soundtrack for a film called "Les Somnambules (OST) - Un film d'Antoine Capliez".

Official Site
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Album: Kehlvin - Holy Cancer

Band: Kehlvin
Album: Holy Cancer
Label: Division Records
Year: 2008

01.Le Barnacle (Love Will Never Be Enough)
03.God Is A Mere Intentional Object
05.Atheist Hope

Formed back in early 1999 by five friends in La Chaux-de- Fonds, Switzerland, Kehlvin are delivering a slow, progressive and metallic hardcore. After the release of their first album, "the Mountain Daylight Time" and some shows across Europe with the likes of Burst, Mono, Red Sparowes and Unsane, the members of Kehlvin have collaborated with their friends from Rorcal in order to record a split album called "Ascension". It consists of one song of 30 minutes with the two bands playing simultaneously, written and recorded in 4 days. Since this monolithic masterpiece, the band has spent some time recording three new songs for the new EP "Holy Cancer", released with a bonus DVD containing more than one hour of live footages.

Official Site
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Album: El Ten Eleven - These Promises Are Being Videotaped

Band: El Ten Eleven
Album: These Promises Are Being Videotaped
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01. Jumping Frenchmen of Maine
02. I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool
03. Fat Gym Riot
04. Adam and Nathan Totally Kick Ass
05. K10
06. Paranoid Android
07. Chino
08. Numb Tooth

El Ten Eleven is a two-man post-rock band known for combining guitar/bass doubleneck, with heavy effects pedaling, over acoustic or electric drumming. Stylistically, they have been described as atmospheric, putting a much more ethereal spin on the southwestern post-rock/Americana movement than bands like Calexico or The Court & Spark, though less electronic and more organic-sounding than Tortoise or most shoegazer bands. Comparisons have also been drawn to Sigur Ros;s and The Mercury Program. It should be noted that, so far, El Ten Eleven has remained a primarily instrumental act. Spin, which picked them for Band of the Day, September 29, 2005, describes their work as "experimental instrumental music that's both highly skilled and deeply felt," and Entertainment Weekly considered their piece, "Lorge," to be "instrumental rock that's not boring." Amoeba Music adds "Moody, nutricious!" The band's self-titled debut album was released September 20, 2005 on Bar/None Records (home of Architecture in Helsinki, Trembling Blue Stars, Freedy Johnston, The Spinto Band, and the original They Might Be Giants label). In 2007 El Ten Eleven released their second album entitled "Every Direction Is North".

Official Site
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Album: Mouth Of The Architect - Quietly

Band: Mouth Of The Architect
Album: Quietly
Label: Translation Loss Records
Year: 2008

02.Hate And Heartache
03.Pine Boxes
04.Guilt And The Like
05.Generation Of Ghosts
06.Rocking Chairs And Shotguns
08.A Beautiful Corpse

* Jason Watkins – vocals, keyboards, samples
* Dave Mann – drums
* Steve Brooks – guitar
* Kevin Schnidel – bass guitar
* Alex Vernon – guitar, vocals

Mouth of the Architect formed in 2003 with the lineup of Jason Watkins, Gregory Lahm, Dave Mann, Alex Vernon, and Derik Sommer. They released their first album "Time and Withering" in 2004 to positive reviews.
Soon after the band released a split with label mates Kenoma in 2006, their second album. "The Ties That Blind" was released in August, and featured Brent Hinds of Mastodon on guest vocals on one track. To support "The Ties That Blind", the band toured extensively around the United States, first with These Arms Are Snakes in late 2006, then with 400 Blows and Unsane in May and June of 2007.
Recently, they have recorded and mixed their third album "Quietly" for release on Translation Loss in early summer 2008. - Wikipedia

"Quietly" is an solid and epic release from Mouth Of The Architect, and definitely one of the best releases of the year.If you liked the previous ones, you'll love this!

Preorder here
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Album: Red Sparowes - Aphorisms EP

Band: Red Sparowes
Album: Aphorisms EP
Label: Digital Release
Year: 2008

01.We Left The Apes To Rot, But Find The Fang Grows Within
02.Error Has Turned Animals Into Men, And To Each The Fold Repeats
03.The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer

Red Sparowes formed in 2003 as another project for its members. Through signing to Neurot Recordings, Neurosis' record label, Red Sparowes toured with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Made Out of Babies in 2004 after recording demos for their debut album. The debut was recorded in late May of 2004 by engineer Desmond Shea, with the resulting sound in the vein of guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide's band Isis, Chicago post-rock/metal outfit Pelican, as well as bands as varied as Sonic Youth and The Cure. Members Jeff Caxide and Dana Berkowitz relocated in late 2004, thus forcing them out of the band.

Red Sparowes' first studio album, At the Soundless Dawn, was released in February of 2005, following guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer's other band, Isis, in their initial tours in support of Panopticon. Shortly after this release, a split 12" was released with Gregor Samsa. The Red Sparowes side contained the second track from At the Soundless Dawn, "Buildings Began to Stretch Wide Across the Sky, And the Air Filled With A Reddish Glow," as well as a song recorded during the album's recording sessions with guitar from Mike Gallagher of Isis, initially only available on the Japanese release of the album. After the release of the album the band headlined a tour in Europe and participated in an American tour with Pelican, Big Business and Breather Resist. After touring the band released their follow-up record, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, in 2006. This release was followed by more touring of North America and Europe.

Recently Josh Graham has parted ways with the rest of the band to pursue a musical project with Vinnie Signorelli, the drummer of Unsane, called A Storm of Light. Red Sparowes began recording new material with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business, Tool) in May 2008 for release later that year, which will be available for download in August from iTunes, Amazon and similar online retailers. - Wikipedia

Official Site
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Album: Transit - Whitewater

Band: Transit
Album: Whitewater
Label: Zeal Records
Year: 2008

01. Boat Song
02. Maribor
03. Thor
04. No Smoking Gun
05. Trees
06. January
07. Lucas

Transit started out as a trio (Jeroen, Toon and Nick), enjoying long improvisation sessions in a snug, smoky and ear deafening rehearsel space, occasionally joined by drummers, often not. In 2005 Koen joined them on drums and kept on coming back (they loved the fact that he also was a fervent birdwatcher!). After 5 months, they participated in a 'rather' important national rock rally 'het Oost-Vlaams Rockconcours' (winter of 2005). During their 3rd concert ever, the final in the beautiful 'Vooruit' (Ghent), Transit received an 'honourable indication' .. or the prize of the audience as others later converted it to.

From then on Transit had great fun doing the support of great bands like 65 Days of Static (UK) (3 times), Liars (USA), Apse (USA), EF (Sweden), This will destroy you (USA), Snowden (USA), Sean Lennon (USA), Daturah (G), Picastro (Can), Ansatz Der Maschine (B), Confuse The Cat (B), The Go Find (B) and Madensuyu (B) in nice places as the Vooruit, STUK Leuven, AB (Ancienne Belgique), Magdalena Zaal (Cactus Club), Handelsbeurs, Kultuur Kaffee, TAC (N), W2 (N) and a few festivals like Bruksellive and Boomtownlive (Festivities of Ghent).

November 2006 the band released a first EP "Broadleaves vs. Conifers" (including 5 songs, 30 minutes). It received airplay on a few radio programs, among others Cucamonga (Radio 1-National Radio) and Duyster (Studio Brussel-National Radio). The EP also received some good comments and reviews in 'de Morgen' (National Newspaper), RifRaf and some E-zines: Soundslike, Musiczine, Goddeau, The Silent Balet (USA).

The last couple of months Transit has been recording, mixing en fixing up their first full-album. End of march 2008 they brought the record out on Zeal Records, a nice and small independant recordlabel (Tomán, Confuse The Cat, Sleepingdog,...). Available in the shops...

Official Site

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