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Album: Transit - Whitewater

Band: Transit
Album: Whitewater
Label: Zeal Records
Year: 2008

01. Boat Song
02. Maribor
03. Thor
04. No Smoking Gun
05. Trees
06. January
07. Lucas

Transit started out as a trio (Jeroen, Toon and Nick), enjoying long improvisation sessions in a snug, smoky and ear deafening rehearsel space, occasionally joined by drummers, often not. In 2005 Koen joined them on drums and kept on coming back (they loved the fact that he also was a fervent birdwatcher!). After 5 months, they participated in a 'rather' important national rock rally 'het Oost-Vlaams Rockconcours' (winter of 2005). During their 3rd concert ever, the final in the beautiful 'Vooruit' (Ghent), Transit received an 'honourable indication' .. or the prize of the audience as others later converted it to.

From then on Transit had great fun doing the support of great bands like 65 Days of Static (UK) (3 times), Liars (USA), Apse (USA), EF (Sweden), This will destroy you (USA), Snowden (USA), Sean Lennon (USA), Daturah (G), Picastro (Can), Ansatz Der Maschine (B), Confuse The Cat (B), The Go Find (B) and Madensuyu (B) in nice places as the Vooruit, STUK Leuven, AB (Ancienne Belgique), Magdalena Zaal (Cactus Club), Handelsbeurs, Kultuur Kaffee, TAC (N), W2 (N) and a few festivals like Bruksellive and Boomtownlive (Festivities of Ghent).

November 2006 the band released a first EP "Broadleaves vs. Conifers" (including 5 songs, 30 minutes). It received airplay on a few radio programs, among others Cucamonga (Radio 1-National Radio) and Duyster (Studio Brussel-National Radio). The EP also received some good comments and reviews in 'de Morgen' (National Newspaper), RifRaf and some E-zines: Soundslike, Musiczine, Goddeau, The Silent Balet (USA).

The last couple of months Transit has been recording, mixing en fixing up their first full-album. End of march 2008 they brought the record out on Zeal Records, a nice and small independant recordlabel (Tomán, Confuse The Cat, Sleepingdog,...). Available in the shops...

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