Friday, July 25, 2008

Album: The Making Of Spring - The Making Of Spring EP

Band: The Making Of Spring
Album: The Making Of Spring
Label: Radar Recordings
Year: 2003

02.Can Of Rain
03.One Day

Written & perfrmed by: Jon Hassell (guitar, voice)
Produced by: Will Benoit

An experiment became an endeavor.

The Making Of Spring began as a recording experiment between Jon Hassell and Will Benoit. Taking songs and pieces of songs that Jon had been compiling, the two decided to expand on the traditional ideas of the singer-songwriter and create a complete aural experience, relying on spontaneity and forward motion, and avoiding over-thinking at all costs.

The result was "The Making Of Spring EP", a four song, 20 minute venture into minimalist soundscape and stripped-down songwriting - recorded, mixed and mastered in under two days in a bedroom during a particularly barren February.

Two years and many drinks later, the two have begun brainstorming the follow up; a full length version of that first endeavor, expanding the idea and pushing the boundary. enlisting the aid of a whole new cast of characters, including members of Constants recording is slated for this winter... as the skies grow darker.


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