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Band: Downliners Sekt

Downliners Sekt are an experimental electronic noise group who believes in giving away their music for free (and not just temporarily, like Radiohead). Their reason: WE BORED AS FUCK WITH THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! The group has a unique view on both music and life itself. Their dark distorted electronic beats are sometimes layered with dialogues that reflect society and evoke strong images. Downliners Sekt are true artist trying to break away from the shackles of the capitalist world that we live in today.

The band has released two albums ("Statement of Purpose" in 2005 and "The Saltire Wave" in 2008) and a mixtape of unrelease tracks, B-sides and Demo's, along side with some tracks from other people of the crew("Still Engine" in 2007).

Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: The Saltire Wave
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. Scope Creep
02. Jewel Cases
03. Panic! Sonic Monk
04. Kaidan
05. Volga
06. Shulgin
07. School Daze
08. Mobilia Perpetua
09. Blackstock Mews
10. Shulgin (Part II)
11. Point Omega
12. 1106 Etoile
13. Solstices

"The Saltire Wave" is a study in the marriage of electro-noise with breakbeat like elements but still with a post-rock core. On paper, it might sound like every other band out there but this band is really special as they bring an edge to the table that is undeniable. "The Saltire Wave" can be seen as an era-defining, questioning, discussing album in music history. It stands out as one of the better experimental albums of the 2000's. Downliners Sekt is a band with clear opinions and they know what they want. A lot of people share their views on the music industry but unfortunately I don't think too many share their musical views. There are too many narrow-minded fools who wouldn't understand.

Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: Statement Of Purpose
Label: Self Released
Year: 2005

01. Benz
02. Disable
03. Weather Underground
04. La Nueva Escuela
05. IRAD
06. Manvantara
07. Rewrite Your Memory
08. The Pledg
09. Disable (Part 2)


Band: Downliner Sekt
Album: Still Engine
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007


01. Invisible Violence
02. Naumsphere
03. Ohrwurm
04. Fuck The French Touch (Malota Remix)
05. L.R.A.D. (Version)
06. TH 1
07. El Fuzzo: 56k
08. Alice
09. Asvel
10. Vanished
11. Rising Sire
12. 33% (Mouvement3 Rmx)
13. Indusonore
14. Rhythmishes
15. You(Wishing Everything Away)
16. JZA: Feedback

Official Site

The band has put their albums for free and you can support them by giving a donation in their site.
"The spread of the internet network gave people instant access to an incredible source of material. As we make significant use of it, we wish to contribute to the collateral damage."
- Downliners Sekt

*Thanx to Mogwai from SirensSound for this recommendation.

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