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Album: Echoes Therein Gale - Echoes Of Darkness

Band: Echoes Therein Gale
Album: Echoes Of Darkness
Label: Thonar Records
Year: 2008

01. Echoes Of Darkness Dissolve The Silence
02. Foes Of Light Beautify My Solitude
03. Like A Dream Of Immense Beauty
04. Silent Tears For The Sanguine Dawn
05. In The Maelstrom Of Nocturnal Lust
06. Serene Escape Of A Dolorous Romance

Echoes Therein Gale is an experimental/dark ambient band from Greece. Atmospheric yet intense is the sound of the band. “Echoes Of Darkness” is their debut album and it has been released this November by Thonar Records. The band has also collaborated with the japanese cyber punk writer Kenji Siratori and has released an ep.

Echoes Therein Gale is not just music. It's a nigthmare that was born back in 2006. A neverending story of darkness, grief and hope. The music is just the soundtrack of this horrible dream...

Official Site
Buy from Mono-culture store or directly from the band's Myspace page
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Album: La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair

Band: La Dispute
Album: Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair
Label: No Sleep Records
Year: 2008

01.Such Small Hands
02.Said The King To The River
03.New Storms For Older Lovers
04.Damaged Goods
05.Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
06.Bury Your Flame
07.Last Blues For Bloody Knuckles
08.The Castle Builders
10.Then Again, Maybe You Were Right
11.Sad Prayers For Guilty Bodies
12.The Last Lost Continent
13.Nobody, Not Even The Rain
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La Dispute is a five-piece band from Grand Rapids, MI. Most frequently referred to as Post-Hardcore (but sometimes also Progressive Rock and Screamo).

La Dispute has spent roughly the last year of its existence writing and recording their first full length album, called "Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair," in hopes of accurately displaying their growth both as individuals and as a single artistic unit while creating an end product that encourages the listener to both think and feel.

Drawing its title from an Asian folktale, "Somewhere" attempts to prompt discussion regarding the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from maintaining our happiness as people by documenting both their own experiences in the matter and the experiences of those around them, while musically encouraging the listener to expand their notions of music and art by exploring time signatures, tempos, dynamics, song structures, etc. The result of countless sleepless nights, exhaustingly precise recording sessions, and a diligence bordering psychosis, "Somewhere" is far and a way the bands most mature, articulate, and diverse release thus far expanding significantly upon the groundwork from its previous two short releases. Recorded at Studiotte in Grand Rapids by Joel and Troy Otte with artwork by Nick Satinover, "Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair" attempts to display an unceasing passion for art, emotion, love, community, and any other aspect of life that similarly inspires humanity to create for the better.

Official Site
Buy from No Sleep Records or Bandmerch.
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Album: My Sleeping Karma - Satya

Band: My Sleeping Karma
Album: Satya
Label: Elektrohasch Records
Year: 2008


01. Ahimsa
02. Interlude I
03. Satya
04. Interlude II
05. A-staya
06. Interlude III
07. Svaatanya
08. Interlude IV
09. Brahmachary
10. Apangraha
11. Interlude V
12. Sandi

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Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the inTention of the debut album and it still remains. Guitar, bass and drums in love with a soundboard. But now is the time to take a step beyond. My Sleeping Karma's new album "Satya" has been released september 20th on Elektrohasch Records. And time is the major keyword in the context of "Satya". The conditioned mind is always moving between the past and future, and this movement activity creates the illusion of time. Use your illusion and you will discover the voice within. My Sleeping Karma is enlightment.

Official Site

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Album: Ashes And Iron - Silens

Band: Ashes And Iron
Album: Silens
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.Black Pavillions
Download MP3 or WAV

Ashes And Iron is a band hailing from Saint Louis, US and consists from six band members:
Thad Martin - Drums
Dave Lawrence - Bass
Chris Denton - Guitars
David Miller - Guitars
Ian Mahan - Guitars
Kenny Snarzyk - Keyboards/Vocals

They have released their first demo which is free for everyone to download from their site. The demo has three tracks and its playtime is 30'. During hearing the EP you're completely stunned by the doomish melodies of theirs. I have to admit though that 30' are not enough to satisfy your need for a mix of post-metal, sludge and doom, so I heard it 4 times in a row.

Maybe they found the element that Sirens used to attract the sailors, but believe me when I say that this is the most exciting and interesting EP I heard for a while, and this is only a demo. Let's hope that they'll release a full length album, which will be even more stunning. Great job guys!!!

Absolutely recommended for fans of Cult Of Luna, Isis, Callisto.

Official Site
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Album: One Second Riot - S/t

Band: One Second Riot
Album: S/t
Label: Music Fear Satan records
Year: 2008

01. Cut
02. Die elektrish leben machine
03. True to my heart
04. Brautigan
05. The sea
06. Into a stranger
07. Balcony
08. South west trains
09. Clay mud & dust
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Duet of terrible children, sons of punk-rock and noise, One second riot develops a personal musical universe, made from atmospheres sometimes intimate, sometimes close to the mass hysteria from where a skinned voice is extirpated, cutting through a path between noise, post-hardcore and industrial music.

Official Site
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Album: Various Artists - Falling Down Compilation

Band: Various Artists
Album: Falling Down Compilation
Year: 2008


CD 1
01. KYLESA - Set The Controls (Unreleased)
02. KEHLVIN - Rollercoaster Jr. (Unreleased)
03. AMENRA - Terziele - Tottedood (Unreleased)
04. KNUT - Fast Forward Bastard (Unreleased)
05. PELICAN - Aurora Borealis
06. OCOAI - Manifestant
07. TEPHRA - Rivers Eyes
09. TIME TO BURN - Candle In Wind (Unreleased)
10. CORTEZ - Idylle (Unreleased)
11. EINNA - Il Ne Reste Que Des Epines
12. YEAR OF NO LIGHT - Cimmeria (Unreleased)
13. IRA - Long Live The Parts II
15. YOG - Breaking The Spell (Unreleased)
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CD 2
01. ROSETTA - Départe
02. CALLISTO - The Fugitive
03. OVERMARS - The Road To Awe
04. SCOLD FOR WANDERING - Un Monde à Notre Image... (Unreleased)
05. CELESTE - Mais Va Vendre Ton Dédain
06. CALDERA - Hockomock-A Place Where Spirits Dwell (Unreleased)
07. I PILOT DAEMON - Holy Cobra (Live)
08. ASIDE FROM A DAY - March Of The Stones
09. ZATOKREV - Story Of A Thousand (Unreleased)
10. RORCAL - Descend From Wherever We Shall Ascend (Unreleased)
11. DIRGE - The Coiling (Unreleased)
Download (password:

CD 3
01. MAÏNO - Yokaï (Unreleased)
02. UMEÄLVEN - 6'23 (Unreleased)
03. ZERO ABSOLU - Sans Ailes (Unreleased)
04. GENERAL LEE - Our Last Struggle Winter
05. ENO - Ser Roen
06. LLORAH - Echos
07. ERRATA - Nephelion (Cut Version)
08. ANOTHER MOON - Un Message du Futur (Avant-Première)
09. STUNTMAN - Sacrifice Healing
10. SULLIVAN14 - Preston
11. INYS - L'Ombre et le Reflet (Unreleased)(Cut Version)
12. AS IT FALLS - Empires (Unreleased)
13. MADAME DE MONTESPAN - Une Minute Contre L'Eternité
14. KALVRIA - Tear Apart
Download (password:

"FALLING DOWN" Compilation
1000 copies
3 CD
40 Bands
7 Countries
With Unpublished tracks
Nothing more to say...

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Album: Monolith - Eclipse

Band: Monolith
Album: Eclipse
Label: Anthropic Records
Year: 2008

01. Apparition
02. Ascend
03. Surface
04. Born Of Fire
05. Descend
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This lesser known post-rock / sludge band will blow you away. We would highly recommend this for fans of bands like Pelican and Cult Of Luna. Smoke a huge bowl for this one.


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Album: God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut

Band: God Is An Astronaut
Album: God Is An Astronaut
Label: Revive Records
Year: 2008

02. Post Mortem
03. Echoes
04. Snowfall
05. First Day Of Sun
06. No Return
07. Zodiac
08. Remaining Light
09. Shores Of Orion
10. Loss
Download (password:
Thanx to data.hypercomplex from atpr.

God Is An Astronaut are an instrumental three piece hailing from the Glen of the Downs, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. They formed in 2002 and released their debut album "The End of the Beginning" in 2002 on their own Revive Records label. Their two music videos for "The End of the Beginning" and "From Dust to the Beyond", received airplay on MTV UK and on other MTV European networks.

"All Is Violent, All Is Bright" (released in2005) is the band’s second album. The album features their build ups from serene ambiance to searing intensity and is a closer representation of their live sound. The single "Fragile" from the album has also received plays on MTV2 UK’s 120 minute show and MTV’s “The Comedown” show.

God Is an Astronaut released an EP called "A Moment Of Stillness" in 2006.

Their third album, "Far From Refuge", was released in April 2007 on Revive Records and as a download via their website.

Nowadays in November 2008 they are releasing their fourth self title album.

Official Site
Buy it from either their myspace site or their official one.
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Album: Adolf Plays The Jazz - Stealth (EP)

Band: Adolf Plays The Jazz
Album: Stealth (EP)
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008


01. Nothing to Lose
02. Stealth
03. Nameless
04. Overseas
05. Strange World

Adolf Plays the Jazz is a Greek post rock band formed in Athens in the year of 2002. They started creating music for soundtracks of films their friends made. Their musics aim is to combine the art rock of the 70's (head music) with todays post rock feeling (heart music) through a punk//do it yourself//lo-fi - attitude.

Adolf plays the jazz
stands against the promotion system which serves plastic art and fake idols...their stuff is free, which means that no-one has the right to earn money from it...their belief is to spread their music with the only and honest way , hand to hand and word of mouth.

Adolf plays the jazz has nothing to do with politics and especially fascism

Official Site
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Album: The Samuel Jackson Five - Goodbye Melody Mountain

Band: The Samuel Jackson Five
Album: Goodbye Melody Mountain
Label: Honest Abe
Year: 2008

01. Face the Fax
02. Hey Now, Who Really Cares
03. After the Avalanche
04. Eye Eat Lotus
05. Goodbye Melody Mountain
06. So Many Cowboys, So Few Indians
07. Slow Motion Simulator
08. How to Evade Your Obsessive Shadow

The Samuel Jackson Five, or the SJ5, started up a couple of years ago as a failed drum’n’bass-project. After numerous changes in material, instruments, visions and band members, we've finally released our debut album. It has received good reviews and enabled us to do a fair amount of gigs. The Samuel Jackson Five have always been an alternative to the mainstream acts and see no reason to change that now. We let each individual explore and push their own limits, without losing focus on the melody. The outcome is ever changing but often leads to ethereal, experimental, improvised, dynamic music. Or at least thats what we think.

Official Site
The album will be released the 10th of November. Look for buy info at the band's official site or Myspace page.

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