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Album: Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMV

Band: Blindead
Album: Affliction XXIX II MXMV
Label: Mystic Production
Year: 2010


01. Self-Consciousness Is Desire
02. After 38 Weeks
03. My New Playground Became
04. Dark And Gray
05. So It Feels Like Misunderstanding When
06. All My Hopes And Dreams Turn Into
07. Affliction XXVII II MMIX

Blindead was founded in Gdynia, Poland in 1999 by Michal Zimorski (Zima) - bass and Mateusz Smierzchalski (Havoc) - guitar. Few months later, Marek Zielinski (Deadman) - guitar, Konrad Ciesielski - drums and Patryk Adamczyk - vocals, joined the band. It was a casual project made for pleasure rather than a professional band. Besides, in the same time, Havoc became the guitarist of Behemoth and it was his priority.

Initially, the group under the name of Incorrect Personality recorded a demo material. In 2002, the band decided to record their first album with Arek “Malta” Malczewski in Hendrix studio and in Tower studio in the city of Wroclaw. However, session wasn’t finished because the singer Patryk Adamczyk decided to leave I.P.

Searching of new frontman took over one year. Finally, in the middle of 2003 Patryk Zwolinski (Nick) showed up. By that time he was a member of Neolithic. Due to his voice tone and excellent contact with the rest of the line up, he turned out to be perfect for the frontman position. Definitely, it was a breakthrough for them. Two months later, the group under new name, recorded demo material, titled “Dig For Me”.

After his farewell tour in United States, Havoc left Behemoth, inter alia to devote playing in Blindead. From this moment, the band was playing regular rehearsals. The outcomes came immediately, as the style of the group developed.

In January 2004, another line up change took place. One of the founders, Michal Zimorski, decided to leave the band because of the differences on the musics surface. His function was taken over by Brovar, known from cooperation with Behemoth, Immemorial and other bands.

In July 2005, in the city of Debica, Blindead recorded six tracks with help of Janusz Bryt, in his Screw Factory Studio. These songs belong to the first long play of Blindead, entitled “Devouring Weakness”. The album was released on 5th July 2006 by effort of Empire Records. Shortly after Brovar decides to leave ‘cause of his job as tour / stage manager which takes most of his time. Piotr ‘Zvierzak’ Kawalerowski takes his place and joins the band.

The debut album got really good reviews in several magazines and web zines, which helped them to get on the first tour all over Poland with Hermh, Hell-Born and Massemord.

During the works over new material the band decides to search for a person who would be responsible for the samples and soundscapes. After couple of weeks Bartosz Hervy (Agonised by Love) was invited for a jam in the rehearsal room. He got into the material pretty fast and firstly became a session guy for the recordings of the new album which took place in August 2007 once again in the Screw Factory Studio with Janusz Bryt as a co-producer. The band invited a long time friend Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka (Decapitated) for a guest appearance. He recorded an amazing Accordion solo for the song called “Phaze II: Phenomena”.

November 2007 brings another tour in Poland, this time with the leaders of Polish experimental grindcore - Antigama and Nyia. Hervy was still on the board as a session musician, but that was about to change shortly after that tour. The band was sure that he’s the right person so they asked him to become a full time member.

At the end of the year Blindead got an offer from Tomek Jurek (Deadline Agency / Shortcut by that time, currently Asymmetry Booking) to put one song on the promotional compilation called “Shortcut to Polish Music” along with the bands like: Riverside, Behemoth, Antigama, Nyia, Proghma-C and many others. Couple of months later Tomek invited them to play as a support act for The Ocean and then on two shows with Cult of Luna.

After that gigs the band signed a new record deal with Foreshadow Music and Deadline Records.

Shortly before the official release date Blindead played as a support act for Neurosis and A Storm of Light in Warsaw’s Stodola Club which was a total blast for them!

“Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes” came out in Poland on August 18th 2008. The worldwide release was set on October 2008. The second album is definitely the best what those 6 gentlemen did up to date and is promising a lot for the future.

Blindead released their’s first EP “Impulse” in 2009, which consisted 3 songs of total length approx 30minutes.

The latest album is “Affliction XXIX II MXMVI”, released in Poland via Mystic Production on November 26th 2010. Also, entire album is available for listen-only at band’s MySpace profile since 25th November 2010.

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Album: Lands - Subtitles

Band: Lands
Album: Subtitles
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. I
02. Interlude
03. II
04. III
05. IV

Lands is a post pock/metal band that formed in late Autumn 2010 in Reigate, Surrey, UK.

Consisting of guitarists Phil Bashford and Steve Richards (Fony), bassist Stu Gush (Broken Union and Bottlenex), drummer Steve Matthews (Android Angel) and vocalist Alex Hooton (Earned In Blood).

Molding the beauty of ambient post rock with the more intense sides of hardcore and post metal,
the idea was to have the two extremes and very little in between; lush, emotive sections leading into crushing brutality.

Their Debut EP "Subtitles" is available to download for free @ http://lands.8ballmedia.co.uk for the exchange of your email address for our mailing list.

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Album: Various Artists - The Reconstruction Of Fives

Band: Various Artists
Album: The Reconstruction Of Fives
Label: n5MD
Year: 2010


Cover Versions
01. Pale Sketcher - Secret Knots
02. Nadja - I Used To Be Sad
03. Architect - Blood Tracer
04. worriedaboutsatan - 63 (She Was Trying To Sleep, I Was Trying To Breathe)
05. Bersarin Quartett - The Deep And Lovely Quiet
06. Ben Lukas Boysen - And By Sweet I Mean
07. Jasper TX - Colder
08. Rafael Anton Irisarri - A Storm Tore This House
09. Dalot - XX
10. Winterlight - National Geographic
11. Boy Is Fiction - Oh! Toronto
12. Miwon - Amidst

Original Versions
01. Proem - Secret Knots
02. port-royal - I Used To Be Sad
03. Tobias Lilja - Blood Tracer
04. Plastik Joy - 63 (She Was Trying To Sleep, I Was Trying To Breathe)
05. SubtractiveLAD - The Deep And Lovely Quiet
06. Proem - And By Sweet I Mean
07. Bitcrush - Colder
08. Last Days - A Storm Tore This House
09. Hologram - XX
10. Run_return - National Geographic
11. Lights Out Asia - Oh! Toronto
12. Another Electronic Musician - Amidst

To mark the imprint's 10th anniversary n5MD has assembled a very special compilation with a slightly different viewpoint. “The Reconstruction of Fives” features songs from the n5MD catalog covered by a hand picked group of like minded and personally admired artists. Pale Sketcher (Justin Broadrick/Jesu/Final), Nadja, Architect (Daniel Myer/Haujobb), worriedaboutsatan, Bersarin Quartett, Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Jasper TX, Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below), Boy Is Fiction, and Miwon all re-envision their favorite n5MD tracks in their own signature styles. Two of n5MD latest signings Dalot and Winterlight also weigh in on covers from two of the label's alumni. A different perspective on n5MD's output which is a must have for fans of the label or any of the participating artist's bodies of work.

Official Site
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Album: Barn Owl - Ancestral Star

Band: Barn Owl
Album: Ancestral Star
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Year: 2010

01. Sundown
02. Visions In Dust
03. Night's Shroud
04. Ancestral Star
05. Cavern Hymn
06. Flatlands
07. Twilight
08. Awakening
09. Incantation
10. Light From The Mesa

Barn Owl is the guitar drone collaboration of Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. On their new release for Thrill Jockey, Ancestral Star, they continue to explore the Morricone tinged Western soundtrack side of the genre—first pioneered by the heavyweights Earth—that they have done so thoroughly and competently on their previous albums. For this album, Caminiti and Porras took their time in the studio and expanded the instrumentation on the songs by experimenting with bowed guitar, and by inviting Marielle Jakobsons to play violin, the Norman Conquest to contribute eerie chanting vocals, and Portraits to add some nuanced percussion. Technically, this is their most accomplished and complex album. They worked more congruently on the composition and sequence of the songs—and the album has a nice continuity of atmosphere.

Official Site
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Album: Fura - Mustela Putorius EP

Band: Fura
Album: Mustela Putorius EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Calima
02. Norai
03. 7 Lagos

Fura was founded in late 2008 when 4 musicians from around the world decide to combine their artistic creativity resulting in a musical experiment with a sound that is similar to a ferret (fura in catalan): they could sleep many hours, entering in a state of absolute calm, to become a very active and curious animal.

Fura is: Manuel Oriol Diaz, Luciano Pugliese, Marc Tudurí Cladera & Álvaro Medina Ballester

Official Site
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Album: General Lee - Roads

Band: General Lee
Album: Roads
Label: Hip Hip Hip
Year: 2010

01. When Vultures Descend to Feed
02. Torches
03. Control
04. Hunted (Ashes By The Dawn)
05. The Red Room.mp3
06. Those Of The Unlight
07. In Reverse
08. This Sea Breathes Evil
09. Roads

Flawlessly moving between post-rock, post-metal and hardcore General Lee are one of the next batch of twisted beautiful brutal bands to emerge from Béthune, France.

Since 2002, General Lee never stopped to look forward their own definition of chaos, melting intensity, blackness and emotion in a shape that belongs to abrasive hardcore music. After some recording try-outs they definitely head out with a mammoth disc in the name of Hannibal ad Portas and in November of 2010 Roads. Those albums play with feelings and contrasts by creating a tense climate near to the break. Icy and oppressive atmospheres, heavy and melancholic riffing are mixed ton an abrasive hardcore and a blowing off and cathartic screaming. A music that blurs and destroys the usual plans to be reconstructed in pain. One of a kind heavy doom.

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Album: Post Human - False Lies EP

Band: Post Human
Album: False Lies EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2002

01. False Lies
02. A Different Type of Hurt
03. Perfect Stranger
04. Breathe

In 2002 I saw the video of False Lies by Exhausted and I was thrilled by the video and the song. Exhausted was just a band name that they used to send the song in because the band had broken up and the old band name was Post Human. Since then I was searching everywhere to find it in a good quality with no luck.
A few days before I made contact with their drummer Link and finally I got it in my hands. So I thought that maybe someone will be searching this EP too for years, or just someone will appreciate this band.
Link, thank you once again!

False Lies is still a great song and one of the best videos ever. If you haven't watched it yet take the time to.

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Video: Kylesa - Tired Climb

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News: Pelecanus.net Webradio

So great news guys! Today and tomorrow, at 10AM and 10PM (East American time) or at 4AM and 4PM CET, our first playlist will be played on two blocs of one hour. On Sunday you will have the chance to hear the whole 2 hour playlist, but the time is not yet set, so stay tuned!
Also you can find Pelecanus.net Webradio in iTunes from now on, under the category "Ambient".

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Album: Watertank - Fairy Crimes

Band: Watertank
Album: Fairy Crimes
Label: Butter Witch
Year: 2009

01. This City’s Got Laws
02. Felony Days
03. Fairy Crimes
04. Sweep Up Life
05. Attract Drama
06. Black Hot Tar

Watertank formed in 2003, they started by creating a tense and gloomy music, built around melodies imbued of Scandinavian mysteries. A demo was completed in 2004, issuing to the world the evil designs of the glacial combo.
After several gigs in support of noise, metal, hardcore and various heavy bands, the gang took off for Ireland at the end of 2005, to confront his previously acquired skills on the Anglo-Saxon stages. After a hibernation of nearly 104 weeks, Watertank gives a difficult birth to 6 new tracks that never been released, but helped to shape a new line up and fresh "right in the nuts" compositions.

Since 2007 they have traveled ways leading gradually to a more "pop" feeling, while accentuating a heavier sound.

Since its inception in 2003, Watertank had the opportunity to perform on stage with : Torche, Kylesa, The Ocean, Capricorns, Lair Of The Minotaur and many more…

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Album: Cloudkicker - A New Heavenly Body EP

Band: Cloudkicker
Album: A New Heavenly Body EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

1. What It Is Impossible Not to Know And What It Is No Longer Permissible To Believe In The United States
2. A Hymn To The Projectile
3. One Enemy Among Twenty-Five Million Friends

New EP from Cloudkicker . This is "]]][[[" remixed and remastered. Re-released 11 November 2010. Original released 05 February 2010

Cloudkicker is the one man progressive metal project from the artist B.M. Sharp, heavily influenced by math metal and post-metal. Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom tuned guitars in his recordings. progressive and instrumental influences are also obvious in his music.

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Album: Humanfly - Darker Later

Band: Humanfly
Album: Darker Later
Label: Brew Records
Year: 2010

01. This Is Where Your Parents Fucked
02. English And Proud And Stupid And Racist
03. Stew For The Murder Minded
04. The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Me
05. Darker Later
06. Heavy Black Snow (feat. Rose Kemp)

Humanfly began in late 2000 following the dissolution of brothers (literal brothers, and also brothers in the MC5 sense of the word) John and Andy Sutcliffe’s old band Canvas. The line up was completed with the addition of J*R bassist Mat Dale and drummer Dave Jones.

"We spent the first year or so developing ideas and getting used to looking at each others heads in a practise room in Leeds until late 2001 when we began playing shows.
Our first release came in the form of a split 7” with fellow Leeds peoples Kill Yourself (who feature James and Andy from the pretty massive That Fucking Tank) in 2003, followed a year later by the release of our first album, ‘A God Among Insects’, released via Calculated Risk Products. A year later the label ran out of money (what a massive surprise) and we were without a home.

By 2005 we had grown bored of playing fast music and in the interests of progression we decided that we should give our songs more time develop outside of the one and half minutes we had initially given them to do so in. With that in mind, we started writing “impossibly long songs” and eventually recorded them with our bud Ben Gardener. Ben is a dude (literally and in the Bill and Ted sense of the word) and anyone who knows him can attest to this fact. I like a good fact.

Anyway, what with us not having a label, we decided it would be a great idea to dig a big hole and throw some money into it and release it ourselves. It came back. It looked great. People bought it. And then a lovely man, a total dude some might say (literally and in the Ben Gardener/Bill and Ted sense of the word) called Dave stepped up to the plate and decided to give it an international release via his label 20 Buck Spin (The Obsessed, Coffins, Sleep, The Endless Blockade) based in Olympia, Washington. For those of you who aren’t aware of lands that exist beyond your own back yard, this is in America, where milkshakes and Seinfeld comes from. Not bad!
The album received great reviews and it was swiftly followed by a split 12” with Queen of Swords (Liam from Trencher’s other band) on the London based label Eyes of Sound, which is run by a nice man named Ryan. Thanks Ryan.
In between all of this we supplied tracks for numerous compilations and samplers. Shows are a constant and we have toured the UK and Europe many times over the years and have recently returned from headlining Mareira Fest in Spain.

Cracking on with things is something we like to do and so we began banging out some more songs at our practice room which sounded different to the stuff we had put together on ‘II’. The motivation here is progression and we kick out the jams in a different way because, well, we fucking feel like it; and in the interests of keeping us into what we do, that is what must happen, and thankfully it does. Can you dig it?

Anyway, with 20 Buck Spin not being in a position to put out our next record, we asked Brew Records (located in our fair city of Leeds) if they might be interested in putting it out. They were and as a result of them being into what we do, this new album, entitled ‘Darker Later’, will be coming out on November 8th. It features six songs, one of which is the epic ‘Heavy Black Snow’ featuring the vocal talents of Rose Kemp (One Little Indian Records) and was also recorded by the brother Ben Gardener. We dig it. Hopefully the people of the world will give it four thumbs up too."

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Album: Codes in the Clouds - Paper Canyon Recycled

Artist: Codes In The Clouds
Album: Paper Canyon Recycled
Label: Erased Tapes
Year: 2010

01. Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape (feat. Paul Mullen / yourcodenameis:milo)
02. Distant Street Lights (iambic Remix)
03. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Rival Consoles Remix)
04. Fractures (The Soul's Release Remix)
05. We Anchor In Hope (Tom Hodge Remix)
06. The Distance Between Us (The Echelon Effect Remix)
07. Distant Street Lights (A Dancing Beggar Remix)
08. We Anchor In Hope (worriedaboutsatan Remix)
09. The Distance Between Us (Library Tapes Remix)
10. We Anchor In Hope (Machinefabriek Remix)
11. The Distance Between Us (Nils Frahm Remix)
12. Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape (Maybeshewill Remix)
13. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Baked Clouds Remix)
14. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Evolv Remix)
15. The Distance Between Us (Float Remix)
16. The Distance Between Us (Message to Bears Remix)

Codes In The Clouds, the quintet of Morahan, Peeling, Smith, Major and Power from Dartford, Kent have found a firm place in the vast growing instrumental rock scene.

With their harmonious and blissful sound they weave guitar melodies, liable to explode any minute. If you still can’t imagine intense music without vocals then you will be surprised how easily these boys will let you forget this prejudice. Energetic and charming at once, surprising and unpredictable at all times.

Codes In The Clouds signed to Erased Tapes Records in 2007 and quickly received critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens and online portal Drowned In Sound for their first Single 'Distant Street Lights / Fractures': 'Possibly the most gripping piece of music you'll hear this year' (8/10) Single of the Week.

With a sold out label showcase at London's Roundhouse in 2007, the band accompanied Texan band This Will Destroy You on a string of sold out shows throughout 2008. Shows with Jeniferever, The Boxer Rebellion and 65daysofstatic ensued. Their debut album 'Paper Canyon', produced by Justin Lockey (Bloc Party, Yourcodenameis:milo) received a worldwide release in summer 2009. 'A perfectly presented first statement of their intentions...sending jolts from shoulders to fingertips' (8/10) – Clash. The band then embarked on a headline UK and Ireland tour before bringing the year to a close accompanying Sweden’s pg.lost on a European tour.

October 18th, 2010 will see the release of a remix album entitled 'Paper Canyon Recycled' featuring the likes of Paul Mullen (The Automatic), Tom Hodge, Maybeshewill, Worriedaboutsatan, Machinefabriek and Library Tapes – not to mention label mates Rival Consoles and Nils Frahm.

Paper Canyon Recycled stemmed from an open call, giving fans and fellow artists the opportunity to submit a remix of CITC’s 2009 debut album release Paper Canyon. The band received over 100 track submissions. The skills of one particular entrant, Brighton-based producer and musician Guy Andrews (iambic), impressed the band so much that they have invited him to co-produce their next studio album at Brighton Electric in September. And as if this wasn’t enough good news for this young producer, Factotum Films in Scotland shot a spellbinding music video for his remix of 'Distant Street Lights' to coincide with this release.

Having received so many wonderful renditions from all around the world, CITC and Erased Tapes want to give something back. Every remix album sold will help Friends of the Earth's vital campaigning work for a safe climate and a healthy planet; in collaboration with Fairshare Music UK and Gogoyoko, Iceland. 'Paper Canyon Recycled' will also be printed on 100% recycled eco-board and includes a download code for 5 exclusive bonus tracks.

Official Site
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Album: Kid Ikarus - Kid Ikarus

Artist: Kid Ikarus
Album: Kid Ikarus
Label: Ikarus Records
Year: 2010

01. Silver & Gold
02. Heart Of Glass
03. Sinking Ships
04. Better To Listen Than To Talk
05. Peacemaker
06. Everything Is Gonna Change, Or Maybe Not
07. Everything Is... (Reprise)
08. White Chapel Hill
09. Better To... (Reprise)

Kid Ikarus started as an instrumental band in 2003. The name was taken from an early Nintendo game. The band has released three EP's so far; part one, part two and part three. The EP's are considered to be Kid Ikarus' first album. A full length album has been released in 2010.

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Album: The Ocean - Anthropocentric

Artist: The Ocean
Album: Anthropocentric
Label: Metal Blade Records / Pelagic Records
Year: 2010

01. Anthropocentric
02. The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness
03. She Was The Universe
04-For He That Wavereth...
05. The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts
06. The Grand Inquisitor III: A Tiny Grain of Faith
07. Sewers Of The Soul
08. Wille Zum Untergang
09. Heaven TV
10. The Almightiness Contradiction

It’s fair to say that The Ocean’s latest endeavour divided their fan base somewhat. The release of Heliocentric earlier this year saw the group in a whole new dynamic, now a band as opposed to a collective, complete with a new singer. Heliocentric also marked a significant change in sound for the band, taking out a large chunk of the metal found on masterpiece Precambrian, replacing it with a lighter atmosphere, amongst other things. While most were unhappy with this change, The Ocean succeeded in what they set out to do with Heliocentric, creating an album that is just as worthy of sitting alongside their already outstanding discography. In many ways, Anthropocentric is the perfect completion of the double album, being of just as high quality and rounding out the band’s critique of Christianity in interesting fashion.

While Anthropocentric doesn’t hark back to the heaviness of the band’s earlier efforts, it does provide the perfect contrast to the lighter Heliocentric. Opening jaunt and title track ‘Anthropocentric’ signals this straight away, exploding out of the blocks with layers of sludgy guitar and growls. Much of the record follows in similar fashion, with the traditional Ocean heaviness juxtaposing beautifully with the band’s newly found atmosphere.

Again with Anthropocentric, Robin Stapps has shown he is an absolute genius when it comes to song writing and arrangements. One only has to look at songs such as album highlight ‘She Was The Universe’ for confirmation of this. Elsewhere, the brilliantly named ‘Sewers of the Soul’ displays some excellent work by bassist Louis Jucker in tandem with Stapp and Julian Lido’s duelling guitars. Drummer Luc Hess also deserves kudos for yet another amazingly consistent effort, with some very impressive fills to be found (‘Heaven TV’ and the title track).

Vocalist Loic Rosetti has improved exponentially on Anthropocentric, with no awkward moments to be seen. As with Heliocentric, there are still a great deal more cleans to be found here than on the band’s earlier efforts, however Rosetti seems much more confident on his second outing. In fact there are a large number of vocally impressive moments, specifically the title track and the first two parts of ‘The Grand Inquisitor,’ where Rosetti utilises both his clean and heavy vocals without them coming across forced, as in parts of Heliocentric.

Essentially, if you weren’t a fan of Heliocentric, the band’s latest effort isn’t going to scream ‘classic!’ out at you straight away, proving to be a natural progression for the band. However, the more atmospheric approach to song writing has actually worked in the band’s favour, particularly on tracks such as ‘The Grand Inquisitor III,’ giving off an almost Portishead feel with its light electronics female vocals. In fact, much of the lighter moments of the record are highlights, with tracks such as closer ‘The Almightiness Contradiction’ benefiting greatly from the lighter guitars and orchestration. Rosetti also excels on the closer, with his cleans matching the almost ‘pretty’ strings of the track perfectly.

Anthropocentric is definitely a marked improvement on Heliocentric, showing the band is much more comfortable with their new sound this time around. However, it is unlikely to change any opinions of the band drawn post-Heliocentric, as this album, while quite heavier, is in much the same vein as its counterpart. With the completion of their double album, it is clear The Ocean needed the change in direction, if only to fuel them creatively. In this reviewer’s opinion, despite Heliocentric’s shaky start, the experimentation has been an unbounded success. Anthropocentric is everything great about The Ocean, elaborate concepts mixed with technical proficiency and outstanding song writing. Who are we to stop them experimenting? - sputnikmusic.com

Official Site
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News: Pelecanus.net Radio

So today Pelecanus.net have started to emit their new radio station through their site. Their playlists are mostly Experimental Rock, Instrumental Rock, Progressive Rock, Shoegaze, Progressive Metal, Post Metal & Post Rock. You can download the station's program here and as you can see a lot of people have been collaborated for this project. Soon Post-Engineering will have its own playlist on the Pelecanus radio, so stay tuned...
We would like to thank William for this new opportunity/challenge and to wish them good luck!

Pelecanus Radio
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Album: Giardini Di Miro - Il Fuoco

Artist: Giardini Di Miro
Album: Il Fuoco
Label: Unhip Records
Year: 2009

01. La Favilla 1
02. La Favilla 2
03. La Favilla 3
04. La Favilla 4
05. La Favilla 5
06. La Favilla 6
07. La Favilla 7
08. La Vampa 1
09. La Vampa 2
10. La Vampa 3
11. La Cenere 1
12. La Cenere 2

One of the first Italian indie bands of the 2000s to gain some attention abroad, post-rockers Giardini di Mirò formed in Cavriago, near Reggio Emilia, in the second half of the 1990s. Their first self-titled EP was self-released in 1998, followed one year later by the Iceberg EP on Gammapop. By then the lineup was comprised of guitarists Corrado Nuccini and Jukka Reverberi, Mirko Venturelli on bass, keyboardist Luca Di Mira, and Lorenzo Lanzi on drums, often helped by collaborator Emanuela Reverberi (violin, trumpet). After signing with Homesleep, Giardini di Mirò released their first album,Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting. Considered by many critics as one of the best Italian debuts of the period, the record showed a band openly influenced by post-rock acts such as Godspeed You Black Emperor! and, most notably, Mogwai, but extremely able to create interesting and sonically adventurous soundscapes. The only two proper songs on the album were sung by guests Matteo Agostinelli(from Yuppie Flu) and Tram's Paul Anderson. The Soft Touch EP and the remix collection The Academic Rise of Falling Drifters followed in 2002. Released in 2003,Punk...Not Diet! was a more song-oriented work, thanks to the contributions of singer Alessandro Raina. Guests on the record -- which was also released in Germany by 2nd Rec -- included Christian Kleine, Styrofoam, and Nitrada. Released in 2004, Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses collected the first two EPs along with tracks recorded during the same time period, while 2006's North Atlantic Treaty of Love included both new tracks and remixes, and was released first on two separate 12"s and then as a CD. In the meantime, Francesco Donadello had replaced Lanzi on drums. In 2006 Nuccini released his first solo album, Matters of Love and Death, and so did Di Mira, whose debut -- under the moniker Pillow -- was titled Flowing Seasons. Dividing Opinions was released in January 2007. With Raina no longer in the band, vocal duties were shared by Reverberi and Nuccini.

Official Site
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Album: Julie Christmas - The Bad Wife

Artist: Julie Christmas
Album: The Bad Wife
Label: Rising Pulse Records
Year: 2010

01. July 31st
02. If You Go Away
03. Bow
04. Secrets All Men Keep (Salt Bridge, Part II)
05. Six Pairs of Feet and One Pair of Legs
06. Headless Hawks
07. The Wigmaker’s Widow
08. I Just Destroyed the World
09. When Everything is Green

Often celebrated for her intense vocal acrobatics in heavy-hitting bands like Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice and the supergroup Spylacopa (featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Candiria and Isis), Christmas' solo debut finds her pushing the range of her already iconoclastic genre-melding work. Ahead of the album's release, the song "July 31st" is featured on the soundtrack for the Paramount movie, Wrong Turn at Tahoe, starring Harvey Keitel and Cuba Gooding Jr. In addition, the singer recently worked on the soundtrack for a French indie film "Le Debut". Christmas's band, Made Out of Babies, is currently writing their fourth full-length album, scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011.

The Bad Wife is produced by Andrew Schneider (Blue Man Group, Cave In, Unsane). With music written by John LaMacchia (Candiria, Spylacopa), Made Out Of Babies, Mel Lederman (Victory at Sea) and contributions from others including Joe Tomino (Dub Trio), Oddity, Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, Tom Waits) and more.
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Album: Arktika - At Zero

Band: Arktika
Album: At Zero
Label: Narshardaa Records
Year: 2010


01. We Live Our Lives In Black
02. A Fire To Everything
03. Interlude
04. Vowbreaker
05. Diorama
06. Johnny Castle
07. At Zero

Arktika is a band from Cologne, Germany,was founded in 2008 and got their name after the Russian icebreaker class, the Arktika-class. The band consists out of five members: Marc (vocals), Jürgen (guitars), Felix (bass), Tim (guitars) and Jürgen (drums).

This is their second release and their first full length album. Total run time is 60 minutes. Their sound can be described as post-rock, post-metal or sludge and most of their songs reach the ten-minute-mark, with some slower, really epic parts just to rock out faster and more energetic the very next second. You might could compare them to a mixture between bands like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Daturah and Envy or Fall of Efrafa. Arktika sounds like a nuclear powered icebreaker.

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Album: As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles

Band: As We Draw
Album: Lines Breaking Circles
Label: Throatruiner Records (FR), Free Edge Conspiracy (FR), Guranje S Litice (CR), Demon Spawn Records (DE), Dare the Divine (CR)
Year: 2010

01. Shame
02. Sin Of Addiction
03. Shield
04. Burst Of Colour
05. When Crowds Are Trapped... The Lonely One Dies
06. Fault Lines
07. Drowned In Flames
08. Draft
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As We Draw is a french band developing an intense, powerful and violent music, an avant-garde musical output, based on texts in relation with the artwork.
As if you haven't had enough of these Isis, Cult Of Luna fuckers, with their so-called cheesy parts and bad-ass cathartic sonic explosions... Of course, one can wonder about the relevance of playing some post-metal in 2010. But when it's done with such talent, such faith as these three young guys from Laval, either you take your hat off to them, or either your heart is made of dog food.
«Lines Breaking Circles», is made for those who are still crying over Breach's split and years when Cult Of Luna still made you have a boner. This is quite a severe reproof to all those who spend more time twitting their promo photos than polishing their art in the studio. These guys are true workaholics and such gifted aesthetes that they're starting to get sickening. Especially knowing that they can kick your ass on stage as well as on your turntable. But you can't really hate them, can you? Not when you listen to these killer choruses sponsored by Kleenex on «Scum Of The Earth» or those huge slaps on «Draft» or again...
Alright, enough of this, you already got that it is the same deal as their buddies from Birds In Row : LAVAL EQUALS LIFE

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Album: Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun

Band: Maserati
Album: Pyramid Of The Sun
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Year: 2010

01. Who Can Find The Beast?
02. Pyramid Of The Sun
03. We Got The System To Fight The System
04. They'll No More Suffer From Thirst
05. Ruins
06. They'll No More Suffer From Hunger
07. Oaxaca
08. Bye M'friend, Goodbye

Maserati is a rock band from Athens, Georgia, USA whose sound is best described as post-rock with math, progressive and psychedelic rock influences. Their music is instrumental, relying on the standard rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums. Maserati brings in experimental sounds to produce a unique and complex musical experience.

Maserati began in 2000 with Coley Dennis on guitar, Steve Scarborough on bass, Phil Horan (later replaced by the late Jerry Fuchs) on drums, and Matt Cherry on guitar. They are currently signed to Temporary Residence Limited, based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Events: Blueneck @ Athens & Thessaloniki

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Events: Red Sparowes @ Thessaloniki & Athens

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Video: Triptykon - Shatter

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Album: Mugstar - Lime

Band: Mugstar
Album: Lime
Label: Important Records
Year: 2010

01. Sunburnt Impedance Machine
02. Serra
03. Radar King
04. Beyond The Sun

Mugstar's third album (their second on Important Records) maintains the power and heaviness of sonic assault laid out in their previous releases whilst extending musical manoeuvres and textures into new territories.
Sunburnt Impedance Machine moves through driving riff passages with soaring guitars and voice recalling touches of early Pink Floyd before locking into a repetitive keyboard and drum driven outro, - power on, power on!
Serra is an extended voyage through a shimmering Krautrock landscape, continuous and expectant grooves that call to mind a turbo-charged Neu! - combine with heavy waves of churning Minimalist synth ala Phillip Glass or Steve Reich. Clinic’s Hartley guests here – adding distant bursts of haunting clarinet skronk - inducing flashes of Nik Turner or Beefheart (you gotta hear it).
Radar King launches with mesmeric drums and bass whilst guitars weave and build to near climax before descending to an eerie space – hanging, drifting with a stretched moment of tape fx weirdness before the energy inevitably re-emerges, it builds and charges with looming and crunching guitars to a colossal tornado apocalypse finale. A noisefest Sonic Youth would revel in.
Beyond The Sun closes in a more reflective mood with incessant rhythms punctuated by arpegiated synths and distant voice evoking a feel of pastoral phsycadelicism. The mantra-like effect driven this time with restraint, atmospheric shifts verge on enlightenment and dark uneasiness.
Take the list of band names mentioned above, add a few others along the lines of Bardo Pond, Oneida, Circle, Kinski, – wind the intensity and volume levels up to blistering and you’ll be entering the universe of Mugstar.

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Album: Third Eye Foundation - The Dark

Band: Third Eye Foundation
Album: The Dark
Label: Domino
Year: 2010

01. Anhedonia
02. Standard Deviation
03. Pareidolia
04. Closure
05. If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists, We Will Become Terrorists

Third Eye Foundation is the project of Matt Elliott, a protagonist of the Bristol scene, first active with Flying Saucer Attack and then with Amp, but stylistically affiliated to the jungle scene. His approach to dance music harks back to 1970s industrial music, in particular to Throbbing Gristle’s cacophony, and therefore resulted in sonic puzzles of difficult appeal. On the debut album Semtex (Linda’s Strange Vacation, 1995), and on the collection of collaborations In Version (Linda’s Strange Vacation, 1996), Elliott was helped out only by Debbie Parsons.

Semtex (Linda’s Strange Vacation, 1995) is all about lo-fi production, atmospheric guitar textures (Seefeel-grade guitar-based ambient music) and jungle breakbeats. Sleep is the best amalgam of shoegazing and jungle. When the beat chills down, 3EF drifts in Orb-grade trance (Dreams On His Fingers, the 12-minute Once When I Was An Indian). Among attempts to build a classical music out of dance music, 3EF’s non-dancefloor drum’n’bass ranks as one of the boldest ideas.

A stronger dub vibration permeates the collaborations on In Version (Linda’s Strange Vacation, 1996). Short Wave Dub (with Amp), Superconstellation (with Crescent), Eyes (with Hood), the 17-minute Way Out (with Flying Saucer Attack) tend to be spacier and trancier. Each episode is stretched to the limit and ultimately annoys. This version of 3EF resembles Bill Laswell’s omnivorous and interminable dub jams.

Ghost (Domino, 1997) replaced guitars with samples, and generally increased the disorienting puzzle of sounds. The seven lengthy tracks are avantgarde experiments, like the tribal musique concrete of I’ve Seen The Light And It’s Dark, or psychedelic vignettes bordering on ambient/cosmic music, like The Out Sound From Way Out, overflowing with dreamy drones and unfriendly noises and harsh beats, or the closing Donald Crowhurst, a minimalistic sequencing of drones. What To Do But Cry represents the wilder side of the project, with its sudden bursts of “raga-fied” guitar within cyclic maelstroms of noise.
The magniloquent, horror visions of Corpses As Bedmates (the guitars literally screaming, the drums pounding frantically) and Ghosts (evoking robotic dinosaurs in alien jungles) better express Elliot’s metaphysics (often derailed by a sense of fear). The Star’s Gone Out is a soundtrack for the creaking clockwork of the universe: one can hear the giant mechanism rotating and the metallic clangor of galaxies rolling along their orbits

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Album: Over The Ocean - Paper House

Band: Over The Ocean
Album: Paper House
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. To Hear The Spirit
02. Everything Will Change
03. The Rich, The Poor,
04. Something I Was Not
05. Paper House
06. Build Your Kingdom
07. While You're Raising The Dead
08. [untitled]
09. I Will Be Silent

Over The Oceans's debut album, "Paper House," is a refreshing and dynamic collection of original and inspired songs. During the album's quieter moments, you will suddenly find yourself within a moment of introspection - then a moment later, the climactic swell of big guitars, bombastic drums, and vocals will blanket your arms with goosebumps. Over The Ocean's sonic landscape is sprinkled with feedback, distortion, echo, and dissonance - but the sum of those things is a beautiful and memorable collection of songs. Fans of bands like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, mewithoutYou, Sigur Rós, and Appleseed Cast will undoubtedly appreciate the band's sound.


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