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Album: Fossil - Insônia {La Movimentacion Musicale Intermezzo Minimal}

Band: Fossil
Album: Insônia
Label: Amplitude
Year: 2008

07.Le Territoire Foncé

- Vitor Colares: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Textures
- Eric Barbosa: Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
- George Frizzo: Bass
- Victor Bluhm: Drums & Percussion

In a time when the lenght of the songs created is determined by the dictatorship of the musical market and by the possibility for them to be played in radios, to surpass the barrier of 3 minutes seems to be something absurd.

Contrary to the radio music format, Fossil tries to develop its music, investing in a lineal but varied musical structure, where they use effects in overlapped sound layers, resulting in a quality and inventive contemporary instrumental music.

The musicians' concern is focused on the atmospheres - sound landscapes - created through experimentations with effects, ambiences, dynamics and free improvisations. Searching references in a soundtracks, brazilian music, world music and others musicals manifestations. -Myspace

*Post-engineering would like to thank Fossil & G.Frizzo for contacting us to upload their forthcoming album.

Official Site
Buy as soon the CD will be released (July 2008)
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Album: EXXASENS - Polaris

Album: Polaris
Label: ConSouling Sounds
Year: 2008

01. Polaris
02. Mira Mama
03. Your Dreams Are My Dreams
04. Spiders On The Moon
05. Blue Space
06. Milk Stars
07. Faster Than Speed of Light
08. Gamma Channel
09. Storms
10. Melancolie
11. Exassens

Not having a defined music style is certainly the main appeal of EXXASENS proposal. The EXXASENS universe is full of sound landscapes which take the listener to a rich world of beautiful and powerful melodies. This could be the homeland of post-rock bands such as Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, a place full of nice melodies with strong guitar atmospheres. EXXASENS style tries to go beyond by introducing progressive metal and nu-metal influences.

EXXASENS project was born in April 2007 in Barcelona as a solo project by Jordi Ruiz, guitarist of Playmotive and Kyba bands. Back then, Jordi began to compose and produce songs at his place only using a computer and his guitar, with the sole purpose of passing the time.

One year after its inception and after composing 12 songs, the new independent label "Counsoling Sounds" decided to go for EXXASENS. On May 10th 2008 an initial release of 100 copies was published under the name POLARIS. This first album has 10 instrumental songs that connect the listener with an inner world of melodies and sound effects. Themes like "Spiders on the moon" which narrates Apollo XI's journey to the moon, "Polaris" which describes the immensity of the universe or "Gamma Channel" which recreates one of the passages of Orson Wells' War of the Worlds, define what EXXASENS tries to convey through his music.


*Thanks to Charlatantric for this one
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Album: Romance of Young Tigers & Capital Hemorrhage - Split

Band: Romance Of Young Tigers & Capital Hemorrhage
Album: Split
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01.From Soil - Capital Hemorrhage
02.To Concrete - Capital Hemorrhage
03.18841890 - Romance Of Young Tigers
04.18901900 - Romance Of Young Tigers

Capital Hemorrhage:
Ryan Faris (percussion, vocals, sound)
Jonathan Prunty (guitar, vocals, sound)
Micah Freeman (bass, vocals, sound)

Brute aktionist hardcore.Extremely DIY.
Before this, Ryan & Jon were responsible for the post-industrial experimental sound duo Ultra//Vires. They are also are the sole force behind Outfall Channel.
Outside of Capital Hemorrhage, all members are active in other projects, including Hentai Lacerator, Fuck On Command, Pure Church, Fields Of Blood, Big Friends as well as a few others. Micah Freeman helps run an all ages venue/artspace in Cincinnati called Skull Lab.

Official Site

Romance Of Young Tigers:
Founded in early 2005 in Dayton, Ohio by Seth Graham, Todd Osborn and Jeremiah Stikeleather. Romance Of Young Tigers somewhat defies accurate description, sending waves of melody and heavily effected noise generated by everything from guitar to rhodes keyboards. Stikeleather left to join Twelve Tribes after the release of the “I have supped full on Horrors” EP. Over a year later, Romance of Young Tigers have added Gabe Mitchell on Rhodes keyboard and Aaron Smith on Bass as full time members and have recorded a split with Capital Hemorrhage and the Marie EP. (in limited runs of wooden box and burlap cases).

Official Site

The split released only in cassette format with a handmade case from Seth Graham and is currently out of stock.
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Album: Parhelia - Oceans Apart EP

Band: Parhelia
Album: Oceans Apart EP
Label: Self-released
Year: 2007

01.Lights In The Distance
03.Oceans Apart
04.Summer Fades
05.Storm Warning

There are few bands like Parhelia, I can even say they're totally unique, maybe not in style and genre, but this is actually the first independent post-rock band releasing something worth of a big record label.

I really love the fresh songwriting in "Oceans Apart", they did take a couple of elements of older bands like Explosions In The Sky and Red Sparowes, but Parhelia was smart enough to twist the entire scheme, both mentioned bands are well known for being guitar-driven groups, so we do hear a lot of incredible guitar-work in "Oceans Apart" but the music is always focused on atmospheres and backgrounds more than anything, yes the music is quite interesting but the mood that they create is just very beautiful and it's stealing the spotlight all the way.

Parhelia is a young band, but they have massive potential to become a praised ensemble; if the band break their musical bindings, they can and will sound better than what we hear in "Oceans Apart", they have one polished jewel already (their ability to create complex musical environments) now they have to sit and think how will they break their instruments to surprise the people who's already a listener.

The people who loves post-rock needs to keep an eye on this band, people constantly complains about the lack of new or fresh groups in the genre, here's a great band for you to dig. -Metal Storm

Official Site
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Album: Deterior - Antimonument

Band: Deterior
Album: Antimonument
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01.Sunrise and Delusion
02.Eyes of the Blind
03.The Goddess
04.A Thin, Nameless Noise (part 1)
07.A Thin, Nameless Noise (part 2)
08.Sunset and Destroyer


Deterior is a post metal band,or rather a one man project,by Andrew Arnold from the North Canton/Columbus,Ohio area in the US.Arnold plays all instruments and also sings all the vocal parts.The name for the project was inspired by GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR'S demo tape and Arnold cites GY!BE as a prominent lyrical and atmospheric influence.

In 2007 Deterior released the 5-song EP "World",and in 2008 Arnold released the first Deterior full-length album "Antimonument",which he has made available as a free,full album download on Deterior's Myspace page.This album differs slightly from "World" in that it includes more sound samples, ambient noise, and a more direct sludge metal influence.The album is also almost entirely instrumental because Arnold was dissatisfied with his vocals on "World".

Deterior's music is largely post metal with a dash of sludge and post rock thrown in.

Official Site
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Album: Serena Joy - Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle EP

Band: Serena Joy
Album: Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle EP
Label: We Heart Records
Year: 2007

01.Movement I
02.Movement II
03.Movement III
04.Movement IV

Something has been brewing in the Serena Joy camp for a while. Covertly stealing members from several defunct underground bands, including andtheywillriot! and Missiles of Uncertain Destinations, they've now burst back onto the scene as a formidable seven-piece band, incorporating a range of new instruments including a violin, keys and even a mini-accordion brought out especially for the live show. What's more, their new EP, holding the appropriately gallant title “Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle”, may well turn out to be the most brazenly epic thing you have ever heard!

Split into four tracks or “movements” this 20-minute cinematic composition voyages through dynamic late-90s screamo territory, taking in sprawling sections of weaving instrumentation and post-rock ambience. Narrated by a mixture of raw screaming vocals, harmonious female singing, snatches of background chatter and poignant laments, it draws to a memorable finale with an extended spoken-word passage residing behind driving instrumentation that gradually gathers intensity; an unwavering stream of consciousness, falling over itself to get the words out, and ultimately climaxing with a coming together of voices in the rousing sing-along:

"Victory is silent, but I hoped it would provide more answers than this. Darkness has fallen, into the light..."

Understated, it is not. But although victory appears to ring hollow for the protagonists at the heart of the record’s concept, for the band itself this is far from the truth. Overblown, but splendidly so; Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle indulges in many of the great aspects of music, raging war on tired and bloated genres by ripping them apart and pillaging the best bits - much as sadly defunct Scottish five-piece The Fall Of Boss Koala did so well. And, before you say it, yes - I am fully aware of the romanticised nature of some of the statements contained in this review, but when faced with an affair of such magnitude, just you try describing it without getting a little carried away! - In It For The Money Zine

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Album: ENO - Stea.alto

Band: ENO
Album: Stea.alto
Label: karate! monkey! super fighter!!! / synalgie records
Year: 2008

01. Ser Roen
02. Kelar
03. Arelle
04. Ne Treer
05. Aalto


Eno (it means "uncle" in finnish) is a 2-piece post-rock band from Switzerland.
Inspired by bands like MONO, GREGOR SAMSA and MOGWAI, these two Swiss guys decided to start a journey into wider soundscapes. As the duo uses loopstations and samples and guitars, the emotional and cleverly structured songs, all of them instrumental, sound like a whole orchestra. The album is calm and relaxed, yet it creates a certain nervous tension and it doesn't cling to commonly known rock clichees or structures. Don't expect a sound, that the label Synalgie (connected to the hardcore label Ape Must Not Kill Ape) normally delivers. This definitely isn't screamo, this is an astonishing soundtrack to a movie that goes from the light to the dark side of the mind. (review by greed records)

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Album: Kovlo - I'm So Happy On This Boat

Band: Kovlo
Album: I'm So Happy On This Boat
Label: On The Camper Records
Year: 2008

01.Nancy Otori
02.Zuan Polo
03.Anna Goeldin
04.Pierre Rivière

Kovlo come from Lugano, Switzerland. The music of Kovlo could be defined as post-rock, with influences from noise-rock and even jazz. Through experimentation and putting together different personalities, after some months the project Kovlo takes a shape and creates its own way.
The first round ends in September 2005, with the release of the first CD A new position for a second degree burnt, recorded at the historical Bips Studio in Milan (recording studio in the past of bands like Afterhours, Matia Bazar and Casino Royale), with the support of the sound engineer Nicola Calgari (collaborator in the past of Matia Bazar, Ivano Fossati, Afterhours, Prozac+). The 19th of October 2005 the first concert in a private atmosphere at the Osteria del Teatro in Banco, while the 11th of November 2005 there's the official showcase to present the CD at the Living Room in Lugano.
The tour to promote the album will go on in the next months in different clubs in Canton Ticino and Italy. In april 2007, Kovlo have recorded the second album at Red House Recordings in Senigallia (Italy), with the sound engineer David Lenci (Uzeda, Charlotte Hatherley) and the artistic producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey). Donatello Laurenti (Ledh Kathrien) joined the band in the summer of 2007.

2 Engineers

Album: Laura - Yes Maybe No EP

Band: Laura
Album: Yes Maybe No EP
Label: Elevation
Year: 2008

01.Bobik Is In America
02.Z.I.B. 1
03.Cardboard Cutout Robot Victim Hero Children
04.Z.I.B. 2
05.Z.I.B. 3
06.Another One For The Humans

Laura are:
Nathan Biggin: piano, synth, uitars, noises
Andrew Chalmers: guitars, voice, noises
Ddavid Gagliardi: drums, glockenspiel, percussion, voice, noises
Ccarolyn Gannell: cello
Andrew Yardley: bass, sampler, noises
Ben Yardley: guitars, noises

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Laura are quite simply one of the most passionate, powerful, melodic and more unique bands out there today. They take their intensity and meld it with some of the best in what the post rock world has to offer and yet create something that is wholly their own, it’s deep, dark, powerful and almost magical in its beauty.While well known in Australia and Japan this will be the release that will open N.America to them. 6 tracks of absolutely crushing music.The EP is limited to 2000 copies.

Official Site
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Album: Zodiak - Sermons

Band: Zodiak
Album: Sermons
Label: Translation Loss Records
Year: 2008


04.Wouldn't Wait
05.Their God Reigns
06.Zeros and Ones


Zodiak, features Mike Armine (Rosetta) on vocals and samples, Christian McKenna (Slacks) on Vocals, Herb Jowett (Javelina, ex-Lickgoldensky) on bass, Mick Mullin (Slacks) on guitars and Drew Juergens (Balboa, Elder) on drums, have finished recording their long awaited debut "Sermons." The effort is to be mastered in the coming weeks and was recorded sporadically over the past three years by the band's guitarist, Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (High on Fire, Total Fucking Destruction, Intronaut.)

"Sermons" consists of eight tracks that were mostly created out of improvised jams, though according to the band a large portion of the material came out more structured sounding then originally planned.

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Album: Misuse - Misuse

Band: Misuse
Album: Misuse
Label: Puzzlemusik/Spinalonga
Year: 2008

01. Desecid
02. Made: Genesis
03. Made: Flat line Evolution
04. Made: loss in action
05. Progyria
06. Amanzi
07. While it Lasts
08. Way to the Seashore

Misuse was formed sometime in 2001 and played several gigs in Athens at various venues. This five-piece post-rock band had already formed a fan base in their homeland Greece, well before the release of their debut album. Mogwai chose Misuse as a support act for their live date in Greece back in 2003. No plug-ins were used in this vintage-instruments-only debut that features Hammond organ, Obberheim synth, electroacoustic piano, celesta, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello. One cannot help but wonder what’s next…

Buy from Spinalonga Records or
Lotus Record Shop
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Album: Wishes On A Plane - This Faint Line EP

Band: Wishes On A Plane
Album: This Faint Line
sncl / Time As A Color / Bear Records
Year: 2008

01.Part 1 / Part2
02.Part 3

Wishes On A Plane began in 2002 and since then they played about 80 shows in Germany (where they come from), Austria and Switzerland.
They are a fourpiece from Munich playing a mix of screamo, indie and post-rock. They include build ups, twinkles, singing, sobbing, lengthy instrumental parts and explosions.

Official Site
Buy from strictly no capital letters or Time As A Color or the band by sending an email at
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Album: Toundra - Toundra

Band: Toundra
Album: Toundra
Red Chalk / Astoria / DDJ / Devilchild / Parade
Year: 2008


Toundra is a post-rock/metal band from Madrid, Spain. This year they released their first official album which is recommended for every fan of instrumental post.

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Album: Eventless Plot & Good Luck Mr. Gorsky - Split

Band: Eventless Plot & Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
Album: Split
Label: Granny Records

Year: 2008

By Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

By Eventless Plot

There are three people behind Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. The band was formed in Thessaloniki and this is their first release. In the past the band had participated in two compilations, ‘bits of quartz glitter’ (granny 2005) and ‘non linear views’ (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… The band’s compositions are based on natural sound sources and various instruments; all processed live, through sound and loop manipulations.

Eventless Plot is a three-member band from Thessaloniki. Their music moves around experimentation by using software, synths, processed guitars and other strange or not instruments. They have taken part in ‘non linear views’ compilation (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… and in ‘yuria’ compilation (vm recordings, 2008) with artists like Leafcutter John, Spyweirdos, Vokal Idiot…They have also released a 7”split single with Italian composer Mescalinaeden for Gracetone Recordings label.

“Organisa” takes the listener on a slow drift through an underground tunnel resonant with guitar shadings, horns that cry like dying animals, and other disturbed noises. In the equally slow-moving dirges “Chromes” and “Olchmin,” monotone voices and glockenspiels bleed over curdling bass and drum rhythms. One might liken Good Luck Mr. Gorsky's gloomy post-rock experimentalism and nocturnal jazz guitar shadings to a diseased Labradford.

Armed with synths, processed guitars, and other instruments, Eventless Plot is kindred in murky spirit to Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. In “Underseashore,” bell tinkles, disembodied voices, and string tones swim within a thick cauldron of simmering noise while “Gram|ma” begins tranquilly before swelling into an eruptive mass of clarinet croaks and cymbal accents. “Cautadum” meanders through a gloomy desert of piano tinkles, cello tones, and electrified micro-patter for twelve glassy minutes. - Textura

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
Eventless Plot
Buy: Playourmusic or Lotus Record Shop or Catch The Soap

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