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Album: Eventless Plot & Good Luck Mr. Gorsky - Split

Band: Eventless Plot & Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
Album: Split
Label: Granny Records

Year: 2008

By Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

By Eventless Plot

There are three people behind Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. The band was formed in Thessaloniki and this is their first release. In the past the band had participated in two compilations, ‘bits of quartz glitter’ (granny 2005) and ‘non linear views’ (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… The band’s compositions are based on natural sound sources and various instruments; all processed live, through sound and loop manipulations.

Eventless Plot is a three-member band from Thessaloniki. Their music moves around experimentation by using software, synths, processed guitars and other strange or not instruments. They have taken part in ‘non linear views’ compilation (no label, 2006) including artists like Theodore, neon, 2l8… and in ‘yuria’ compilation (vm recordings, 2008) with artists like Leafcutter John, Spyweirdos, Vokal Idiot…They have also released a 7”split single with Italian composer Mescalinaeden for Gracetone Recordings label.

“Organisa” takes the listener on a slow drift through an underground tunnel resonant with guitar shadings, horns that cry like dying animals, and other disturbed noises. In the equally slow-moving dirges “Chromes” and “Olchmin,” monotone voices and glockenspiels bleed over curdling bass and drum rhythms. One might liken Good Luck Mr. Gorsky's gloomy post-rock experimentalism and nocturnal jazz guitar shadings to a diseased Labradford.

Armed with synths, processed guitars, and other instruments, Eventless Plot is kindred in murky spirit to Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. In “Underseashore,” bell tinkles, disembodied voices, and string tones swim within a thick cauldron of simmering noise while “Gram|ma” begins tranquilly before swelling into an eruptive mass of clarinet croaks and cymbal accents. “Cautadum” meanders through a gloomy desert of piano tinkles, cello tones, and electrified micro-patter for twelve glassy minutes. - Textura

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
Eventless Plot
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