Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Album: Deterior - Antimonument

Band: Deterior
Album: Antimonument
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01.Sunrise and Delusion
02.Eyes of the Blind
03.The Goddess
04.A Thin, Nameless Noise (part 1)
07.A Thin, Nameless Noise (part 2)
08.Sunset and Destroyer


Deterior is a post metal band,or rather a one man project,by Andrew Arnold from the North Canton/Columbus,Ohio area in the US.Arnold plays all instruments and also sings all the vocal parts.The name for the project was inspired by GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR'S demo tape and Arnold cites GY!BE as a prominent lyrical and atmospheric influence.

In 2007 Deterior released the 5-song EP "World",and in 2008 Arnold released the first Deterior full-length album "Antimonument",which he has made available as a free,full album download on Deterior's Myspace page.This album differs slightly from "World" in that it includes more sound samples, ambient noise, and a more direct sludge metal influence.The album is also almost entirely instrumental because Arnold was dissatisfied with his vocals on "World".

Deterior's music is largely post metal with a dash of sludge and post rock thrown in.

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