Monday, September 03, 2007

Album: Atheist Prayer - Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon

Artist: Atheist Prayer
Album: Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon
Label: Swarm Of Nails Records
Year: 2007

01.Nous Demandons Pardon Pour Descartes
02.La Passion Est Une Arme
03.La Belle Inutile
04.On Construit Des Lignes Qui Se Brisent A L'Horizon
Download (new link)

*Credits to Arnaud from ATPR for the link and filling my request.

Atheist Prayer is a band from Rennes, France. They mix aggressive post-hardcore parts, like the heavy guitar walls of Isis, Callisto or Cult of Luna, with post-rock parts like the sound textures of Pelican, Ef or Explosions in The Sky.
So Atheist Prayer is a post-metal band, with screamo kind of vocals, like the French bands Daïtro or Mihai Edrisch.
They Released their first EP in February 07' on Swarm Of Nails Records.
They were planning to release a split with Rosetta in September, but it was cacneclled due to Atheist Prayer's split up!

Atheist Prayer@myspace

If you like it, buy it here. (Only 5 from 100 copies left)

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left_hand said...

thanks so much for everything!

xxx said...

Haha Arnaud lol

The band broke for stupid reasons, they reallys suck for that.
I saw them live and they deserve better than this end.

xxx said...

Shame on me i haven't ordered yet their EP.
it's gonna be huge, i mean a kind of collector, sold on ebay and so on haha

mathieu (guitarist/artwork) is working on another project:

hum also, i ask you by the way if you know where i can order the S/T of Suffocate For Fuck Skae, it's a self-released and so hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks a lot for all the link. I was wondering if it's possible to get this album in another hosting website. I can't make megaupload work... I tried every technique but it seems impossible to download anything. Thanks a lot.

Nordsee said...

Link updated as requested ;)

Anonymous said...

You're TOO kind! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, very thanks for this band, i don't stop pretty, and so deep...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for the kind words about AP.
Here's my new project, a debut EP is on its way...

Also check