Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Album: Angel Eyes - ...And For A Roof, A Sky Full Of Stars (EP)

Artist: Angel Eyes
Album: ...And For A Roof, A Sky Full Of Stars (EP)
Label: Underground Communique Records
Year: 2007


Angel Eyes is four people who come together to make the kind of music they like to hear. The band formed in spring of 2003 when the hardcore band that some of them were playing in dissolved leaving them with nothing to do with their free time. Having been in several bands together which all went south quicker than they would have liked, they wanted to try and create something a bit more enduring. After diagrams of how they could pull off a heavy band with no bass player were drawn up, angel eyes wrote several songs, recorded a six song demo and played some less than memorable (i.e. totally shitty) shows. Better times were ahead, however.

Around the time the band began writing new songs to eventually comprise a full-length album their friend Nader, who had formerly played in a Chicago-area metal band called Ember, approached them about playing keyboards and running samples in the band. Believing that this could round out the sound a great deal (i.e. Brendan and Todd could now find spots to tune in the middle of 10 minute long songs). Brendan, Ryan and Todd welcomed Nader aboard in early 2004 and began writing a full length. After a long year of writing and recording, the record came out on underground communique records on October 14th of 2005. -

Website: Myspace, Official
Buy it at Underground Communique Records.

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soundweave said...

Thanks for this. I have their previous cd "Something to Do with Death" if you need it

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite gaycore band!!!

Also check