Friday, January 18, 2008

Band: *Shels

Artist: *Shels
Album: Laurentian's Atoll
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2007

02.Water (New Full Version)
03.The Ghost Writer
04.City Of The Swan
05.Lights In Laurentian


Artist: *Shels
Album: Sea of the Dying Dhow
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2007

01. The Conference Of The Birds
02. Indian - Part 1
03. The White Umbrella - Part 1
04. The White Umbrella - Part 2
05. Water - Part 1
06. Sea Of The Dying Dhow
07. Atoll
08. The Killing Tent
09. Indian - Part 2
10. Return To Gulu
11. In Dead Palm Fields


Artist: *Shels
Album: Wingsfortheirsmiles
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2004

02.Fireflystarrs 1
03.Fireflystarrs 2
04.Wingsfortheirsmiles 1
Wingsfortheirsmiles 2

So, what is *Shels exactly? It is one of the finest attempts to incorporate metalcore aesthetics into a progressive rock setting. Basically, they succeed where other bands have failed. They are able to be progressive without being overtly cheesy (like, say, Between the Buried and Me's "Alaska"), and they are able to be progressive without entering realms of unnecessary pretension (like the middle of Pax Cecilia's "Blessed are the Bonds"). Sure, we could throw out a list of comparisons to groups like Kayo Dot or Isis in hopes that some of their fans might streamline through this review and check them out, but *Shels really doesn't embrace the arty atmosphere of either band. Everything on this album is meticulously arranged, but is also grounded in a solid base genre of metalcore. Essentially, I guess it is the best of both worlds; complete originality and full blown clichés. Whatever is the key to *Shels successful formula, it works and "Sea of the Dying Dhow" effortlessly proves that.

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Tassos said...

file mpantara oi *shels! polu kalh epilogh kai gia na eimai eilikrinhs to wingsfortheirsmiles den to exw teleutaio tous lp ta spaei pantws...

nunO))) said...

thats greek?????

the song GHOST WRITER its just fucking awesome

Saf o))) said...

Yeah! The previous comment is greek, written with english characters though :) If you mean the band...they're american :)

nunO))) said...

i was talking about the comment eheheheheh

Joe said...

Hey Guys -

Is there a contact for this blog? I'd like to get my stuff (Daleth: - from the USA) posted on here!

Please let me know! Thanks!

Joe / Daleth

Saf o))) said...

You can contact us to :) We will be happy to post your music here!

Samhain said...

I think I may have jumped the gun on this one. Laurentian's Atoll has been a bit boring so far.

Saf o))) said...

Every opinion respected :) Not everyone can like the same album! :)

Also check