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Album: Katabatic - Vago (EP)

Artist: Katabatic
Album: Vago (EP)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01. 03.17.00
02. The Munchausen Syndrome
03. O Ceu Aterrou - Rising Nebula
O Ceu Aterrou - Falling Purple Blue
05. O Ceu Aterrou - Midnight Glow

A Katabatic wind, from the Greek word katabatikos meaning "going downhill", is a wind that blows down a topographic incline such as a hill, mountain, or glacier. The cold form of katabatic wind originates in a cooling, either radiatively or through vertical motion, of air at the top of the mountain, glacier, or hill. Since the density of air increases with lower temperature, the air will flow downwards, warming adiabatically as it descends, but still remaining relatively cold. Cold katabatic winds are frequently found in the early hours of the night when the solar heating has ceased and the ground cools by emitting infrared radiation. Cold air from extratropical cyclones may contribute to this effect. Such winds, particularly when they occur over a wide area, are sometimes called fall winds. -

Guitar, bass, drums and some electronic elements. Katabatic (Tiago, Joao, Joseand Hugo) are architects designing futuristic urban surroundings.This Lisbon-based experimental, noise rock band carries on with their loudguitars, backed up by a noticeable bass and their percussion spider webs. Theydefine themselves as playing instrumental rock.


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this guys are great...they will play with ORTHODOX in march here in portugal i want to see this guys live so much...

ill keep send you some bands you might like

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