Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Album: What The Blood Revealed - What The Blood Revealed

Artist: What The Blood Revealed
Album: What The Blood Revealed
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007


01.Evolution Is Not A Theory
02.Blood On The Turing Machine
03.Modern Latter Improvements To The Ptolemaic System
04.They Will Sow Guns, And We Will Reap Bullets

What the Blood Revealed hail from Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland. They came together in late 2004 and have created a sound which lies somewhere between alt-rock and post-metal. We have already drawn comparisons with bands such as Red Sparowes, Tides and Isis.
What the Blood Revealed continue to form/evolve/reform in deepest Ayrshire. Listen to the waves.


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