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Album: Latitudes - Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion (EP)

Artist: Latitudes
Album: Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion (EP)
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2007

01.Dreamland Precipice
02.A Falling Mute
03.Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion
04.Your Death-Mask Became Mine
05.We Met Today & Will Never Meet Again

In a genre many would claim is over-saturated with sound-a-like bands, there are few who can convey such epic yet destructive beauty as UK quartet Latitudes. Intense, crushing melodies ebb and flow through carefully structured movements as insurmountably destructive as ocean waves, while sharp feedback and commanding bass lines tear into the landscape with rabid yet precise ferocity. Downbeat, dark and enchantingly melancholic, this is a superb debut that is as inspirationally ethereal as it is haunting. In a not too distant future, when images of the last great war to rock this planet are projected on to classroom walls to teach the surviving infants our terrible history, Latitudes could well provide the soundtrack. - Rocksound (8/10)
For fans of: Isis, Pelican, Battle Of Mice, Bossk

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Album: Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Artist: Yndi Halda
Album: Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Label: Big Scary Monsters,
Burnt Toast Vinyl,
Year: 2006

01.Dash And Blast
02.We Flood Empty Lakes
03.A Song For Starlit Beaches
04.Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!

Yndi Halda's Enjoy Eternal Bliss unfolds through four tracks that clock in at a little more than an hour. This is expansive, epic instrumental music with varied sections and movements that rise to crescendo out of subtle, gentle ambience. Melodies ebb and flow, rising to beautiful explosions. It's the kind of music which could soundtrack a modern day love story as easily as it could a mid-century war. A barrage of instrumentation is woven together to form the fabric of this effort, with soaring violins and whispering glockenspiels, melodies of clarinets and banjos, and driving guitars and bass supported by a military-styled percussion sound. With one beautiful soundscape after another, yndi halda create something bigger than an emotional rollercoaster, it's more like a full-on mountain assault through thick blizzards and incredible sunshine.

"We play in a barn on the top of a hill and open the double doors to see the sun set sun rise. we frolic with the farm dogs who live in the barn.

We started when we were children - we met at school. We started writing enjoy eternal bliss when we were around 17 years old, and finished it when we had just turned 20." - Yndi Halda

Band Members
James Vella - guitar, glockenspiel, lapsteel, piano, banjo, casiotone & singing
Jack Lambert - guitar
Brendan Grieve - bass guitar & double bass
Daniel Neal - violin
Oliver Newton - drums & percussion

Official Site
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Album: Asbestoscape - Asbestoscape

Artist: Asbestoscape
Album: Asbestoscape
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

04.And So The Story Goes...
05.Like Shit Attracting Flies

It’s a difficult task to mix many disparate sounds together and end up with something that’s actually worth a listen. The key to making it listenable is to find the common ground between each of the incorporated elements.

Now picture a diagram with four events - Nine Inch Nails (A), Isis (B), Amon Tobin (C), and Nadja (D) – all of which intersect. The intersection of these four events is the set of elements contained in all four events (A ∩ B ∩ C ∩ D), which in this case happens to be the element of dark sounds. You can think of Asbestoscape as a quasi quadruple hybrid who combine the brooding heaviness of Isis, the dark industrial feel of Nine Inch Nails, the crazy breakbeats of Amon Tobin, and the droning ambience of Nadja and bind them together by their common thread of darkness.

Asbestoscape’s self-titled debut is an impressive feat in regards to sound. The album mixes together the aforementioned sounds and though does nothing remarkably fresh or cutting edge, still manages to be quite an enjoyable listen.Nevertheless, Asbestoscape is a solid and enjoyable debut that shows a promising future. -Armand Babian

Official Site
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Band: Bossk

Tom Begley - Bass
Nick Corney - Drums
Alex Hamilton - Guitar
Sam Marsh - Vocals
Rob Vaughan - Guitar

Formed in 2005, Kent band Bossk have quickly risen to recognition following their 2006 debut release, ".1" , on the QnotQ label and extensive touring with an impressive list of bands, including Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Yndi Halda, Baroness, Capricorns & The Hope Conspiracy.
2007 have seen their Eyesofsound debut and second recording titled, ".2" .

Artist: Bossk
Album: .1 (EP)
Label: Self Released,
Eyes of Sound
Year: 2006


Artist: Bossk
Album: .2 (EP)
Label: Eyes of Sound
Year: 2007


Buy the EP's on their merch store or on EyeOfSound.
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Album: Movus - Movus

Artist: Movus
Album: Movus
Label: 3er Piso Records
Year: 2006

03.Midgardi II
05.Nowadays Bastard Once Medieval
07.Avant Garde Self Esteem
08.Artificial Launch Scape For A Dream
09.Save The Sword
Download Part1 Part2

Dreamy guitars, nostalgic noisy delay layers, pulsating bass lines and jazz influenced drumbeats define what Movus is all about. The band is based in Guadalajara,Mexico where a young indie/post rock scene conquering new territories. Fully instrumental productions, sometimes crude, sometimes sad, but always beautiful is what we should expect from their first album which has been released on October 6th with 3er piso records.

Order(sometime in the future I guess)
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Album: Motek - Motek

Artist: Motek
Album: Motek
Label: Asthmatic Whale
Year: 2006

01.Maybe I'll Go Home
02.De Vlucht
06.I Am Your Son
07.Some Sounds To The Close Night

Every great passion ends in the infinite... Likewise, Motek is driven by instinct and the thirst for sultry recollections of forgotten emotional states. Sticking layers of effect-laden guitars, underpinned by a needy bass and entrancing drums create the texture of great music for the best moments of your life. This sonic dream closes the gap between wishes, wants and imagination with melancholy, madness, consolation and hope.

Official Site
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Album: Motionless - Motionless EP

Artist: Motionless
Album: Motionless EP
Label: Ericrock
Year: 2007

01.She Got Lost In The Observatory
02.Nature Unveiling Herself To Science
03.Winter Heat
04.Bury The New Sea

At 4 tracks and just under 25 minutes, Motionless' self-titled EP is a bit of a departure from The Windmill-era material... but change can be a good thing!
Returning is the core instrumentation of guitar/piano/drums, once again joined by a spatter of violin, and newly accessorized by acoustic accoutrements of chimes, bells, banjos, and field recordings. Each of the 4 tracks presents a new season of the band, ranging from the aggressive post-punk of "Nature Unveiling Herself to Science" to the acoustic and lullabied outro "Bury The New Sea".
Expressive instrumental rock for fans of Mogwai & Do Make Say Think. Dynamic soundscapes range from ambient to cacophonous, from dirge to post-punk.

Preorder the EP from Ericrock or CDBaby.

Official Site
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Album: In The Final Analysis - Solstice EP

Artist: In The Final Analysis
Album: Solstice
Label: None
Year: 2006

01.En Sof
02.Axis Mundi

There are not many info about In The Final Analysis, except that the band consists of 5 members and that they come from Lille, France, which seems to has a great range of this kind of bands (Celeste, Year Of No Light, Ausittot Mort etc.) They sound like: Neurosis,old Cult Of Luna, Knut, old Shora, Buried Inside.

Their EP is free for download.

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Album: Mesa Verde - Amor Fati

Artist: Mesa Verde
Album: Amor Fati
Label: Art For Blind Records
Year: 2005

01.Clarity With Distance
02.Substance Abuse
05.Dance Dance Dance

Hailing from the heart of Scotland, Mesa Verde are here with their debut EP 'Amor Fati' to give us a taste of just how good experimental music can sound when it's produced in the right way. They're the sort of band that is hard to categorise or pigeonhole, yet their influences are obvious, ranging from prog-rock, to metal, to good old fashioned hardcore. In this 24-minute EP, we're given a taste of exactly what the band is made of.

The introduction to 'Clarity with distance' is a misleading excerpt that takes influence from prog-rock heroes Tool, before descending into madness. Fortunately, it's the organised kid of madness that makes for pleasant hearing. Sounding like a b-side of some kind of Thursday/Poison the Well supergroup hybrid, it's a well structured piece that utilises some great guitar and drum work to create an epic sound. 'Substance Abuse' is something of a let down after the first track, as the ghostly progressive sound is replaced by the more straight-up hardcore elements. While not being a bad song itself, it's by far the weakest here. Following this is a sort of prelude to the following track which allows us to hear the gentler side of Mesa Verde. Sounding like a live recording, it demonstrates the band's compositional ability, before we are hit with 'Dance Dance Dance'. The aforementioned serves as a brilliant contrast to the instrumental interlude, as it returns back to the heavier side of things, with some pretty experimental drumbeats throughout, and a definite structure proving hard to pinpoint. Not that this is a negative point though - when music like this is done wrong, it ends up sounding crap, cheesy and rushed. Fortunately Mesa Verde gets it spot on and proves they have the talent to pull these kinds of songs off.

Ending on a colossal 11-minute journey without a name is the finest idea this band have offered on this 4-track EP. There really are bits of everything thrown in here, and it's the sort of idea that shouldn't work at all, but it just does. Pulling together all their influences, they manage to have created a track which sounds entirely unique in today's musical landscape, and serves as a well overdue piece of refreshment from the copycat bands polluting our venues and labels. I'd like to see this band make a name for themselves, as 'Amor Fati' is actually a great record, but because it's so unconventional, so experimental and ultimately so varied; I struggle to see this happening. - Punktastic


Official Site
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Album: Jesu - Lifeline EP

Artist: Jesu
Album: Lifeline EP
Label: Hydra Head Records
Year: 2007

01. Lifeline
02. You Wear Their Masks
03. Storm Comin' On
04. End of the Road

Jesu is an experimental rock band formed in 2003 by Justin Broadrick following the breakup of Godflesh. Jesu was the name of the last song on the final Godflesh release, Hymns, and Broadrick decided to adopt it as the name of his new project.

Jesu's sound is heavily layered and textured, drawing from and incorporating an eclectic mix of influences, ranging from ambient music and drone doom, to shoegazing, downtempo and even industrial music.

Heart Ache EP, was released in 2004 and featured Broadrick playing all of the instruments. It was followed in 2005 by the full-length self-titled LP, which featured the addition of bassist Diarmuid Dalton and drummer Ted Parsons, although not every song featured both new members.

With their third release, 2006's four song Silver EP, Jesu took a more melodic and layered approach, gaining comparison to shoegazing band My Bloody Valentine.

Their second full-length album, titled Conqueror, was released on February 20, 2007 in the United States, February 19 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and on February 2 in Japan. The Japanese edition also contained a bonus disc featuring the two tracks that constitute the Sun Down / Sun Rise EP, released elsewhere as a 12" album on April 23.

Broadrick has also contributed remixes of songs using the Jesu name for Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Explosions in the Sky. A split 12" album with Eluvium was released on July 5, 2007, featuring Broadrick only on the Jesu tracks. A second split 12" with Battle of Mice is currently in the works.

The band made their United States live debut in March of 2007 as an opening act for Isis, although work permit problems caused them to miss the first three weeks of the tour. Neither Parsons nor Dalton were able to participate in the tour and were temporarily replaced by Danny Walker (of Intronaut) and long-time Broadrick collaborator Dave Cochrane, respectively. During this tour, Jesu also made its South by Southwest debut as part of a Hydra Head Records showcase.

Official Site

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