Saturday, October 06, 2007

Album: Motionless - Motionless EP

Artist: Motionless
Album: Motionless EP
Label: Ericrock
Year: 2007

01.She Got Lost In The Observatory
02.Nature Unveiling Herself To Science
03.Winter Heat
04.Bury The New Sea

At 4 tracks and just under 25 minutes, Motionless' self-titled EP is a bit of a departure from The Windmill-era material... but change can be a good thing!
Returning is the core instrumentation of guitar/piano/drums, once again joined by a spatter of violin, and newly accessorized by acoustic accoutrements of chimes, bells, banjos, and field recordings. Each of the 4 tracks presents a new season of the band, ranging from the aggressive post-punk of "Nature Unveiling Herself to Science" to the acoustic and lullabied outro "Bury The New Sea".
Expressive instrumental rock for fans of Mogwai & Do Make Say Think. Dynamic soundscapes range from ambient to cacophonous, from dirge to post-punk.

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