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Album: Parhelia - Untitled (EP)

Band: Parhelia
Album: Untitled EP
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01. Cronin
02. Nervous Calm
03. Summer Fades
04. Bran
Download (password: post-engineering.blogspot.com)

Parhelia are a 4-piece from Dublin Ireland, who play refined Instrumental Post- Rock. They released their debut Ep “First Light” in 2006.

Since the release of the Ep Parhelia have undertaken tours in Ireland and Norway and appeared alongside acts such as Dead Soul Tribe, 65 Days of Static and most Notably Guns N’ Roses and Therapy? on the Irish leg of the Download Festival!

The band are currently writing and rehearsing for their upcoming album which is due to commence in October 2008.

Parhelia have recently released an ep of material performed acoustically.

Official Site

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Album: Dirge (UK) - Demos Vol.1 (EP)

Band: Dirge
Album: Demos Vol.1 (EP)
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

03.Purgatorial Snares
Download (password: post-engineering.blogspot.com)

Dirge from UK is a one man band.The man behind this name is Robin Urbino and plays all the instruments and do the vocals also.
The first demo is a 3 track EP and is absolutely outstanding. Hopefully Robin will release Demos Vol.II soon enough.

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Band: Aoria

Band: Aoria
Album: If I Slow Down Everything Will Disappear
Label: Self-released
Year: 2006

01. You Really Gave it All Didn't You?
02. Assassination
03. Overflow

Aoria is a four-piece outfit from Sweden that plays rock music with the electro-pop influence of The Cure. The songs of this three-song EP are strongly written and the intricate composition of the songs makes repeated listens essential, and yet enjoyable. "Assassination," is very reminiscent of Oceansize and A Perfect Circle, no doubt fans of both would enjoy this EP. Even though the songs that make up If I Slow Down Everything Will Disappear pass the five-minute mark, they do not bore nor do they seem repetitive at all. We highly suggest looking into this band, you will be pleasantly surprised - scenepointblank.com

Band: Aoria
Album: I Know You Came Here to Erase Me
Label: Self-released
Year: 2007

01. A Slow Moving Storm
02. The Host

Aoria's third two-song EP. While the previous demo had more a new-wave meets rock aspect to it, these two songs tread different water. “A Slow Moving Storm” is just that - a slower moving track that seems to draw an awful lot from the post-rock world, but with dramatic vocals akin to OK Computer-era Thom Yorke. The second track here, “The Host,” is a little closer to the music of their previous release. The vocals still have that Yorke-esque quality, the music is a bit more rock oriented, but still drifts into dreamy post-rock sequences here and there. Overall, this is another nice venture, though we'd like to see what Aoria could do with a full and proper release. - scenepointblank.com

Official Site
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Album: Lights At Sea - Lights At Sea

Band: Lights At Sea
Album: Lights At Sea
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008


01. Noir
02. 19
03. Bateau
04. Be Silent
05. The War Came Home
06. Steps

Download (Pw: post-engineering.blogspot.com)

Lights at Sea has been making music in one form or another since 2001, but officialy started in February 2007 in Grand Rapids, Michigan after one of the members came home after being abroad for five and decided to start playing music with his old friends in The City Sleep ( a local instrumental outfit that had been together since 2001.) Lights at Sea began to record basement demos and soon recruited more people to the band. Once the group was comfortable as a five piece, they went into the studio, recorded their debut cd/ep and have now self released it online.

With many shows coming this winter, and a full length planned to be recorded next summer, there is a lot going on at the Lights at Sea camp.

Buy from the band's Myspace page or from cdbaby
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Album: AristeiA - How To Kill A King

Band: AristeiA
Album: How To Kill A King
Label: Self-released


01. The Might Of The Sword
02. Feedback King
03. Stairway To Heaven Part 2: The Stampede Into Heaven
04. I'll Take Mine Black
05. Panda Vs. Satan
06. The Might Of The Dragon
Download (password: post-engineering.blogspot.com)

AristeiA formed in November 2005 shortly after guitarist Adam Steinfink moved to Portland from Austin. Ben Meyercord and Brandon Gordon had been playing music together when Adam moved in and they began a search for a drummer. After meeting Vincent Covarrubias (formerly of the Red Channels), AristeiA immediately began writing and playing shows. Influenced heavily by Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead and Mogwai, AristeiA has received comparissons to Slowdive and Yume Bitsu. They have received recommendations by the Portland Mercury and have been creating an ever increasing fanbase in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Since their inception they have released three records to stellar reviews by numerous online and print publications, creating an ever-increasing fan base. "Floating melodies intertwine with pounding rythms to carry you on a journey across winter soundscapes"...

Official Site
Buy hopefully at some time from the band's Myspace page or from CdBaby
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Album: We're From Japan - Now Breathe

Band: We're From Japan
Album: Now Breathe
Label: Zankyo Records
Year: 2008


01. Black Bag Work
02. Bleed
03. Climb Mountain, O Snail
04. There Are Horses In The Streets
05. In Every Hive, A Queen
06. Run Shoot Don't Panic
07. September 13, 1848

We’re From Japan! began in January 2003 in Portland, OR. They performed their first show to a sold out crowd that same month. Since that date they have played approx. 15 shows at various clubs throughout the Portland area including the prestigious Musicfest Northwest where they were one of the 200 applicants accepted out of more than 1000. Other shows have included evening performances at Holocene, The White Eagle, The Jasmine Tree, Jimmy Mak’s, The HiHi Gallery, Kellys Olympion, etc. After completing two demo recordings which earned them press in the Willamette Week, The Portland Mercury as well as a glowing review in Music Liberation Project, they have just completed their first album, To Telescope, in 100% hand made packaging. Their music has been compared to Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Sonic Youth and even composer Henryck Gorecki. The sound created by We’re From Japan! is elegant, dynamic, explosive and always compelling. In 2005, We’re From Japan! released their second album, 48 Minutes, 07 Seconds, Then the Open Air.

Official Site
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Album: Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start - Embers

Band: Upcdowncleftcrightc abc+start
Album: Embers
Label: Tap N Tin Records
Year: 2008

01. Embers and Ashes
02. Get to the Chopper
03. Out Flowers
04. Murmurs pt 2
05. New Chapters
06. McDoomish
07. Murmurs pt 1
08. Cascades
09. Fire Flies
10. The Creeping Fear

Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start are a mainly instrumental post-rock 4 piece from Kent. They signed to Indie label Tap n Tin records in late 2004 and on February 14th 2005, released their first double AA 7" single "Stand shadowless like silence/Sadako's fury". This was proceeded by a live Xfm session with John Kennedy on May 5th and their second single "Shallows" (available on 10" vinyl only) on August 1st 2005.

Their debut album "And the battle is won" was released on October 24th 2005 to rave reviews by the music press (see below).

In 2006 the band recorded their first Radio One live session at Maida Vale studios which was broadcast on the Huw Stephens show on March 7th. The band spent most of 2006 recording/writing their 2nd album "Embers" and also had their first U.K tour promoting “And the battle is won.

Their live sound has been described as "Brutal and loud, yet melodic and almost orchestral" Upcdownc's sonic explosion feels massive in any venue.

Official Site
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News: Pelican Robbed in Rome

This post is quite different from our usual posts and is about a very sad incident of post-metal giants Pelican in Rome, Italy.

The below message is from Pelican. Please spread the word.

Our otherwise excellent tour of Europe hit a severe stroke of bad luck this week. Two days ago we had a spare half hour to spend in Rome before heading to the venue, so we decided to go see the Coliseum. We parked nearby and went to take a brief twenty minute walk around the area. When we returned to our van we found that it had been broken into, despite being parked on a major street in broad daylight. Four bags were stolen, the contents including computers, passports,wallets, ipods, our soundguy's microphone collection, and, most devastatingly, a number of personal journals and two portable recording devices containing hours of song ideas that are now lost forever.

The calculated loss of this theft is several thousands of dollars. Unfortunately our band only earns us a very meager living and some of us are already in the hole from years of trying to make a living as musicians. This incident therefore poses a evastating loss and puts us in a very compromised financial position. Although we realize that there is a worldwide financial crisis going on, if there are those of
you who have the means and desire to help out our gratitude would run deeper than words could express. We've set up a Paypal account at the address pelicanrobbed@gmail.com. Anything you can offer, even simple condolences, would go a long way. Thanks so much for reading.


This message was initially posted in the band's Myspace page. So, if anyone can offer to the band it would be of great help.

Edit from Laurent: This is Laurent from Pelican. First, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who has responded with such warmth and kindness.
We are immensely grateful. Beyond that, I wanted to append this blog entry to shed some light on the difficulties I AM personally facing as a result ...
in doing this, I am looking to do no more than essentially respond to the ONE comment from someone that seems to suggest we should've expected this somehow,
are unseasoned travelers, or should just get over it?!? During this robbery, I lost my passport and greencard and had ALL my credit cards used immediately by the thieves.
The endless hours on the phone I've spent already to contest charges, on top of the stress of now being an identity-less French citizen simply trying to return home to the states, is so so difficult.
I have traveled my whole life; this has NEVER happened to me. I lost hours of music that I wrote for Pelican, and there is no backup for this
... my tour diary is gone, too. Countless moments of creativity and recollection at how hard we've worked and all we've been lucky to experience ...
those moments are lost forever. I am pen and paper in hand all day trying to remember songs, memories, etc.
just piecing my life together. We will persevere, and the kindness of our community is a huge help ... thank you for all your gestures of support.
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Album: Sundaysounds - Sundaysounds

Band: Sundaysounds
Album: Sundaysounds
Label: Self-released
Year: 2007


01. Introiutus
02. Yearning (Isabella II)
03. Sunday Afternoon
04. Black Ice
05. To the Absent
06. DNA
07. Saellvertu
08. Papershell
09. Goodnight, Burning Star

Sundaysounds is the one-man-project from 25 year old Steffen Petry from Germany who writes, records and produces all songs. It is based on the idea of a new world of media due the fact that the music is free for all and only available on the internet. There are no live performances or "real life"-releases planed. Sundaysounds started its public appearance on last.fm (http://www.last.fm/music/Sundaysounds) in 2007. Currently, there are new songs in progress that will be released as a conceptual album in (hopefully) late 2008. Further information will be published here soon. For the first time, guest musicians will appear to work with Sundaysounds.

Official Site
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Album: Deepset - The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes

Band: Deepset
Album: The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes
Label: KittyWu Records
Year: 2008

01. Put your dreams to sleep
02. Where were they (when the fun went out)
03. Close to a cure
04. Have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moonlight?
05. If you can still hear this whispering, you are dying
06. Every instance in time is a journey of hope

Inspired by life, friendships and their surroundings, “The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” is the debut full-length from Malaysian instrumental quartet, Deepset, released on KittyWu Records.
“The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” is a musical photo album, each track a polaroid capturing a story from every band member. Recorded by Irwan Syah at Greenhouse Studio in June 2008, the album is their personal vignette of life in Malaysia’s Klang Valley, but this could just as well translate to any other geographical location. Juxtaposing life’s little pleasures against the drudgery of the everyday, the six tracks on the album invite listeners to embark on a journey of finding themselves. Standout tracks include "Put Your Dream To Sleep" and "If You Can Still Hear This Whispering, You’re Dying".

Deepset’s music is driven by an unwavering passion for making and sharing music that is real. Much of the band’s creations are a melodic interpretation of their collective personalities and life experience. A distinctive trait in Deepset’s music is the lack of any repeating riffs, which its members liken to a movie where the story organically unfolds and no scene is repeated twice.

Many have likened their sound to a bittersweet blend of varied influences; from the subtle yet violent sonic beauty of Japanese instrumentalists, Mono, to the intertwining melodic details of indie favourites, Broken Social Scene. But the most powerful aspect of Deepset’s music is as reflected in its name: the great emotional depths each track evokes.

Deepset is Mohd Lothfi Mohd Salleh (guitar), Hafiza Ahamed (guitar), Mohd Asshad Saaban (bass) and Azman Abdul Aziz (drums).

Official Site

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