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Album: Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start - Embers

Band: Upcdowncleftcrightc abc+start
Album: Embers
Label: Tap N Tin Records
Year: 2008

01. Embers and Ashes
02. Get to the Chopper
03. Out Flowers
04. Murmurs pt 2
05. New Chapters
06. McDoomish
07. Murmurs pt 1
08. Cascades
09. Fire Flies
10. The Creeping Fear

Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start are a mainly instrumental post-rock 4 piece from Kent. They signed to Indie label Tap n Tin records in late 2004 and on February 14th 2005, released their first double AA 7" single "Stand shadowless like silence/Sadako's fury". This was proceeded by a live Xfm session with John Kennedy on May 5th and their second single "Shallows" (available on 10" vinyl only) on August 1st 2005.

Their debut album "And the battle is won" was released on October 24th 2005 to rave reviews by the music press (see below).

In 2006 the band recorded their first Radio One live session at Maida Vale studios which was broadcast on the Huw Stephens show on March 7th. The band spent most of 2006 recording/writing their 2nd album "Embers" and also had their first U.K tour promoting “And the battle is won.

Their live sound has been described as "Brutal and loud, yet melodic and almost orchestral" Upcdownc's sonic explosion feels massive in any venue.

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