Monday, September 03, 2012

Album: Various Artists - Falling Down IIV

Band: Various Artists
Album: Falling Down IIV
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released


CD 1
01.Hopewell - This Is This
02. Year Of No Light & Mars Red Sky
- Green Rune White Totem
03. Ocoai -
Mère De La Lumière Du Matin (live recording)
04. The Flying Eyes
- Apollo Creed
05. Vanessa Van Basten
- Got To Say
06. Dyskinesia
- Tra I Ghiacci
07. Planning For Burial
- Friendship
08. Aidan Baker
- Instrumental B
09. Julie Christmas
- Scalps
10. The Winchester Club
- Burn It All Down (Pt.1)

CD 2
01. Black Sun
- Syntax Error
02. Rorcal
- Világvége V
03. Terra Tenebrosa
- Apokatastasis
04. Monarch
- Daggvrs
05. Syndrome
- Now And Forever (edit)
06. Ayahuasca Dark Trip
- Manantial
07. Ethereal Riffian
- March Of Spiritu (Rise Of Sheol)
08. Sendelica
- Ingrid Cold (edited remix)
09. Vespero
- Flight Of The Lieutenant
10. Mouth Of The Architect
- How This Will End

Endless CD
01. Magdalena Solis & Robert Krieger - Spirit Of A Hungry Beast (unreleased)
02. Crooked Man - DuskeyHead (unreleased)
03. Pelican - An Inch Above Sand (unreleased demo version)
04. Ahkmed -  Samar
05. Stoned Jesus - Malda Vale (preview)
06. Ninth Moon Black - Mors Carnis (preview)
07. Alunah - Call Of Avernus
08. Brightstar - Tide Pool (unreleased)
09. Across Tundras - Indian Summer Storms
10. Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Leshy (unreleased)
11. Lost In Kiev - I'm Stuck
12. The Great Old Ones - Visions Of R'lyeh (preview)
13. Zatokrev - Feel The Fire Pt.1 (preview)
14. Hexis - Nex
15. Hexis - Procella

"We're thrilled to share with you the Endless CD for free (the physical version is unfortunately sold-out, and we're honored to be able to do this choice). We thought some people could be pleased to listen these tracks. Feel free to share this link as much as you can. These bands deserve it. Thanks" - Falling Down Compilation Webzine

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