Thursday, September 06, 2012

Album: Okat - Sable

Band: Okat
Album: Sable
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Saudade Snare
02. Views of Distant Towns  
03. World's End Terminal
04. Boring Wells
05. Twisty Little Synapses
06. Sable in AM
07. The Bodies of Sleeping Birds Littered Among the Barren Highways
08. The Subtle Mechanics of Body Duplication
09. Birdlime

Okat is the solo project of award-winning Arizona musician Tyler Griffin. Drawing inspiration from minimalism, ambient, and drone, Okat focuses on dynamic melodies juxtaposed against drowning, tonal climaxes, breaking through genre labels to build music that is equally warm and yet somehow chilling.

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