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Album : Pet Slimmers of the Year - EP

Band: Pet Slimmers Of The Year
Album: EP
Label: Lost Children
Year: 2009


01. A Letter To His Father
02. World Without Stars
03. One Down

From the mournful grey shadows of the English winter in early 2008, three friends sought to create something new and exciting with sounds alone. There are no words, they are redundant.
Delicate instrumentation progressing to heavy, heavy riffs and back again, ranging the dynamic extremes.
Another great debut release from a 3-piece Instrumental Post-Metal band from Peterborough, home of fellow Lost Children, Double Handsome Dragons.

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Album: Ender - Ender

Band: Ender
Album: Ender
Label: Darkroom Recordings
Year: 2008

01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4

Ender (hailing from New Zealand) describe themselves as experimental drone rock - which means their palette is mainly comprised of layered slabs of overdriven guitar........the pair have the capacity not only to construct great caverns of noise but to deftly evoke mood and emotion with sustained tones in harmony and dissonance. The arrangement of pure tone, minus premeditated riffs or the focus of a voice allows a listener to be carried away on its waveforms. The music is corralled into four unnamed parts, perhaps heralding a seasonal life cycle." - NZ Musician Magazine

Buy from Amplifier (NZ) or CD Baby (International)
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Album: Black Math Horseman - Wyllt

Band: Black Math Horseman
Album: Wyllt
Label: Undergroove / Tee Pee Records
Year: 2009

01. Tyrant
02. Deerslayer
03. A Barren Cause
04. Origin Of Savagery
05. Torment Of The Metals
06. Bird Of All Faiths And None \ Bell From Madrone
Download (pw:

Call it ambient post-doom. Call it alchemical psych-rock, only without all those annoying free form guitar freak outs. Call it “pure spirits by ritual dismemberment.” Either way, Black Math Horseman is Sera Timms (bass/vocals), Ian Barry (guitar) Bryan Tulao (guitar) and Sasha Popovic (drums). They are from Los Angeles. Their debut album, Wyllt, was recorded and produced by desert guru Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida).

Official Site
Buy from Undergroove (UK) or Tee Pee (US)
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Album: HKY - HKY

Band: HKY
Album: S/t
Label: Music fear satan
Year: 2009

01. Monument Inversion
02. Curve And Abundance
03. In Worship Facing The Ruins
04. Heaven Sent Anvil
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A random codename, a reason for restlessness, destinies to accomplish and lonely deals with private demons.
These flames are invisible, freeze burn in anguished radiance, for your priceless appreciation.

HKY is a french project comprised of members of various bands such as Immemorial, WARSAWWASRAW, Every Reason To… and Altess.

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Band: When Icarus Falls

We heard about When Icarus Falls a while back in their myspace site, and honestly we were pleasantly surprised. A mixture of post-metal, ambient and piano greatly combined in two six and four minutes samples. We didn't wanted anything else to be impatient for their official release. This is the first EP I bought digitally, but it totally worth it.
At the moment, the EP is released only in digital format, so the post-engineering crew decided not to provide any download links. You can buy it online though, to support the band, or you can wait for the hard copy release.

The Band:
When Icarus Falls is composed of five men with various musical influences, from jazz and classical to hardcore. Each member has grown in a particular musical universe that boosts the inspiration of WIF. This alchemy helps the band not to be confined to a single musical style. WIF particularly enjoys to play with the opposites and to experiment new sounds. Therefore, it is not rare to find on its songs some original instrumental associations, such as a piano and a guitar played with a violin bow, or screams on a jazzy beat. Accompanied by a mind blowing voice, WIF opens a way between rage and despair, melancholy and brutality.


Band: When Icarus Falls
Album: Over The Frozen Seas
Label: Poison Tree Records
Year: 2009


01.Black Tree
02.Over The Frozen Seas
03.They Created Lies Which Everyone Uses

The group's first EP materialises the search for a powerful and bewitching sound, with a touch of melancholy in three ten minutes each tracks. It was recorded and mixed by Julien Fehlmann at the Studio:Mécanique (Switzerland), and mastered by Gabriel Wallach (Lurssen mastering, CA, USA), a latin-jazz expert. It is released digitally by Poison Tree Records since April '09, and will be distributed in hard copies by Get a Life! Records in Autumn '09.

The WIF adventure began in September '04, when four men decided to share their passion for music. For two years, the band composed some songs and searched for a repetition room, while making its first scenical performances. In November '06, the band discovered artists such as Cult of Luna, Unfold, Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ròs. The particular musical landscapes created by these bands caused a major change in the artistic direction of the band, which changed his name to « When Icarus Falls ». Then, the band was completed by a second guitarist, and decided to compose new songs, in the search for a powerful, loud and bewitching sound. After a year of hard work, WIF asked Julien Fehlmann to record its first EP, « Over The Frozen Seas''. In February '09, WIF was signed by Poison Tree Records (Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator) for the digital release of the EP. In April '09, WIF was signed by Get a Life! Records (Impure Wilhelmina, The Evpatoria Report) for booking and distribution of the EP.

Official Site
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Album: Saxon Shore - It Doesn't Matter

Band: Saxon Shore
Album: It Doesn't Matter
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009


01. Nothing Changes
02. Thanks For Being Away
03. Tweleven
04. This Place (vocals by Caroline )
05. Sustained Combustion
06. Bar Clearing Good Times
07. What Keeps Us Up
08. Small Steps
09. Tokyo 412am
10. Goodnight, So Long

11. Amber, Ember, Glow (Japanese edition bonus track)
12. Secret Fire, Binding Light (Japanese edition bonus track)
Download (pw:

Saxon Shore is an American instrumental post-rock band consisting of members from Baltimore, Brooklyn & Philadelphia.

Saxon Shore formed in 2001 as the joint project of guitarist Matthew Doty and drummer Josh Tillman. The two wrote several songs that, in time, were recorded for the duo’s debut album Be a Bright Blue, released on Doty’s very own imprint, Broken Factory Records. Tillman’s brother Zach was recruited for bass duties during the studio process and found himself being a full-fledged member.

After a host of tours across the United States (in which the band recruited three separate bassists), Doty moved to Seattle and later exchanged four-tracks with Josh Tillman, who was living in upstate New York at the time. Studio time reserved in Atlanta eventually blossomed into their next effort, Four Months of Darkness. Traveling musician Matt Stone contributing on guitar and like Zach before him, joined, making the group a four-piece. The album marked a change in Saxon Shore’s sound from the light indie pop of Be a Bright Blue to the more melodic Four Months.

The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore is the culmination of a year of collaborative recording and member bolstering that also yielded the previous cdep, Luck Will Not Save Us from a Jackpot of Nothing, at the halfway mark in the spring of 2005. The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore is characterized by Saxon Shore’s lush, intense, melodic brand of instrumental rock. The full-length is a vibrant mix of electronics and acoustic instruments, from the white label 12” sounds of “Marked with Knowledge” to the metallic refrains of “Isolated by the Secret of Your Fellow Men ” to the pop sensibilities and hooks of “With a Red Suit You Will Become a Man,” all filtered through the expert and artful ears of engineer, producer, and mixer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, MGMT). Through 10 songs, Saxon Shore explore the story of their own hypothetical death complete with a moment of silence to close the album. Their allegory of life and death is depicted through artwork from Philadelphia artist Ben Volta who collaborated with the band through the year long recording process of the ep and full-length. Volta developed his fleshlog painting motif colored through The Exquisite Death filter. The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore exhibits the reincarnated, resurrected, resuscitated spirit of the band.

The band's new album, "It Doesn't Matter", was released on April 15 in Japan and shortly in Europe and the US.

Official Site
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Album: SoundArcade - Daughters Of Molestia

Band: SoundArcade
Album: Daughters Of Molestia
Label: Melo Records
Year: 2009

01. Marsh
02. Thin
03. White Leech
04. Dog in the Frog
05. Messenger
06. Hunt Royal
07. Chopin/Herod
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SoundArcade is progressive/ post-rock band from Riga, Latvia formed in year 2002.

Music is the art of sounds. It’s mission is to create a mood, to depict a feeling in images of sound. SoundArcade sing neither about the meaning of life, criminal situation in districts, issues of capitalism and democracy, nor about how brilliant they are. They don’t want to preachify and we have no ‘message’ for you. Anything can be the topic of a song - meeting a beautiful girl, rainy days, a harsh Tuesday’s morning, etc, everything you want to express, keep and share with others, hoping that it will create connotations.

SoundArcade's second album - "Daughters of Molestia" was influenced by Saint Augustine's and Martin's Heidegger's concepts of molestia. "Daughters of Molestia" is a concept album spanning 7 dark tales about marshes, where it's easier to follow beaten tracks and footbridges, than to make one's own step one a new track. SoundArcade has allowed different contrasts like boggy pools and ruddy blossoms of cranberries to absorb into their instruments and chants to make this saga as brutal and gloom, yet as fragile and lonesome.

Official Site
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Gig: 65dos & Badtrip live @ Mylos (Thes/niki, GR 05-04-09)

Thanx to Chrisa for the photos and sorry for all the trouble I've put her through.



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Album: Kodiak - Kodiak

Album: Kodiak
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2009

01. Beginning
02. End
Download (pw:

Their sound excels as a mixture of monolithic ultra heavy compositions with expressionistic poems. Their algid songs consist of long monotonous build-ups (comparable to a long lonely haunting trip through the arctic) and some seldom parts of eruption, disembarrassment and hope. 2songs - 30 minutes - the perfect soundtrack for a picnic in the middle of nowhere. Definitely something for fans of Switchblade, Moss, Indian and that likes. With a guest cello appearance of Emily from Audrey.

Official Site
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Album: Redjetson - Other Arms

Band: Redjetson
Album: Other Arms
Label: Gizeh Records
Year: 2009

01. Soldiers & Dinosaurs
02. Beta Blocker
03. For Those Who Died Dancing
04. Questions I Don't Want To Ask
05. Count These Demons
06. Witches At The Controls
07. First Of The 47.000
08. (g)Listen
09. Threnody
10. These Structures
Download (pw:

Redjetson are five people, who originated from the musical hotbed that is Essex, England. Two of us remain there, the other three reside in our capital city, London.

They have had the honour and pleasure of touring and playing shows both home and abroad with a host of inspiring bands including Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, 65 Days of Static, Bloc Party, Hope of the States, Forward Russia, iLiKETRAiNS and Archive.

They released their debut album "New General Catalogue" in the UK in 2005 and Europe in 2006, with two singles released inbetween. The A/A 7" single ("The Unravelling/Racing in the Mire") was released by the inspirational folk at Try Harder Records on 16th April 2007.

Redjetson disbanded in July 2008. Their posthumous second album, "Other Arms", will be released on 20 April 2009 by Gizeh Records.

Official Site
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Album: Amplifier Machine - Her Mouth Is An Outlaw

Band: Amplifier Machine
Album: Her Mouth Is An Outlaw
Label: 12K
Year: 2008

01. Her Mouth Is An Outlaw
02. Pockets Full Of Red Dirt
03. Into The Nearest Chair
04. Poor People In Church
05. Someplace Nowhere All The Time
06. Up With The Curtain, Down With Yr Pants
07. Memories Of The Feeble-Minded
Download (pw:

Amplifier Machine began in 2002 with James Dixon (Swordfish, Supagroop, James Dixon) on guitar, Korg & piano, Seth Rees (The Spheres, This Is Your Captain Speaking, I Want A Hovercraft, Seth Rees) on drums, violin, samples, piano & guitar and Alex Jarvis (Automatic, Black Cab, Registered Nurse, Alex Jarvis) on guitar & drums, with the intention of combining their songwriting talents.

Something about getting three solo artists together, or maybe something about what rehearsing for so long in a freezing Collingwood warehouse does to the brain, caused the pop-bred members of Amplifier Machine to spiral out into a peculiar music of inquisitive, atmospheric, half-improvised mini-epics.

Amplifier Machine is a self-described experiment inanemocratic process and near-improvisation (anemocracy = rule by whim or the wind). Through earnest discussion and endless unending jams, Amplifier Machine came upon The Rule: that when the other two members have settled, it’s your turn to change.

The Rule was found to be useful, not only in musical terms, but also as a strategy in discussion, advocacy for the devil, and reducto absurdums. Each members’ musical approach is informed by knowledge of various artistic process, including: visual art, drama, the written word, carpentry and car maintenance. Thus, in music and in discussion, Amplifier Machine tends to start with a thesis, then to spiral out into varying antitheses, to arrive at some sort of synthesis. At least, that’s the idea.

Somewhat of a departure, in terms of sound, for 12k, Her Mouth Is An Outlaw breezes darkly languid chords over a post-rock-meets-experimental structure that is decidedly lacking in micro-electronics. These echoes reach for new 12k-heights while the spirit of ambience and space remain familiar.


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