Saturday, April 25, 2009

Album: HKY - HKY

Band: HKY
Album: S/t
Label: Music fear satan
Year: 2009

01. Monument Inversion
02. Curve And Abundance
03. In Worship Facing The Ruins
04. Heaven Sent Anvil
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A random codename, a reason for restlessness, destinies to accomplish and lonely deals with private demons.
These flames are invisible, freeze burn in anguished radiance, for your priceless appreciation.

HKY is a french project comprised of members of various bands such as Immemorial, WARSAWWASRAW, Every Reason To… and Altess.


2 Engineers:

data.hypercomplex said...

This album is one the best thing I heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

Damn GOOOD, yeah... Heavyweight category from its best posthardcore/doom acts!

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