Friday, November 19, 2010

Album: Post Human - False Lies EP

Band: Post Human
Album: False Lies EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2002

01. False Lies
02. A Different Type of Hurt
03. Perfect Stranger
04. Breathe

In 2002 I saw the video of False Lies by Exhausted and I was thrilled by the video and the song. Exhausted was just a band name that they used to send the song in because the band had broken up and the old band name was Post Human. Since then I was searching everywhere to find it in a good quality with no luck.
A few days before I made contact with their drummer Link and finally I got it in my hands. So I thought that maybe someone will be searching this EP too for years, or just someone will appreciate this band.
Link, thank you once again!

False Lies is still a great song and one of the best videos ever. If you haven't watched it yet take the time to.

6 Engineers:

Zubi said...

Thnk u so much!!

I've been looking for that band for years!!

Nordsee said...

I'm glad that I helped you! I've been looking for this, for 8 years too. It's their only EP, so enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome video!!

Anonymous said...

great EP thanks for posting ..

Anonymous said...

THANKS! Few years of searching.

Nordsee said...

I'm glad that others was searching this EP too and I was able to help them find it! :) Enjoy!

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