Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sticky Post: TOP 20 poll entries suggestions

So it's this time of the year again! We will have a poll about this year's TOP 20! But first please suggest which albums should be included in the poll...

11 Engineers:

mayk said...

Hi there,
this is my 2014 top 20 so far…

ancient vvisdom - sacrificial
arctic sleep / passage of gaia
call us legion - upon the ashes of the data princess
crib45 - marching through the borderlines
ecco - freedom summer
ez3kiel - lux
jakob - sines
lands - misanthropy
lethe - when dreams become nightmares
minor empires - minor empires
mono - the last dawn / ray of darkeness
nebelung - palingenesis
postvorta - beckoning light we will set ourselves on fire
rintrah - salt of the earth
set and setting - a vivid memory
sleep maps - we die for truth
slowly rolling camera - slowly rolling camera
sora shima - you are surrounded
this patch of sky - this patch of sky
triptykon - melana chasmata

hope you like…
best regards,

Anonymous said...

O, Cecilia::Eyes, Rumor Cubes, Wander, Tomorrow We Sail, Jet Plane, Set And Setting, Dry River

Unknown said...

russian circles - menorial

dragaeon said...

Schematics for Gravity.

Anonymous said...

Mitau, Audrey Fall (:

Nordsee said...

Thank you all for the suggestions! I will include all of them in the poll. You have until November 16th to suggest more albums.

@Gonzalo: Memorial is a great album, but it was released in 2013. You're welcome to suggest more albums :)

mayk said...

Hi again,
I'm sorry but 'call us legion - upon the ashes of the data princess' is a 2013 album.

I can recommend instead...
empty yard experiment - kallisti

Another good 2014 albums…
dream the electric sleep - heretics
eastwood - language of stars
pray for sound - dreamer
smallman - envision
the tidal sleep - vorstellungskraft
trophy scars - holy vacants
wang wen - eight horses

Anonymous said...

Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Anonymous said...

Did I mention Barrows 'Red Giant'?
a must be on top

Nordsee said...

@mayk Thanx for all the suggestions! Some of the were bands I didn't knew and really enjoyed! THANK YOU! :)

mayk said...

You are welcome Nordsee! Glad you like it. I've known a bunch of bands here in your blog… so thanks to you too.

new blueneck's album 'king nine' is a nice album too.

another 'recent' ones...
astralia - atlas
badbadnotgood - III
i am a planet - silene stenophylla
kerretta - pirohia
la mar - tides
the matador - destroyer
sleevenotes - the pain of nostalgia

Also check