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Album: Katabatic - Heavy Water

Band: Katabatic
Album: Heavy Water
Year: 2012
Label: Raging Planet

01. Wonder-Room
02. Light Hexagons
03. Morsa
04. Anova
05. Heavy Water
06. Girlaxia
07. Abandєnica

Great post-rock from Portugal!

A katabatic wind, from the Greek word katabatikos meaning “going downhill”, is a wind that blows down a topographic incline such as a hill,mountain, or glacier….”

Guitar, bass, drums and some electronic elements. Katabatic (Tiago, Joao, Jose and Hugo) are architects designing futuristic urban surroundings. This Lisbon-based experimental, noise rock band carries on with their loud guitars, backed up by a noticeable bass and their percussion spider webs. They define themselves as playing instrumental rock.

Official Site
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EP: Synopsys - Synopsys

Band: Synopsys
Album: Synopsys
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. When Sparks Become Flashes
02. Mothers

Some things can't be explained… To understand Synopsys you must listen to their music, feel the pictures, capture the quiet and sustain the pain. This is on a paradox that build themselves those atmospheres, shadow & light, the infinitely big & the infinitesimal, things to say that we cannot say, the equilibre & the fall.

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Album: Awoke - I

Band: Awoke
Album: I
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Golden
02. Nothing Is True
03. Everything Is Permitted
04. Nova
05. By The Shore
06. Windows

An instrumental one man project from the UK with ambient, post-rock & post-metal influences.

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Album: Titan - Burn

Band: Titan
Album: Burn
Label: Hypaethral Records
Year: 2012

01. Feast
02. Indulgence
03. Myopic
04. Sermon
05. Warmer Months
06. Corrupt
07. Little Seeds
08. Telepaths
09. Vitiate
10. The Fire Sculptures

Despite taking its name from a saga extending back to Ancient Greek mythology, this unearthed demon defiles via steely, barbaric prowess and uncompromising girth. Bold, brutish and vicious, the only moniker that possibly conveys its explosive dominance has been culled from antiquated primordial deities.

This is Titan.

Formed as a quartet in 2006 yet eventually expanding their assault to include a fifth assailant a year later, Toronto-based hardcore/metal leviathan Titan has been violating metal audiences since their inception by means of commanding releases and live performances across Canada and Europe.

EPs including The Chrysanthemum Pledge and most recent critically-acclaimed leveler Colossus EP (React with Protest/Feast or Famine Recordings) have only solidified their dexterity and confirmed an overall mission of binding sensory mass with emotional force. Assertive and forthright, the band's volatile rhythms, apocalyptic pacing and bloodthirsty vocals create unrestrained metallic dirges worthy of comparison to malevolent divinity.

"Our goal is to write songs that are heavy and intense while still keeping a sense of melody," asserts Chris W. "There are so many tech metal bands and generic hardcore bands out there – who all have their niche – but we're doing something that's not really being done right now. We blend the heaviness of metal with the extremity of hardcore in a new and interesting way. It makes us epic, intense, and heavy as fuck."

A union between the severity of hardcore and technical mastery/sinister malice of metal, such a bombastic sonic outcome from Titan is inevitable. Maintaining roots consistent with traditional Canadian hardcore established by the likes of Union Of Uranus, Buried Inside, Cursed and more, Titan enhances a rich, thunderous history with their own furious approach. Still, engrossed in augmenting their original style, as the band pens its debut full-length, a deeper cohesion of sonic and thematic plots is arising.

"Where we are now is definitely an organic growth, even if the beginnings were somewhat pointed," Chris W. continues. "Some time after writing the first record, I started getting really into mid-era Neurosis, which became a substantial influence on Titan. I think their influence is why our songs have gradually gotten longer and heavier."

Pulling inspiration from the most unusual places, Titan draw on a unique wealth of influences for their multifaceted musical onslaught. Sludge-driven metal acts unite with the progressive nature of '70s rockers underneath lyrical motivation culled from endless research.

The results are references to cultural icons like Nietzsche, Ingmar Bergman, Foucault, E.B. Strange, Dostoevsky, Euripides, de Sade, Nabokov and Milton, with typical Titan songs featuring bold and anomalous subjects ranging from Zoroastrianism, Ancient Roman execution methods and Japanese ghost folklore to Marvel comics sagas.

"We write truly original metal lyrics with a depth not seen before in heavy music. They feature broad topics but have a body of research and reference within them that one can simply read over and enjoy or take the time to look into the depth of a 'world' I'm creating. Each songs is woven pretty tightly with reference whether it be to a specific event, myth, theory or saga I've fictionalized myself" notes James, laughing that, "Our lyrics are ultimately an expression of our obsessive nature."

Consolidating these motley elements into a music that is brazen and authoritative regardless of volume, Titan ensure that their cardinal design is not only inimitable but ever-adapting. Looking forward to more universal touring in support of future releases, Chris W. beams that Titan has only just begun to decimate with its conviction empowered by an unyielding metallic brawn and vehemence, aspects that solidify their passion and commitment to make metal as intellectual as it is spiritually stirring.

"We're not a political band, we're not necessarily a personal band. Our only outlook is to make the crushing parts even more crushing and melodic parts even more heart-wrenching. I guess in a way that makes us an emotional band, but of course not in the pop culture sense that's used these days."

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Album: Islands - Islands

Band: Islands
Album: Islands
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Golden Path
02. Hand Built View
03. Clouds Mistaken For Smoke
04. March
05. I, Destroyer

Islands is a 5-piece band based in Sydney playing dense, repetitive and intricate music that is atmospheric and airy yet extremely heavy at times.

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Album: Qwertzuiop / I AM Esper - Split

Band: Qwertzuiop / I AM Esper
Album: Split
Label: Frozen Tendril Records
Year: 2012

01. Qwertzuiop - XII
02. Qwertzuiop - XIII
03. Qwertzuiop & I AM Esper - Into The Coldest Depths
04. I AM Esper - Crystal Drift Pt. 1
05. I AM Esper - Crystal Drift Pt. 2

Qwertzuiop is a one-man band from Budapest-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.


I AM Esper
Improvised drone ambient from USA with various influences ranging from black metal, doom metal, shoegaze, noise & post rock.

Official Site

Buy the split
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Album: Edelveiss - The Rise And Fall Of Edel Veiss

Band: Edelveiss
Album: The Rise And Fall Of Edel Veiss
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. The Rise And Fall Of Edel Veiss (Part 1) Inside Veiss's Lab
02. The Rise And Fall Of Edel Veiss (Part 2) 7.48 Countdown
03. It's Alive (Part 1) Nice To Meet You
04. It's Alive (Part 2) Love And Greatness
05. Omen
06. Broken
07. Dead-end (Part 1) Escape
08. Dead-end (Part 2) Journey In The Eyes Of Edel

Edelveiss is a instrumental band based in Montreal, Canada. They create their own style by building up strange ambient atmospheres with rich and beautiful harmonies, supported by a loud rhythm section and powerful electronic soundscapes.

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EP: One Leg Mary - Yes Exactly, Maybe Not

Band: One Leg Mary
Album: Yes Exactly, Maybe Not EP
Label: Spinalonga Records
Year: 2012

02. 2SpyRow
03. A Big Win For Boredom
04. Speit Gazolin
05. Outfit
06. Kshshsh

One Leg Mary is a balance between sweet melodies and edgy instrumentals. Following the thread from the 80’s indie American scene up to the latest math-rock acts, the band finds its own voice; the voice of four young men from the suburbs of Athens. The rough future-less decline of society in crisis mixed with a peaceful idealistic upbringing, that is reflected in their music.

"Yes Exactly, Maybe Not" it's the debut EP by One Leg Mary, which is a mixture of math-rock, alternative and some post-punk elements.

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EP: When Whales Collide - .ep

Band: When Whales Collide
Album: .ep
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Defying Desire
02. Burials Pt.1
03. Endless
04. Where We Are Going...We Don't Need Roads

No info is available.

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Album: Musth - Padjelanta

Band: Musth
Album: Padjelanta
Label: Labl Records / Funtime Records
Year: 2010

01. Gurdjief's March
02. Thunder
03. Gospel In D
04. Padjelanta
05. Sex On Drugs
06. The Young Man And The Sea
07. The Crazy Kids Of War
08. Bliss...

This Leuven/Aarschot/Brussels based quintet was formed out of love for post-core/post-rock and progressive hardcore a couple of years ago. A lot of the Musth members have been active in the local scene playing in other bands, making zines/artwork and putting up shows. With Musth, they finally found a common goal to put their heart and soul into.

After the releases of a self produced and highly appreciated mini CD, they decided it was time to put their effort and talent into a full length album. The recordings for that album were done by the band, while the mixing and producer -duties were taken care of by Jimmy Turbo (known for his work for PN, Iza, Anton Walgrave, Homer …) and the mastering was done by Uwe Teichert.The result is a debut album that grabs you by the throat with intense melodies, multi-layered songs, dark and haunting passages and a great sense for dynamics. Or...for those that like references...a slice of Isis, the dark vibe of Cult of Luna and the dynamic melodies of Baroness, put into a mixer and topped of with a distinctive vibe of their own...

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EP: Coastlines - Life In Shifts

Band: Coastlines
Album: Life In Shifts EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Life In Shifts
02. Frailty of a Fallen Sun
03. Breathing on the Glass
04. Burden
05. Hollow Eyes
Download | Mirror

Coastlines is a hardcore band from Savannah GA.

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Video: MINIONTV - She's a Sleeper

Featured on the upcoming MINIONTV release 'The Last Projectionist'

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Album: So Far As I Know - Far From The Earth Beneath Your Feet

Band: So Far As I Know
Album: Far From The Earth Beneath Your Feet
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Into The Deep
02. Slow Motion
03. Mono
04. Down Back On Earth
05. Siberia
06. Orphan Afterglow
07. Arrival
08. I'm Back To Walking Again
09. A Life Within Your Hands
10. Spreading Circles (On A Black Cloud)

So Far As I Know is a post-rock/metal band from Novosibirsk, Russia, formed in 2009.
A wide embrace of disparate musical influences, dynamics, textures and emotions. So Far As I Know is not just another post-rock band who shot their vocalist. Their music is an experiment. Incorporating elements of different musical genres into what they offer to their listeners, blending and fusing those genres together at various angles, adding colors and signatures, So Far As I Know is truly an amazing find for any post-rock maniac.

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Video: Ramona Falls - Fingerhold

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Band: Strategic Silence

Band: Strategic Silence
Album: Strategic Silence
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Goodbye, Good Morning
02. Time Will One Day Crawl
03. Calenture
04. A Shift In Me
05. As We Fall Back To Earth

Band: Strategic Silence
Album: Contemplations
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Ionic Bounds
02. Buried In Mementos
03. Clearing Away The Dust
04. Another First
05. Thoughts Begin
06. Stained Twilight

Every sound will continue until it is punctuated with silence. It is this strategically placed pause that organizes sound into an art. With silence we summon love and hate, peace and war, confusion and understanding. By stopping a sound something much more is created. Music. Strategic Silence.

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Video: Drop Electric - Empire Trashed

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Album: Caspian - Live At Old South Church

Band: Caspian
Album: Live At Old South Church
Label: Mylene Sheath
Year: 2012

01. Last Rites (Live)
02. The Dove (Live)
03. ASA (Live)
04. Concrescence (Live)
05. Sycamore (Live)

On Friday October 22, 2010, Caspian hosted a benefit concert at the Old South Church in Boston, MA. The proceeds from the performance benefited Amirah, a non-profit organization located in Boston dedicated to providing whole-person care for victims of human sexual trafficking. A recording of that night’s performance was released in late 2012 with proceeds benefiting Amirah.

In celebration of their forthcoming album, Waking Season, Caspian and The Mylene Sheath are proud to present a free download of Live At Old South Church.

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Video: Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) Interview + Am Kreuz live

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Album: Earthrise - Eras Lost

Band: Earthrise
Album: Eras Lost
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Challenger Deep
02. Titan
03. Suspension
04. Former Worlds
05. Polar Low
06. Relentless
07. Mirovia
08. Eighteen Hundred
09. Transmission
10. Exhale
11. Frame Dragging

Earthrise is a post-metal band from Minneapolis, MN.

Official Site
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Album: Au Revoir - In The Key Of Night

Band: Au Revoir
Album: In The Key Of Night
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. C# Min
02. F# Maj
03. B Maj
04. Gb Maj
05. Morning
06. 6:22 am
07. 10:43 am
08. 1:11 pm
09. 4:34 pm

3 dudes from New Jersey in an instrumental rock band.

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Video: Rhian Sheehan - Borrowing The Past (Hammock Remix)

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EP: C R O W N - The One

Band: C R O W N
Album: The One EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Cosmogasm
02. The One
03. 100 Ashes
04. Mare
05. Orthodox

C R O W N, two men, two guitars, a voice and machine, born in the summer of 2011. An extraordinary duo, trio or man-machine, whose compositions clean, direct and catchy, used as raw material to further the noise limits.C R O W N explores the depths of the slow tempos, guitars overly serious, heavy and oppressive. A universe in perpetual tension, abruptly cut off by gentle and melancholic melodies, an unusual moment of respite, by prolonged immersion in their obscure experiments.

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Video: Hammock - Tape Recorder

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Album: No Respect For Beauty - Why Perish

Band: No Respect For Beauty
Album: Why Perish
Label: Pastel Music
Year: 2012

01. Declaration Of Existence
02. The Walls Between Us
03. Owls On The Ground
04. Summit Collision
05. Uncanny
06. Day Of Departure
07. I Am A Shadow

Last year post-rock band No Respect For Beauty put out a demo that soon became popular among post-rock fans. The trio were selected Hello Rookie for September 2011 and are now signed with Pastel Music. On February 29th No Respect For Beauty have released their first album, Why Perish.

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Album: † MISERY † - Miséricordes

Band: † MISERY †
Album: Miséricordes
Year: 2012

01. Eglise De Misère
02. Hantée Par Les Plaies
03. Sous L'égide Des Martyrs
04. Le Cloître Aux Choeurs Maudits

Thomas Bel’s Misery debut album is like a long walk toward the exhaustion’s door, trapped in a fully dark tunnel with your own regrets and broken hopes. Black metal meets funeral ambient.

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Album: This Gratia - Qi

Band: This Gratia
Album: Qi
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Ascesis Fun
02. Interrato Dell'Acqua Morta
03. Untitled #1
04. Ode
05. Untitled #2
06. Love
07. Radio Edit
08. Locationship

This Gratia is the solo project by Simone Colosimo from Italy.

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Video: Bossk - Maida Vale Sessions

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