Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Album: Musth - Padjelanta

Band: Musth
Album: Padjelanta
Label: Labl Records / Funtime Records
Year: 2010

01. Gurdjief's March
02. Thunder
03. Gospel In D
04. Padjelanta
05. Sex On Drugs
06. The Young Man And The Sea
07. The Crazy Kids Of War
08. Bliss...

This Leuven/Aarschot/Brussels based quintet was formed out of love for post-core/post-rock and progressive hardcore a couple of years ago. A lot of the Musth members have been active in the local scene playing in other bands, making zines/artwork and putting up shows. With Musth, they finally found a common goal to put their heart and soul into.

After the releases of a self produced and highly appreciated mini CD, they decided it was time to put their effort and talent into a full length album. The recordings for that album were done by the band, while the mixing and producer -duties were taken care of by Jimmy Turbo (known for his work for PN, Iza, Anton Walgrave, Homer …) and the mastering was done by Uwe Teichert.The result is a debut album that grabs you by the throat with intense melodies, multi-layered songs, dark and haunting passages and a great sense for dynamics. Or...for those that like references...a slice of Isis, the dark vibe of Cult of Luna and the dynamic melodies of Baroness, put into a mixer and topped of with a distinctive vibe of their own...

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