Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EP: One Leg Mary - Yes Exactly, Maybe Not

Band: One Leg Mary
Album: Yes Exactly, Maybe Not EP
Label: Spinalonga Records
Year: 2012

02. 2SpyRow
03. A Big Win For Boredom
04. Speit Gazolin
05. Outfit
06. Kshshsh

One Leg Mary is a balance between sweet melodies and edgy instrumentals. Following the thread from the 80’s indie American scene up to the latest math-rock acts, the band finds its own voice; the voice of four young men from the suburbs of Athens. The rough future-less decline of society in crisis mixed with a peaceful idealistic upbringing, that is reflected in their music.

"Yes Exactly, Maybe Not" it's the debut EP by One Leg Mary, which is a mixture of math-rock, alternative and some post-punk elements.

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