Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Album: Katabatic - Heavy Water

Band: Katabatic
Album: Heavy Water
Year: 2012
Label: Raging Planet

01. Wonder-Room
02. Light Hexagons
03. Morsa
04. Anova
05. Heavy Water
06. Girlaxia
07. Abandєnica

Great post-rock from Portugal!

A katabatic wind, from the Greek word katabatikos meaning “going downhill”, is a wind that blows down a topographic incline such as a hill,mountain, or glacier….”

Guitar, bass, drums and some electronic elements. Katabatic (Tiago, Joao, Jose and Hugo) are architects designing futuristic urban surroundings. This Lisbon-based experimental, noise rock band carries on with their loud guitars, backed up by a noticeable bass and their percussion spider webs. They define themselves as playing instrumental rock.

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Robert Nowhere said...

this is a wonderful surprise of an album!

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