Saturday, January 02, 2010

Album: pg.lost - In Never Out

Band: pg.lost
Album: In Nevr Out
Label: Black Star Foundation
Year: 2009

01. Prahanien
02. Jura
03. Heart Of Hearts
04. Still Alright
05. Crystalline
06. Gomez

pg.lost is a four-piece post-rock band from Norrköping, Sweden formed in year 2004. The band was initially called Before You Give In but after numerous changes in the lineup the band took on the current name.

They have released three studio records - a debut EP Yes I Am EP in year 2007, and their first full length record called It’s Not Me, It’s You! in year 2008, and In never out arrived in year 2009.

Current lineup:
Mattias Bhatt - guitar
Gustav Almberg - guitar / key boards
Kristian Karlsson - bass guitar / vocal
Martin Hjertstedt - drums

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Anonymous said...

Hello could you please reup this??

Nordsee said...

I lost all my mp3 files due to a hard drive crash, but I can search for a link.

Unknown said...

well.. i have a present for you:

unzip pw is: prock

consider buying their stuff if you like them

Nordsee said...

Thank you! I have some vinyl and CD by them :)

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