Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Album: Afformance - A Glimpse To The Days That Pass

Band: Afformance
Album: A Glimpse To The Days That Pass
Label: CTS Prods/Catch The Soap
Year: 2010

01. Will Teasle Hopes
02. Countryside Somnambulance
03. A Tide Before The Flickering Sun
04. Riding Tigers-Taming Waves
05. Zgy-Kix
06. Lugano
07. Do
08. Self-killing Intruders

In April 2005 John, CV and Petros formed Afformance. Instrumental soundscapes inspired by post rock, alternative, ambient and postcore scenes, began to take form. Sometime later Dennis and Fotis completed the line-up and the band started to rehearse, record and work on their own music.
In January 2010 finally they released their first full album in 500 unique handmade copies.
They play post rock and they are influenced by bands like Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky but also, they include parts that reminds of doom music to parts with double kick drumming that sound like metal outbursts.

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