Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Album: The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours

Band: The Unwinding Hours
Album: The Unwinding Hours
Label: Chemikal Undergrounds Records
Year: 2010

01. Knut
02. Tightrope
03. Little One
04. There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone
05. Solstice
06. Peaceful Liquid Shell
07. Child
08. Traces
09. Annie Jane
10. The Final Hour

Iain Cook and Craig B., former members of Aereogramme( a Scottish alternative/post-rock rock band from Glasgow) have formed another band, The Unwinding Hours.

They have been slowly writing, playing, programming and recording demos since 2008 and now they have 10 songs.
The drums have been recorded by Paul Savage at Chem. 19. The rest of the album have been recorded at Iain Cook’s studio starting on the 24th of August.The album will be released at February.

Buy sometime in the future here.

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