Thursday, September 27, 2007

Album: Overmars - Born Again

Artist: Overmars
Album: Born Again
Label: Appease Me
Year: 2007

01.Born Again

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Overmars has written a new album/EP consisting from a 40 minutes length track called "Born Again". The first reaction is...."A 40 minute track? It's gonna be boring....". This has nothing to do with the reality.
The instrumentation is perfect: All the background detailing and texture, the builds and crashes.Marion's section at the front end of the track is amazing. It's a great, trance inducing section of music. Heavy vocals that come after the long section Marion does are complete neanderthal! The vocal layers that follow the slow, pounding rhythm are feral, too. The ambient touches around 18 mins with the heart-beat like pulse is nice, the way the bass creeps in is awesome. The guitar interplay with the electronics during the long, methodical building process is spot on. The next vocal section is utterly downtrodden - perfect for the music which has sort of a Neurosis/souls at zero being dismantled feel. Around 26 mins there's the return of the neanderthal vocals! The music has a real elastic quality here with the slow drum count, the jangly guitars and the flopping bass string tone. Nothing but high praise on this song!!!

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