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Album: Romance of Young Tigers & Capital Hemorrhage - Split

Band: Romance Of Young Tigers & Capital Hemorrhage
Album: Split
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008

01.From Soil - Capital Hemorrhage
02.To Concrete - Capital Hemorrhage
03.18841890 - Romance Of Young Tigers
04.18901900 - Romance Of Young Tigers

Capital Hemorrhage:
Ryan Faris (percussion, vocals, sound)
Jonathan Prunty (guitar, vocals, sound)
Micah Freeman (bass, vocals, sound)

Brute aktionist hardcore.Extremely DIY.
Before this, Ryan & Jon were responsible for the post-industrial experimental sound duo Ultra//Vires. They are also are the sole force behind Outfall Channel.
Outside of Capital Hemorrhage, all members are active in other projects, including Hentai Lacerator, Fuck On Command, Pure Church, Fields Of Blood, Big Friends as well as a few others. Micah Freeman helps run an all ages venue/artspace in Cincinnati called Skull Lab.

Official Site

Romance Of Young Tigers:
Founded in early 2005 in Dayton, Ohio by Seth Graham, Todd Osborn and Jeremiah Stikeleather. Romance Of Young Tigers somewhat defies accurate description, sending waves of melody and heavily effected noise generated by everything from guitar to rhodes keyboards. Stikeleather left to join Twelve Tribes after the release of the “I have supped full on Horrors” EP. Over a year later, Romance of Young Tigers have added Gabe Mitchell on Rhodes keyboard and Aaron Smith on Bass as full time members and have recorded a split with Capital Hemorrhage and the Marie EP. (in limited runs of wooden box and burlap cases).

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The split released only in cassette format with a handmade case from Seth Graham and is currently out of stock.

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