Thursday, June 19, 2008

Album: ENO - Stea.alto

Band: ENO
Album: Stea.alto
Label: karate! monkey! super fighter!!! / synalgie records
Year: 2008

01. Ser Roen
02. Kelar
03. Arelle
04. Ne Treer
05. Aalto


Eno (it means "uncle" in finnish) is a 2-piece post-rock band from Switzerland.
Inspired by bands like MONO, GREGOR SAMSA and MOGWAI, these two Swiss guys decided to start a journey into wider soundscapes. As the duo uses loopstations and samples and guitars, the emotional and cleverly structured songs, all of them instrumental, sound like a whole orchestra. The album is calm and relaxed, yet it creates a certain nervous tension and it doesn't cling to commonly known rock clichees or structures. Don't expect a sound, that the label Synalgie (connected to the hardcore label Ape Must Not Kill Ape) normally delivers. This definitely isn't screamo, this is an astonishing soundtrack to a movie that goes from the light to the dark side of the mind. (review by greed records)

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2 Engineers:

Anonymous said...

Though "Eno" means uncle in Finnish it's a specific term for an uncle from your mothers side. An uncle from your fathers side is not an "Eno" - he's called "Setä". It's not a thing that should go unnoticed. I just wanted to make sure that those two are distinguished.

- Dice

de-loused said...

Hey Dice interesting notice....thanks! Personnaly im quite interested in kinship specifications around the world;)
Is there any specific difference in finnish society between relatives from mothers side and the relatives from fathers side?

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